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Police Low Down in The Mile High

Attorney Resigns From Use of Force Committee After Being Shot, Gassed by Denver Police

by Alan MacLeod  - MintPress News

June 4, 2020

While police nationwide have been escalating violence against protesters, Denver law enforcement appear to be some of the worst offenders.


Elisabeth Epps, a Colorado-based attorney and bail activist, publicly resigned from the Denver Police Department’s Use of Force Committee last night after being shot and tear gassed by the same force she was trying to regulate. “Plenty of Black folks will shuck & jive for ya, it just can’t be me anymore,” Epps said via Twitter, sharing pictures of the welts across her body and legs from police gunshots.

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  • Written by Ramzy Baroud

Loosing the 'Warrior Wolves': China Moves in US Middle East Vacuum

‘Wolf Warrior Diplomacy’: Israel’s China Strategy in Peril

by Ramzy Baroud - MEMO

June 3, 2020


Israel’s balancing act that allowed it to reap America’s unconditional and, often, blind support, while slowly benefiting from China’s growing economic influence and political prestige, is already floundering.

Thanks to the heated cold war between the US and Chinese economic superpowers, the Israeli strategy of playing both sides is unlikely to pay dividends in the long run.

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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, David Swanson, Andy Worthington, Janine Bandcroft May 28th, 2020

This Week on GR

by C. L. Cook -

May 28, 2020

Welcome to Gorilla Radio’s continuing efforts, NOT broadcast live from CFUV Radio, located in the basement of the Student Union Building at the University of Victoria, but emanating instead live-to-tape via Skype from our home-based … studios on this date, April 27th, 2020.


After, how many, months of this Corona virus aren’t we all sick of hearing about it? I know I am. So finally, this show is NOT about the Covid-19 outbreak…except it is. For those paying attention there are cracks in the media’s wall-to-wall pandemic coverage, allowing the light of truth still get in. And, what that spotlight reveals is the efforts made by the usual bad actors to leverage this emergency for their best advantage.

From big money for big business, to the erasure of rights and freedoms for the little people, corona is the new crisis bonanza. But, there are two sides to that sword. Just as the disaster capitalists and crypto fascists are doing their damnedest to make more Hell of this on Earth, others see the opportunity presented by the pause in the economic paradigm to reorder global priorities, and perhaps make of the moment a better future.


Listen. Hear.

David Swanson is a peace, justice, and political activist. The journalist, broadcaster, essayist, and executive director of World BEYOND War and campaign coordinator for, is too a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, and host of Talk Nation Radio. His book titles include: ‘War Is A Lie’, ‘When the World Outlawed War’, and ‘War No More: The Case for Abolition’. He blogs at, and, where I found his recent article, ‘The Economic Benefits of a Global Ceasefire’.

David Swanson in the first half.

And; before Covid-19 Britain’s national healthcare system, the NHS, was under attack. Vaunted as the first and best promise of a societal shift in favour of the common people following the Second World War, the NHS has suffered economic debasement by successive governments, and has been especially and habitually traduced by the conservative Tory party and its friends in the elite-dominated press. Over the last ten, terrible years of Tory rule though, the NHS has been ruthlessly savaged. Little wonder then that when the emergency did come they were ill-equipped to respond.

Andy Worthington is an English journalist, activist, author, photo-historian, filmmaker, musician, song-writer and principle of The Four Fathers band. He is too, co-founder of the ongoing Close Guantánamo campaign, and successfully completed, We Stand With Shaker campaign of 2014-15. Worthington’s book titles include: ‘The Guantánamo Files: The Stories of the 774 Detainees in America’s Illegal Prison’, ‘Stonehenge: Celebration and Subversion’, and ‘The Battle of the Beanfield’. His articles appear at his website,, where I found his recent piece, ‘The Coronavirus Lockdown, Hidden Suffering, and Delusions of a Rosy Future’.

Andy Worthington and health, wealth, and lessons recently learnt in the second half.

And; long-time Gorilla Radio contributor, Janine Bandcroft will be here at the bottom of the hour with the Left Coast Events Bulletin of some of the good things to be gotten up to in and around our town in the coming week. But first, David Swanson and ceasing fire to take hold of the moment.

 Chris Cook hosts Gorilla Radio, airing live every Thursday between 11-Noon Pacific Time. In Victoria at 101.9FM, and on the internet at: He also serves as a contributing editor to the web news site, Check out the GR blog at:
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  • Written by John Helmer

Covid Psychosis: A New Media Infection


by John Helmer, Moscow


May 27, 2020

Covid-19 and corona psychosis are parallel attacks on your health, pandemic in scale for both at the moment.

Among the recognised symptoms of Covid-19 in the central nervous system, there is ageusia (loss of taste) and anosmia (loss of smell). Newly discovered, there are also symptoms affecting eyesight, such conjunctival hyperemia, chemosis, and epiphora. 

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  • Written by Media Lens

A Profound Sickness at the Core of Western Society

An Illusion Of Protection: The Pandemic, The ‘Criminal’ Government And Public Distrust of The Media

by Media Lens

May 18, 2020

Any notion that the UK government actually considers that its primary responsibility is to protect the health and security of the country’s population ought to have been demolished in 2020. The appalling death toll that continues to mount during the coronavirus pandemic is largely rooted, not merely in government ‘incompetence’, but in criminal dereliction of its core duties in a supposedly democratic society.

The UK has the highest death toll in Europe, and the second highest in the world (the US has the highest). On May 12, the death toll from official UK figures exceeded 40,000 for the first time, including almost 10,000 care home residents. A study by academics at the London School of Economics estimates that the actual death toll in care homes is, in fact, double the official figure: more than 22,000.

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