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Pilger on Press, Propaganda, and New Cold War Film Project

John Pilger Speaks on Censorship and the New Cold War
Four weeks ago on December 20, filmmaker and award winning journalist John Pilger spoke for 20 minutes with Afshin Rattansi, host of Russia Today‘s program Going Underground.

They talked about the headdline events of the year, notably the revelations of the torture regime that is operated by the CIA and the U.S. government, the crisis in Ukraine and the growing economic, political and military offensive agaisnt Russia and China.

John Pilger with Afshin Rattansi Dec 20, 2014

The interview followed by several weeks the speech delivered by Pilger to the inaugural, annual conference of the Center for Investigative Journalism., on December 5. He was the featured speaker at the conference’s Logan Symposium. You can view or read that speech here on New Cold

John Pilger is crowdfunding for his new documentary film project, ‘‘The Coming War between America and China’, about the perceived threat to the US from China’. Read more about the film and the crowfunding appeal here on John Pilger’s website.
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Europe's Reichstag Fire: Spain Joins Post-Charlie Anti-Democratic Swell

Spanish government uses Paris terror attack to clamp down on democratic rights
by Alejandro López - WSWS
Reichstag FireLast Sunday, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy participated along with other heads of government in the official march in Paris in defence of “freedom of speech” following the terrorist attack against Charlie Hebdo.

His attendance was the height of hypocrisy. As minister of justice under Prime Minister José María Aznar (1996-2004) Rajoy closed down two Basque newspapers. He now leads a right-wing Popular Party (PP) government that is using every opportunity to clamp down on democratic rights.

The PP has used the latest attack on Charlie Hebdo to introduce new amendments to two pieces of legislation going through congress: the Citizens Security Law and the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC). Rajoy has summoned a “highest level” meeting with the Socialist Party (PSOE), the main opposition party, to reach an agreement on the changes.

An amendment to Article 573 of the CPC aims at punishing “with imprisonment of between one to eight years those who on a daily or regular basis access online communication services or acquire or are in possession of documents which target, or because of their content, result in inciting others to decide to join a terrorist organization or group.”

In other words, anyone who accesses web sites deemed to be supporting terrorism could find themselves in prison.

Descent into the Neocon Imaginarium

Neocons: The ‘Anti-Realists’
by Robert Parry - Consortium News

robert-kaganHistorically, one of the main threads of U.S. foreign policy was called “realism,” that is the measured application of American power on behalf of definable national interests, with U.S. principles preached to others but not imposed.
This approach traced back to the early days of the Republic when the first presidents warned of foreign “entangling alliances” – and President John Quincy Adams, who was with his father at the nation’s dawning, explained in 1821 that while America speaks on behalf of liberty, “she has abstained from interference in the concerns of others, even when conflict has been for principles to which she clings, as to the last vital drop that visits the heart. …
“Wherever the standard of freedom and independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will her heart, her benedictions and her prayers be. But she goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy.”

Prominent neocon intellectual Robert Kagan.  
(Photo: Mariusz Kubik,

However, in modern times, foreign policy “realism” slid into an association with a cold calculation of power, no longer a defense of the Republic and broader national interests but of narrow, well-connected economic interests. The language of freedom was woven into a banner for greed and plunder. Liberty justified the imposition of dictatorships on troublesome populations. Instead of searching for monsters to destroy, U.S. policy often searched for monsters to install.

Credite Suisse: Making Big Crime Good Business

Credit Suisse: Big Crimes Become Big Business
by Ralph Nader - Dissident Voice
In May of 2014, financial firm Credit Suisse AG pled guilty to serious criminal charges. The giant bank aided and assisted approximately 22,000 wealthy U.S. taxpayers (whose names Credit Suisse AG escaped having to send to the Justice Department for law enforcement) for over a decade in filing false income tax returns and other documents with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
The full extent of these crimes, according to a Department of Justice news release, are as follows:

“assisting clients in using sham entities to hide undeclared accounts;” “soliciting IRS forms that falsely stated, under penalties of perjury, that the sham entities were the beneficial owners of the assets in the accounts;” “failing to maintain in the United States records related to the accounts;” “destroying account records sent to the United States for client review;” “using Credit Suisse managers and employees as unregistered investment advisors on undeclared accounts;” “facilitating withdrawals of funds from the undeclared accounts by either providing hand-delivered cash in the United States or using Credit Suisse’s correspondent bank accounts in the United States;” “structuring transfers of funds to evade currency transaction reporting requirements;” and “providing offshore credit and debit cards to repatriate funds in the undeclared accounts.”

These elaborate illegal acts over many years are quite revealing. They show a deliberate willingness by Credit Suisse AG officials to knowingly engage in profitable activities that defrauded the United States Treasury and burdened honest taxpayers. Credit Suisse paid a $2.6 billion fine—small compared to the size of the crimes and the company’s large revenues. These crimes were yet another sordid chapter in the ever-burgeoning tax-evading business that makes its waves with wealthy Americans and massive corporate entities. But the Credit Suisse story does not end there.

Charlie: When Death Is a Good Career Move

Dying 'Good Career Move' for French Hate-Mag
by Finian Cunningham - PressTV
The French so-called satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo – more accurately a hate-inciting, racist rag - has published its first post-massacre edition this week, with print sales going through the roof.
Which just goes to prove the hoary old showbiz observation that “dying can be a good career move.” That dictum describes how washed-up artists and other celebrities are often rescued from obscurity following their death, with sales of old records or biographies benefiting from a surge in renewed public interest.
The same would appear to be true for the previously obscure French political weekly magazine where 12 people, including senior editorial staff, were shot dead last week allegedly by gunmen claiming to be affiliated with the Al Qaeda/Takfiri terrorist network.

(The network instigated and spawned by Western military intelligence for all sorts of covert operations, including regime change in Arab and Muslim countries.)

CIA Whistlerblower in Tough with Jury

CIA-Friendly Jury Seen in Sterling Trial
by Norman Solomon - Consortium News

When the trial of former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling got underway Tuesday in Northern Virginia, prospective jurors made routine references to “three-letter agencies” and alphabet-soup categories of security clearances. 

In an area where vast partnerships between intelligence agencies and private contractors saturate everyday life, the jury pool was bound to please the prosecution.

In a U.S. District Court that boasts a “rocket docket,” the selection of 14 jurors was swift, with the process lasting under three hours. Along the way, Judge Leonie M. Brinkema asked more than a dozen possible jurors whether their personal connections to the CIA or other intel agencies would interfere with her announced quest for an “absolutely open mind.”


Former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling


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Soldier: Who Are You Fighting For?

Letter to a Young Army Ranger (From an Old One) - Why the War on Terror Shouldn’t Be Your Battle
Dear Aspiring Ranger, You’ve probably just graduated from high school and you’ve undoubtedly already signed an Option 40 contract guaranteeing you a shot at the Ranger indoctrination program (R.I.P.). If you make it through R.I.P. you’ll surely be sent off to fight in the Global War on Terror. You’ll be part of what I often heard called “the tip of the spear.”

The war you’re heading into has been going on for a remarkably long time. Imagine this: you were five years old when I was first deployed to Afghanistan in 2002. Now I’m graying a bit, losing a little up top, and I have a family. Believe me, it goes faster than you expect.

Once you get to a certain age, you can’t help thinking about the decisions you made (or that, in a sense, were made for you) when you were younger. I do that and someday you will, too. 

What That Unedited Video of Paris Shooting Reveals

What Hebdo Execution Video Really Shows
by Jonathan Cook
I am well aware that I’m stepping into a hornet’s nest by posting this video, which is going viral. Those who wish to silence all debate have an easy card to play here, accusing me of buying into a conspiracy theory. There’s only one problem: unlike the video-maker, I have few conclusions to draw about what the significance of this video is in relation to the official story. That is not why I am posting it.


But it does, at least to my mind and obviously a lot of other people’s, judging by how quickly it’s spreading, suggest that Ahmed Merabet, the policeman outside the Charlie Hebdo office, was not shot in the head, as all the media have been stating.

That said, it does not prove much more. It doesn’t prove that Merabet did not die at the scene. Maybe he bled to death there on the pavement from his earlier wound. It certainly doesn’t prove that the Kouachi brothers were not the gunmen or that the one who fired missed on purpose. Maybe he just missed.

Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, David Rovics, Kim Ives, Janine Bandcroft Jan. 14th, 2015

This Week on GR
by C. L. Cook -

Though the 2016 election in the US is still a long ways off, it's never too soon to start campaigning. In fact, some would argue campaigning has all but replaced the grinding, tedious task of actually governing altogether.
With an eye firmly fixed on the electoral horizon, America's next president-elect will be holding forth next week, bringing his message right here to Victoria!

That's correct, inveterate American activist singer/songwriter in the tradition of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger, David Rovics is breaking new electoral ground by taking the highly unusual, (and strategically questionable) step of beginning his run for president in a foreign country. Top that Obama!!!
Over the years, David has played at demos too numerous to count for myriad issues both universal and circumstantial, and he'll be at the famed Norway House a week Friday playing his stump speech and other current samplings from his considerable songbook.
Troubadour and presidential hopeful, David Rovics in the first half.
And; Monday marked the fifth anniversary of the earthquake that devastated much of Haiti. This week, the people are in the streets, facing the guns and batons of both the thuggish, RCMP-trained police, and the infamous UN Blue Helmets, remembered locally for shooting up Cite Soleil and aiding the equally thuggish "dictator" president Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly.

If the January 12th, 2010 7.0 magnitude quake was disastrous, worse was in store for the Haitian people; and their suffering continues yet. Five years later, thousands have died due to disease and exposure, while hundreds of thousands more remain essentially homeless, and the entire population exists beneath the shadow of a foreign occupier whose soldiers are responsible for an ongoing litany of crimes committed with effective impunity.
Kim Ives is founder of, and contributing editor to, Haiti Liberté, a newspaper with offices in Haiti and New York, has more than twenty years experience reporting with the paper, Haiti Progrès and hosts the weekly WBAI New York radio program, 'Haiti: The Struggle Continues.' Ives is also a filmmaker who has collaborated on many films documenting human rights abuses, trade struggle, and conflicts between the island's peasant farmers and corrupt State enterprises, and has contributed to the books, 'Dangerous Crossroads,' 'The Haiti Files,' and Haiti: A Slave Revolution.' Kim has appeared on international news programs promoting the cause of Haiti's disenfranchised, and traveled Canada and the U.S delivering lectures on the situation there. He flew out of Haiti just this morning.
Kim Ives fresh out of Haiti and live from Miami in the second half.
And; Victoria Street Newz publisher emeritus and CFUV Radio broadcaster, Janine Bandcroft will join us at the bottom of the hour to bring us news of some of the good things going on in and around our city in the coming week and beyond. But first, Running with the next president of the United States, David Rovics.

Chris Cook hosts Gorilla Radio, airing live every Wednesday, 1-2pm Pacific Time. In Victoria at 101.9FM, and on the internet at: And now heard at Simon Fraser University's . He also serves as a contributing editor to the web news site, Check out the GR blog at:
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Not Being Charlie: Je ne Suis Pas Charlie!

Je ne Suis Pas Charlie!
by Kim Petersen - Dissident Voice
It is reported that a million people marched the streets of Paris today shouting “Liberté” and “Charlie”?1

Charlie who? Charlie Hebdo? Why would I want to align myself with cartoonists who show intolerance/prejudice to other cultures and religions?

I distance myself from adherence to ancient texts such as the Koran, Bible, and Torah. Nonetheless, a plurality of humanity subscribes to the word in these texts – but in differing degrees.

Muslims are not a monolith. There are sections of Muslims who are extremist in outlook and practice. However, the same holds true for Christians (witness the Crusades of past and present), Hindus (witness the toppling of the Babri Masjid by Hindu fanatics in India), Buddhists (witness the massacres of Tamils in Sri Lanka), and Jews (witness the genocidal massacres of Palestinians).

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Making Nice with the Russian "Aggressor" - NATO's Remarkable U-Turn

NATO Trips on Own Lies with U-Turn on ‘Russian Aggressor’
by Finian Cunningham - SCF
NATO’s civilian figurehead Jens Stoltenberg this week urged Russia to be a partner against terrorism. He was speaking the day after the deadly gun attack on a magazine in Paris where 12 people, including three police officers, were killed by assailants purporting to be affiliated with radical Islamists.
During a visit to Germany, the NATO general secretary called upon Moscow to be “an ally in the fight against terrorism” – adding: “We think it is important that Russia, which is our biggest neighbour in Europe, and NATO are working together on important issues like fighting terror.”
Well, how about that for a screeching U-turn? After all, has it not become NATO policy, since the Ukraine crisis blew up last year, to terminate all security co-operation with Russia in a bid to ostracise the latter?

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