What Public Participation Can Accomplish: Ray Zimmerman & the History of the Fight for Victoria's Sea-to-Sea Green Belt

Ray Zimmerman - What Public Participation Has Accomplished: History of the Sea-To-Sea Green Belt
by Victoria community television
Filmed last October at UVic, Ray discusses important issues that all of us should know about and remember.  He discusses how a group of citizens went to court and stopped the commercial logging operation that our own water board was illegally running in the Sooke Lake Watershed from where we all get our drinking water; and how much every citizen of this city has benefited from that. 
Ray also talks about the creation of The Sea to Sea Green Belt on the western end of the city, the values and benefits of that green belt, and the many citizens and groups who participated in the task.  Ray also talks about the role of First Nations people in all of this, past - present - and future...


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