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Ahousaht Nation Pulls Cermaq's Anchor in Clayoquot: Fish Farm Given the Boot

Sep 21, 2015 Press Release
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GM's Killer Cars (And the Killers that Make Them)

General Motors: Homicidal Fugitive from Justice
by Ralph Nader - CounterPunch
Yes, it’s official. General Motors engaged in criminal wrongdoing for long knowing about the lethal defect in its ignition switch that took at least 174 lives and counting, plus serious injuries. At least 1.6 million GM cars – Chevrolet Cobalt and other models – hid this danger to trusting drivers, according to the Center for Auto Safety. Corporation executives who lie to or mislead the federal government violate Title 18 of the federal code, and risk criminal penalties.
But, the long-mismanaged automaker was not required by the Justice Department to plead guilty at all. Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney from New York, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch did not bring an indictment against either General Motors or known culpable officials in GM, including top GM lawyers and safety directors, who participated in the cover-up year after year, while lying to federal officials and not reporting these defects.
The Justice Department fined GM a modest $900 million, which the Wall Street Journalcalled a “lower-than-expected financial penalty.” The government also agreed to a notorious three year “deferred prosecution” deal, which corporate crime expert, Law Professor Rena Steinzor, called “a toothless way of approaching a very serious problem.”
Three years of compliance, watched by a federal monitor and then the Justice Department dismisses the charges.

Pressing the Corbyn Issue at the Observer

Guardian’s terrible dilemma over Corbyn
by Jonathan Cook

20 September 2015
Ed-VulliamyIn autumn 2002 the Observer newspaper’s correspondent Ed Vulliamy found confirmation of a terrible truth many of us already suspected. In a world-exclusive, he persuaded Mel Goodman, a former senior CIA official who still had security clearance at the Agency, to go on record that the CIA knew there were no WMD in Iraq.
Everything the US and British governments were telling us to justify the coming attack on Iraq were lies.
Then something even more extraordinary happened. The Observer failed to print the story. In his book Flat Earth News, Nick Davies recounts that Vulliamy, one of the Observer’s most trusted reporters, submitted the piece another six times in different guises over the next half year. Each time the Observer spiked the story.
Vulliamy never went public with this monumental crime against real journalism (should there not be a media trials section at the Hague?). And the supposedly liberal-left Observer was never held accountable for its grave betrayal of its readership and the world community.
But at the weekend maybe the tables turned a little. The Observer gave Vulliamy a platform in its comment pages to take issue with its editorial the previous week savaging Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour Party leader.

A Culturally Induced Autism

Autism: A Cultural Condition
by Ray Grigg - Shades of Green 

In one of Thomas Berry's seminal books, Dream of the Earth, the Catholic theologian — he called himself a “geologian” — posited that the key to explaining our dysfunctional relationship with nature may be a condition he called cultural autism, “a pathology [that] is manifest in the arrogance with which we reject our role as an integral member of the earth community in favour of a radical anthropocentric life attitude.”
Berry uses a child's elegantly simple definition of autism to sharply focus his point:

“It is when a person becomes so locked up in themselves that nothing else can get in.”

By applying this definition to our collective behaviour, Berry means that all nature is teeming with intelligence and wisdom but we have been too closed and unreceptive to notice.

Clayoquot Taking a Stand For Wild Salmon

First Nations occupy Clayoquot Sound salmon farm


Heading north from Tofino towards Hot Springs Cove, you pass by Flores Island, home to the Ahousaht First Nations. The island is breathtakingly beautiful; rounded mountains covered in ancient rainforest sweep down to white sand beaches with surf rolling in.

Cermaq, a Norwegian-based salmon farming company (recently purchased by Mitsubishi) was granted permits this summer to install a new salmon farm on the eastern shore of Flores Island, their 16th site in Clayoquot Sound.

The contentious new farm was assembled off-site, an unusual move indicating that Cermaq was expecting resistance. When Cermaq towed the assembled pens to the Yaakswiis site on Wednesday they were met by members of Ahousaht First Nations who do not want salmon farms in Clayoquot Sound.


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Are Humans Capable of Putting an End to War? Afghanistan Says #Enough!

A Question from Afghanistan: “Can we abolish war?”
by Dr Hakim  - VCNC

Hadisa, a bright 18 year old Afghan girl, ranks as the top student in her 12th grade class. “The question is,” she wondered, “are human beings capable of abolishing war?”

Like Hadisa, I had my doubts about whether human nature could have the capacity to abolish war.

For years, I had presumed that war is sometimes necessary to control ‘terrorists’, and based on that presumption, it didn’t make sense to abolish it. Yet my heart went out to Hadisa when I imagined her in a future riddled with intractable violence.
Hadisa Says #Enough! War

Hadisa tilted her head slightly in deep thought. She listened attentively to different opinions voiced by fellow Afghan Peace Volunteers. She struggles to find answers.

But when Hadisa turns up at the Borderfree Afghan Street Kids School every Friday to teach the child breadwinners, now numbering 100 in morning and afternoon classes, she lays aside her doubts.

I can see her apply her inner compassion which rises way above the war that is still raging in Afghanistan.

Ukraine Chocolate Czar's War on the Press

Latest Censorship Move by Kyiv Bans 41 Journalists from Ukraine
by Roger Annis - CounterPunch

poroshenko at the frontOn September 16, President Petro Poroshenko issued a decree banning 388 foreigners from traveling to Ukraine. The published list of persons banned was compiled by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine and dated September 2, 2015. They are deemed to be threats to the interests and national security of Ukraine.
The list included academics, political officials and journalists from countries across Europe. It includes 41 journalists and bloggers, including three from the BBC.
Poroshenko also issued a list of 105 Russian entities from which Ukraine will cut ties. These include airlines, financial institutions and civil organizations.

Iran Standing Tall Despite It All

Iran Is Standing!
by Andre Vltchek - CounterPunch

Why should I care whether Iran has nukes? It most likely doesn’t, but even if it does… it never attacked anyone, never overthrew any government, and never performed experiments on human beings. It had not committed a single genocide, and never dreamed about conquering the world. So why should I even bother to think much about Iran’s nuclear program, big or small, “peaceful” or defensive?

If Iran is capable of defending itself – then excellent; I am only happy! At least it will not be wiped out from the face of the Earth, as happened to its unfortunate neighbors Iraq and Afghanistan or to a bit more distant but not more fortunate countries like Libya.

Do I want this great, ancient Iranian culture to become defenseless and to eventually disappear, to be destroyed, or to get replaced by aggressive Western consumerism, arrogance and pathological lack of compassion?

Or more concretely: Do I want Iran to turn into yet another Western colony? I don’t! I want it to survive and to thrive. As I want great Chinese and great Arab cultures to survive and flourish. As I want all cultures on Earth to survive and flourish.

But it seems that, as the Empire is on its final bellicose and ideological crusade, unless a truly independent nation begins to roar, unless it shows both its teeth and its missiles, it has almost no chance to survive.

Iran is roaring and it is also logically explaining where it stands. It has both guts and big heart.


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Beam Off, Scotty - And Take Your Prime Directive with You!

Resisting the Lure of Intervention: The Search for Terrestrial Intelligence
by John Feffer  - TomDispatch

They were the “best and the brightest” but on a spaceship, not planet Earth, and they exemplified the liberal optimism of their era. The original Star Trek, whose three-year TV run began in 1966, featured a talented, multi-ethnic crew.

The indomitable Captain Kirk had the can-do sex appeal of a Kennedy; his chief advisor, the half-human, half-Vulcan Mr. Spock, offered the cool rationality of that “IBM machine with legs,” then-Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. And the USS Enterprise, on a mission “to boldly go where no man has gone before,” pursued a seemingly benign anthropological interest in seeking out, engaging with, and trying to understand the native populations of a fascinating variety of distant worlds.

The “prime directive,” designed to govern the conduct of Kirk and his crew on their episodic journey, required non-interference in the workings of alien civilizations. This approach mirrored the evolving anti-war sympathies of series creator Gene Roddenberry and many of the show’s scriptwriters. The Vietnam War, which raged through the years of its initial run, was then demonstrating to more and more Americans the folly of trying to re-engineer a society distant both geographically and culturally. The best and the brightest, on Earth as on the Enterprise, began to have second thoughts in the mid-1960s about such hubris.

Even as they deliberately linked violent terrestrial interventions with celestial ones, however, the makers of Star Trek never questioned the most basic premise of a series that would delight fans for decades, spawning endless TV and movie sequels. Might it not have been better for the universe as a whole if the Enterprise had never left Earth in the first place and if Earth hadn’t meddled in matters beyond its own solar system? 

As our country contemplates future military interventions, as well as ambitious efforts to someday colonize other planets, Americans would be smart to address this fundamental question. Might our inexhaustible capacity for interfering in far-flung places be a sign not of a dynamic civilization, but of a fatal flaw -- for the country, the international community, and the species as a whole? 

Terror in Tiny Town, USA

Terror in Tiny Town
by Greg Palast reporting from Southold, New York

September 11, 2015

In the War on Terror, we are all on the front lines. Now Southold has apparently been targeted by al-Qaeda. I'm not surprised.
Southold, if you look at a map, is situated at the ass end of nowhere. We are known for our Strawberry Festival and fire truck parade. According to the Census, this tiny place is made up almost entirely of inbred farmers, real estate speculators and volunteer firemen.
At one end of town is the "Brand Names Outlet Mall" and the water-slide park. At the other end, there's a ferryboat that takes those who feel lucky to the Indian casino in Connecticut. And in between, there's Main Street where we hold the Strawberry Festival. (The festival is a quaint and annoying white-folks' ritual, an opportunity for backstabbing, petty infighting and all-American small-mindedness. But that's another story altogether.)

Understanding Yarmouk and the Syrian Refugee Crisis

How Yarmouk Came About: Israel's Unabashed Role in the Syrian Refugee Crisis
by Ramzy Baroud - Middle East Monitor
When Zionist Haganah militias carried out Operation Yiftach on 19 May, 1948, the aim was to drive Palestinians in the northern Safad District outside the border of Israel, which had declared its independence a mere five days earlier. The ethnic cleansing of Safad and its many villages was not unique to that area. In fact, it was the modus operandi of Zionist militias throughout Palestine. Soon after Israel’s independence, and the conquering of historic Palestine, the militias were joined together to form the “Israel Defence Forces”.
Not all villages, however, were completely depopulated. Some residents in villages like Qaytiyya, near the River Jordan, remained in their homes. Living between two tributaries of the Jordan — the Hasbani and Dan rivers — the villagers hoped that normality would return to tranquil Qaytiyya once the war subsided.
Their fate, however, was worse than that of those who were forced out, or who fled for fear of what terrors the future might hold. Israeli forces returned nearly a year later, rounded the remaining villagers into large trucks, tortured many and dumped them somewhere south of Safad.
Little is known about what happened, but many of those who survived ended up in Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria.

Ruling by Fiat: UAW's Betrayal of Rank and File

Fiat Chrysler, UAW tentative contract: A corporatist conspiracy against US autoworkers
by Shannon Jones - WSWS

16 September 2015
The tentative agreement announced Tuesday between the United Auto Workers and Fiat Chrysler is the product of a labor-management conspiracy aimed at escalating the attack on autoworkers and the entire working class. What is being prepared is an historic assault on health benefits, wages and working conditions won through generations of bitter struggle.
The very setting of the press conference held Tuesday evening in Detroit—the UAW-Fiat Chrysler Joint Training Center—symbolized the line-up of the union and the company against the workers. Likewise, the fact that it was a joint press conference given by both Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne and UAW President Dennis Williams.
That the entire process was hostile to the interests of rank-and-file autoworkers was underscored by the decision of the UAW to exclude World Socialist Web Site reporters from the press conference.

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