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Requiem for Principle and Law in Britain

Requiem for Principle and Law in Britain
by David Halpin
In the crossbenches stands Lord Boyce, former British Chief of Defence Staff. In a “defence” debate with his peers on 22 November 2007, he spoke of blood on the deck of the Ministry of Defence; fellow warriors have been pleading for the weapons and leaving almost empty handed. Brown without an 'e' is in the frame.
Admiral the Lord Boyce - war profiteer 
The register of peers' interests show that this ex-sailor [Lord Boyce] holds a remunerated directorship in VT Group plc. This little business sells warships to Her Majesty’s Government, among other boys' toys. Hansard records no declaration of his possible interest in the hardware central to the debate.

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Borderlines: Adios Mes Amigos

Adios Mes Amigos
by Jack Random
Something is missing in the debate on illegal immigration.  We listen to Lou Dobbs, the self-proclaimed champion of political independence, blaming twelve million unauthorized migrants for the problems of the American middle class.  We listen to a Republican presidential candidate plead for just a little compassion – not for the immigrants but for their progeny – and watch him get hammered by the hardcore right.  

Everyone condemns employers for employing immigrants over native Americans – or rather, legal immigrants – but no one is really demanding the kind of enforcement that would end the practice. 

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Down in the Mouth: A Crisis in Dental Health

US Health Crisis and Our Children's Teeth
by Katrina vanden Heuvel
Last Spring, following the death of twelve-year old Deamonte Driver of Maryland whose untreated tooth infection spread to his brain, I wrote about the national epidemic of dental disease and the lack of access to dental care faced by the poor and working class.
Last month, an article in the New York Times painted a horrifying picture of the state of dental care, where bootleggers sell dentures that would otherwise be unaffordable to many people missing teeth; where low Medicaid reimbursement rates perpetuate a dearth of participating dentists; where untreated cavities are a leading cause of kids missing school, people use Krazy Glue to reattach broken teeth, or swish rubbing alcohol to treat an infection, "burning the gums and creating ulcers."

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Manley Afghanistan Panel: Much Armour No Brains

Speaking Truth to Power: Too Much Armour Not Enough Brains
by Richard Sharp
Sirs and Madam, I have read that you are unabashedly pro-American, regardless of her folly, and that your mandate has been manipulated by the like-minded Harper government, whose pro-war position is well-known.
Panel president, John Manley 
However, I believe most Canadians prefer to trust that you will have the collective integrity to tell the whole truth about the deeply flawed Canadian military mission in Afghanistan.

America is the greatest military and economic empire the world has ever known, by far, and we are their best friends in many, many ways, but they have seriously lost their way in the world with their wars against Iraq, Afghanistan and “terrorism” generally.
If you report in favour of peace, you can in fact help our friends get back on track. America’s century can still be, but only if it stops its bullying ways.

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Coalescent Iraq?

Nationalists Stirring in Iraq
by Robert Dreyfuss
On January 13, an emerging Sunni-Shiite nationalist bloc in Iraq signed a groundbreaking agreement aimed at ending Iraq's civil war, blocking the privatization of Iraq's oil industry and checkmating the breakaway Kurdish state. It's a big step forward, and it could change the face of Iraqi politics in 2008.

For the past two years, Iraqi nationalists -- opposed to the US occupation, opposed to Al Qaeda, and opposed to Iran's heavyhanded influence in Iraqi affairs -- have struggled to assert themselves. The nascent coalition contains the seeds of true national reconciliation in Iraq, but it has emerged independently of the United States. Unrelated to the constant American pressure on the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to meet various reconciliation "benchmarks," the new coalition is designed either to sweep Maliki out of office or force him to join it.

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Democracy Now Includes Dennis Kucinich: The Vegas Debate

Breaking the Sound Barrier: Democracy Now! Re-Hosts NBC Las Vegas Debate to Include Kucinich After NBC Wins Appeal to Exclude Him
by Democracy Now!
Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich was missing from the stage at last night’s Democratic debate hosted by MSNBC in Las Vegas after he lost a last-minute legal fight with the network over his participation.
Last week, NBC told Kucinich that he had met the criteria for the debate. Then, less than two days later, the network changed the criteria and declared that Kucinich was no longer qualified.
On Monday, a Nevada judge ordered NBC to include Kucinich, but then NBC appealed the ruling and actively fought to keep him off the stage.
On Tuesday night, less than an hour before the debate, the Nevada Supreme Court sided with NBC.
Democracy Now! decided to break the sound barrier and give Kucinich a chance to take part. In an exclusive broadcast, we re-broadcast excerpts of the debate and give the Ohio Congressman a chance to answer the questions he might have faced if he hadn’t been silenced.

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The Land (grab) Barons of British Columbia

by Richard Boyce
Growing up in Errington, my neighbour across the road was a grumpy old man who lived with his wife in a doublewide mobile home.
He was the only person in the area who posted a Social Credit sign at the front of his driveway during every provincial election.

From 1952 to 1956 Robert Sommers was Forests Minister of British Columbia. On his watch, and with the persistence of Commissioner Gordon Sloan who investigated the logging industry, the Tree Farm License system was established.

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Blunt Instruments: Vicious Rex

Blunt Instruments: Vicious Rex         
by Chris Cook     
Saturday, 16 September 2006  
For Canadians concerned their country is falling into the militarist trap set by George W. Bush and his industrious friends of carnage and hopeless disaster there is no better example of the truth of this catastrophic fate than State news organ mouthpiece, Rex Murphy and his recent blitzkrieg against the legion anti-Bush administration agitators in Canada he would have regarded as "conspiracy mongers," and a collective "vicious instrument of defamation and hate."

What, humble subject of He the Opinionator Imperiumus, you may wonder has worked its way so far up Rex's royal rectal cavity as to make His eminence emanate so odoriferous against the majority belief that the George W. Bush wars are not what they appear, and indeed are the product of a conspiracy most foul?

Well you may wonder.

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Getting Out (of) The Vote

Getting Out the Bling Vote
by Joe Bageant
I know it’s unpatriotic as hell, but I just cannot get a hard-on about the ‘08 American presidential elections. As in, I haven’t read or heard a word about them in a couple of weeks and could care less whether Hillary showed publicly some emotion, which was the big news when I left the States.
The will just isn’t there.
And it’s even more difficult from here in this Central American village where so many people have real problems. The kind that that come with being born under one empire, the British one, and living in the shadow of the present American [one,] living in the shadow of its walled fortress of armed privilege.

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The Atta Surprise

Snoop Chief: Mohamed Atta Took Us by Surprise
by Kurt Nimmo
“The US Director of National Intelligence asserts that the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, were caused by weak domestic wiretapping laws,” David Edwards and Mike Sheehan write for Raw Story.
“Vice Admiral Mike McConnell, former head of the National Security Agency who was appointed DNI in 2007 by President Bush, spoke today to a group of students in St. Mary’s City, Missouri, about the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), a federal statute that outlines procedures for electronic surveillance by the US intelligence community.”

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Cry Baby Clinton vs. Black Obama

The Weepy Witch and the Secret Muslim
by Katha Pollitt
The media are hopelessly sexist and relentlessly trivial. So much we've learned from the mass hysteria over Hillary Clinton's "emotional moment" in New Hampshire.  
(Seattle Post-Intelligencer columnist Robert L. Jamieson: "She morphed into a 'compassion brand' -- like, irony of ironies, Kleenex"; New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd: "Can Hillary Cry Her Way Back to the White House?").
Even Southern charmer John Edwards couldn't resist observing that a commander in chief needed "strength and resolve" -- a view echoed by Fox commentator Dick Morris ("There could well come a time when there is such a serious threat to the United States that she breaks down") and given full misogynous display by nationally syndicated cartoonist Pat Oliphant's "Madam President Meets the Bad Guys," portraying a dumpy, tearful Hillary surrounded by Osama, Kim Jong Il and similar.
All this fuss over a welling of the eyes so brief that if you blinked your own you'd miss it. I have moments like that every day! This was the Dean Scream all over again: a nano-nothing whipped into a self-congratulatory media typhoon.

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