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Jun 29, 2014 Dahr Jamail
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Seeds of Hatred Past Sprout in Iraq

Jun 27, 2014 Danny Schechter
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Silent Coup: Bush Dictates Constitution Dead

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America: Deflation Time Bomb

The Deflation Time Bomb
by Mike Whitney
We are to about see how much George Bush really believes the “supply side” mumbo-jumbo he’s been spouting for the last seven years.
Last week’s Labor Department report confirmed that unemployment is on the rise (5%) and that corrective action will be required to avoid a long and painful recession. There’s a good chance that the Chameleon in Chief will jettison his “trickle down” doctrine for more conventional Keynesian remedies like slashing interest rates, government programs, and tax relief to middle and low-income people.
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Ontario Uranium Mining the Line Too Far: Ottawa on the Mohawk

Women Title Holders Assert the Great Law over ALGONQUINS 
by Kahentinetha Horn
The  Kahtihon’tia:kwenio have been forced to assert their responsibilities as caretakers of Haudenosaunee land. 
The land in question is south of the Ottawa River which was Huron [Wyandot] territory 308 years ago.  After many years of warfare between the Iroquois and the French and their allies, the Hurons, there was a meeting in Montreal in 1700.  At this time, this land passed to the Haudenosaunee in exchange for prisoners.
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Bear Mountain Saga: The Rise of the Racoons

Road Kill: New Highway Blocked by Protesting Raccoons
by Zoe Blunt
The barricade at the end of the road is decorated with freshly-planted poinsettias in a mound of earth. Yellow plastic sunflowers, two graffitied TV sets and an oversize truck tire line a meter-wide trench just past the pavement’s end.

They mark the boundary between the city and a protest camp occupied by a new generation of Canadian environmental protestors: the Raccoons.

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Kenya: Sinking or Swimming?

Kenya: Stable Democracy or Meltdown?
by Immanuel Wallerstein
On December 27, 2007, there were presidential and parliamentary elections in Kenya. The outside world was largely indifferent. Then suddenly the headlines spoke of ethnic violence on a large scale.
The Western press spoke of the danger of a "meltdown" and the pervasiveness in Africa of ethnic conflicts. There were urgent appeals for the two opposing leaders to come together and make a compromise. This has not yet happened and is unlikely to happen.
What took place?
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A Life in the Trees: Heroes of the Humboldt

Super Heroes! WOW!
With gusts up to 55 miles per hour, it takes a lot of courage and dedication to stay HUNDREDS of feet in the air during hail, thunder, lightning, and severe winds. Even though mother nature and her fury tests treesitting activists, they stay strong in their cause.

These high altitude villages can be blown sometimes 15-20 FEET in both directions as winds test the strength of these Ancient Redwoods, as well as the strength of their protectors. The villages remained occupied throughout the past week, even through the strongest winds, as the storm slammed into the North Coast.

It is dangerous simply to be on the ground during high winds in the woods, especially in forests surrounded by clear-cuts. Normally, the winds would be buffered by surrounding trees, acting as a wind shield, and protecting the inner woods. However, Nanning Creek and Fern Gully lack the protection that a normal, "healthy" forest has due to excessive logging.

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Number Crunching the Death Count

Number Crunching: Death Count Politics        
by Chris Floyd     
In an age where Hitlerian wars of aggression are considered standard practice for "healthy" democracies (with only the "competence" of their execution being a fit subject for debate), it is difficult, if not impossible, to single out a single element of the grotesque carnival as the most macabre. But surely the warmongers' game-playing with the death toll of slaughtered Iraqis is a prime candidate.

Throughout George W. Bush's rape of Iraq, which was launched on a sea of lies and spin, the warmakers and their innumerable sycophants and transcribers in the media have relentlessly downplayed the number of Iraqis being killed in the conflict -- when they deign to notice the darker-hued dead at all, that is.
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Who God Will Vote For

Is Religion a Threat to Democracy?
Faith Talk on the Campaign Trail
by Ira Chernus
It's a presidential campaign like no other. The candidates have been falling all over each other in their rush to declare the depth and sincerity of their religious faith.
The pundits have been just as eager to raise questions that seem obvious and important: Should we let religious beliefs influence the making of law and public policy?
If so, in what way and to what extent?
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Monkeywrenching the System: Ron Paul's Revolution

Monkeywrenching the System: Ron Paul's Revolution
by Stan Goff
For starters, I have become a single-issue voter. The two-front war in Iraq-Afghanistan continues to drag on; and I am thoroughly convinced that no viable Democratic nominee will stop these occupations.

The recent analysis by Allan Nairn shows that even the putative anti-war Edwards (who the press is smothering because of his anti-corporate declarations) has a backroom full of defense contractors.
Clinton is a ruthless war-monger, period.
Obama is employing the sorriest, pro-Zioinist, neoliberal trash on the market, i.e., Zbigniew Brzezinski, Richard Clarke, and Dennis Ross, on his core advisory staff.

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Blum: An Unreasonable Doubt

An Unreasonable Man
by William Blum
I recommend the new documentary about Ralph Nader, which was recently shown on PBS television, "An Unreasonable Man". Its primary focus is on Nader's argument for having run in the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections despite the alleged harm done to the Democratic Party candidates.
As I've written earlier: The choice facing people like myself was not Ralph Nader or Albert Gore or John Kerry. The choice facing us was Ralph Nader or not voting at all. If Nader had not been on the ballot, we would have stayed home.
It's that simple.
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The Irony of Hope: A Vision in Trying Times

Crying for a Vision in Troubled Times: The Irony of Hope
by Jack Random
Snow in Baghdad, home foreclosures, mounting debt, rising gas prices, volatile markets, killer storms across the nation, foreign occupations without end, job exportation, declining wages, slave labor, media obsession with the inane and irrelevant: Who among us cannot read the writing on the wall?  
I gaze at the horizon and I see dark clouds approaching – ominous and foreboding, growing, spreading and swallowing the land.  

I look at the wars that should never have been launched transformed into occupations of faraway lands that cannot stand and I know it will not get better; it can only get worse.  

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T.V., Murder, War, and Race

Television, Murder and Vietnam
by Ron Jacobs
I was a kid in 1968. It was the year I turned 13 and it was the year my dad began to prepare to go to Vietnam. The Tet offensive was on the television in January.
The picture of the South Vietnamese police chief killing a suspected NLF fighter shook up our dinner table the night it was in the news.
After that, my father didn't watch television news when his younger kids were around.

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