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"We Have Three Dead!" Gaza Flotilla: Communications Lost During Urgent Cry for Help from Turkish Ship Mavi Mari

"We Have Three Dead!" Gaza Flotilla:
Communications Lost During Urgent
Cry for Help from Turkish Ship Mavi Mari
by C. L. Cook
A live feed from Turkish TV aboard the lead ship, in the nine ship Gaza Freedom Flotilla, the Mavi Mari was interrupted shortly after a frantic call for help from the ship was issued.
The last things heard from the Turkish TV live feed from the Mavi Mari: "We have 3 people killed." Then it goes dead.
Bethlehem-based Canadian journalist, Jon Elmer reports he is following the progress of the flotilla on a maritime tracker, and through live feeds reports:
"It [Mavi Mari] goes from fullspeed, does a hard 90 degree turn, then stops. Then they get boarded. The live feed went back up with only audio...a woman is yelling; "We need help! People are hurt." 
Elmer is monitoring Turkish television, who report three killed and 20 injured, though details of casualties on the Mavi Mari, and what the situation on the other ships is cannot be verified at this time.
This is a breaking story, and as Elmer reports, Turkish television is airing pictures of bodies, presumably killed aboard the Mavis Mari. 
Meanwhile, news of the killings and a reported 30 people wounded are being disseminated via Twitter at the Israeli blogger site, Mondoweiss.
UPDATE II: 1735 Istanbul: Protesters Storm Israel Embassy
UPDATE III: 06:15 Gaza Flotilla: Dead Number Climbs

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