Fukushima Daiitchi at Year +1: "The End" at Unit 4 SEP

Fukushima Daiitchi: Year +1 
by Nelle Maxey
A very well done Japanese news program on the dangers inherent with the Unit 4 spent fuel pool. Be sure and click the “cc” button for English subtitles.
Expert Warns: Leakage of Water from the Unit 4 SFP Will Mean "THE END" (Mar. 8, 2012)

Some background notes on this video:

1) The report being referred to is TEPCO report on the technologies necessary to fully contain the nuclear accident at Fukushima.  
Parts of the report are translated and discussed on Physics Forum in the last week.

The Unit 4 spent fuel pool discussion can be found as follows (the FHM is the damaged overhead crane shown in the video).
Overhead crane is removed for repairs by Tepco:

A tricky business:

Comments 12512 thru 1217 discuss the damage to overhead crane. Then next comment says:
Ok, that seems a lot safer, but the problem is that repairing the FHM and being sure it is completely reliable will be a huge effort, due to the structural damage to the entire building. The FHM itself could be pulled out by crane and moved elsewhere for repairs, but the tracks it runs on have to be guaranteed to handle the load and be transited in so the FHM can travel in the proper plane.

2) Also keep in mind the earthquake report that was released Tokyo University in late January regarding the very high chance of another large earthquake in Japan.
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