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Why the U.S. Won't Attack Iran

Reality Bites Back: Why the U.S. Won't Attack Iran
by Tom Engelhardt
Possessing the world's second largest reserves of oil and natural gas, Iran is no speed bump on the energy map. The National Security Network, a group of national security experts, estimates that the Bush administration's policy of bluster, threat, and intermittent low-level actions against Iran has already added a premium of $30-$40 to every $140 barrel of oil.
Then there was the one-day $11 spike after Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz suggested that an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities was "unavoidable."

Given that, let's imagine, for a moment, what almost any version of an air assault -- Israeli, American, or a combination of the two -- would be likely to do to the price of oil. When asked recently by Brian Williams on NBC Nightly News about the effects of an Israeli attack on Iran, correspondent Richard Engel responded: "I asked an oil analyst that very question. He said, 'The price of a barrel of oil? Name your price: $300, $400 a barrel.'" Former CIA official Robert Baer suggested in Time Magazine that such an attack would translate into $12 gas at the pump. ("One oil speculator told me that oil would hit $200 a barrel within minutes.") 

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B.C.'s Species at Risk: There Oughta be a Law

“There Oughta Be a Law, and This Ain’t It”
by Forest
The provincial government's “underwhelming” response today to a groundbreaking report on the precarious state of wildlife and wilderness in BC recycles failed policies and underscores the urgent need for a species at risk law for the province, says a coalition of leading environmental organizations.
“British Columbia is in desperate need of an endangered species law to recover our species at risk, and to prevent species from becoming at risk in the first place,” said Devon Page of Ecojustice. “We need a law that compels habitat protection. Unfortunately that’s not what was announced today.”
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The Eight Mistaken Theses of Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro and the FARC: Eight Mistaken Thesis of Fidel Castro
by James Petras
I have been a supporter of the Cuban Revolution for exactly fifty years and recognize Fidel Castro as one of the great revolutionary leaders of our time.  But I have never been an uncritical apologist: On several crucial occasions I have expressed my disagreements in print, in public and in discussions with Cuban leaders, writers and militants. 
Fidel Castro’s articles and commentaries on the recent events in Colombia, namely his discussion of the Colombian regime’s freeing of several FARC prisoners (including three CIA operatives and Ingrid Betancourt) and his critical comments on the politics, structure, practices, tactics and strategy of the FARC and its world-renowned leader, Manuel Marulanda, merit serious consideration.
Castro’s remarks demand analysis and refutation, not only because his opinions are widely read and influence millions of militants and admirers in the world, especially in Cuba and Latin America, but because he purports to provide a ‘moral’ basis for opposition to imperialism today. 
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Canadian Shot by Israeli Defence Force Talks

Canadian Shot by Israeli Defence Force Talks 
by VOP
Voice of Palestine, Canada will be interviewing Victor MacDiarmid today Tuesday evening July 8, 2008 between 8:00 and 9:00pm PDT. Victor is a Canadian activist with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) who was shot in the leg yesterday by the Israeli army with a rubber-coated steel bullet while trying to bring food and supplies to the besieged town of Ni'lin.

We will talk with him about the situation in Ni'lin and about his experiences in Palestine.

Voice of Palestine broadcasts weekly on Vancouver Cooperative Radio (CFRO) 102.7 FM, Vancouver, Canada. The show broadcasts for one hour every Tuesday night from 8 to 9 pm PST (Wednesday morning 6:00 am - 7:00 am Palestine time). It first went on the air in September, 1987, and has hit the airwaves every week for the past twenty years. People outside of Vancouver can listen to the show live on the internet

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Behind Betancourt's Dramatic Rescue

The Real Operation to "Rescue" Ingrid Betancourt and US Mercenaries
by Concerned citizens of
In order to understand the "rescue operation" of Ingrid Betancourt and the Northrop Grumman Corporation mercenaries who were released with her, it is necessary to piece together articles published in the media, filter the content and out of this is form a true understanding of the facts of what happened here.

On June 3rd, Colombian Senator Piedad Cordoba revealed that she possessed information that the government of Colombia was negotiating a deal with FARC to trade money for the release of Betancourt and the mercenaries.
The official policy of the United States is that they don't "negotiate with terrorists," even as many leaders of Latin American countries accuse President Uribe of supporting the AUC paramilitary death squads and accuse the United States of providing safe harbor to known terrorists such as Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carriles.

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Hellfire Round the B-B-Q

Anxious Hiatus
by James Kunstler 
Loveliness was everywhere this holiday weekend in upstate New York, and it was probably hard for many to believe that the wayward nation would return to the dread uncertainty of life in the crash lane when the barbeques were over. There was even a wan overtone to the late-night sports news about the Indy 500 race -- as though the spectacle of cars droning round and round a speed oval epitomized the futility of American life in this moment of our history.
I had a discussion with one guy at a Sunday night party about the prospects for hydrogen-powered cars. We rehearsed the usual reasons why such a system was unlikely to get up-and-running -- and then he said,
  • "...but what if we took all the money from the war and put it into something like the space program and... they came up with some way to make it happen...!"
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Blood-Orgy in Somalia

Bush's Blood-Orgy in Somalia: "They Are Slaughtering Somalis Like Goats"
by Mike Whitney
While George Bush was busy railing at Zimbabwe's President, Robert Mugabe at the G-8 summit in Toyako, Japan; his Ethiopian proxy-army in Somalia was grinding out more carnage on the streets of Mogadishu.
More than 40 civilians have been killed in the last 48 hours. On Sunday, Osman Ali Ahmed, the head of the UN Development Program in Somalia, was shot gangland style as he left a mosque in Mogadishu. He died before he reached the hospital with wounds to the head and chest.
Ali Ahmed is just the latest of the peace-keepers who have been killed in the ongoing battle between Bush's Ethiopian occupiers and Somali guerrillas.

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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Alexandra Morton, Jack Etkin Mon. July 7, 2008

This Week on GR
by C. L. Cook 
This week, Alexandra Morton from the Salmon Coast Field Station on last week's great fish farm escape; Jack Etkin on Victoria's, and Canada's, diminishing media choices for news.
Chris Cook hosts Gorilla Radio, airing live every Monday, 5-6pm Pacific Time. In Victoria at 101.9FM, 104.3 cable, and on the internet at:  He also serves as a contributing editor to the web news site, Check out the GR blog at:

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Lieberman: Pimping for a Broader War

Lieberman Calls for Tougher Action on Iran 
by The Real News 
Senator Joe Lieberman appeared on the ABC program "This Week" on Sunday. Lieberman, a staunch supporter of John McCain, claimed that not only Israel but also Arab nations want the US to stop Iran’s nuclear program. Lieberman did not say which Arab states he was talking about.

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Indian Embassy Attack in Kabul: 41 Dead

Suicide blast outside India's embassy in Kabul kills at least 41
by CBC News
Two diplomats, dozens of Afghan visa seekers among victims
A suicide car bomb detonated outside the Indian Embassy in Afghanistan's capital Monday, ripping through the building and killing at least 41 people, including two senior diplomats.

About 140 people were injured, officials said.

The attack is the deadliest in Kabul since the fall of the Taliban in 2001, and the worst in Afghanistan since a suicide bomber killed more than 100 people at a dog-fighting competition in Kandahar province in February.

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Three Ways to Protect America's Democracy

Three key ways YOU can help protect the 2008 election
by Harvey Wasserman
The world has now endured the horrific consequences of two consecutive stolen presidential elections.
So millions of Americans are asking how to stop it from happening again.

There are many things the average citizen can do. But much of it boils down to three simple phases.

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