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Staying Sane in a Mad World

Jun 29, 2014 Dahr Jamail
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Seeds of Hatred Past Sprout in Iraq

Jun 27, 2014 Danny Schechter
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Pakistan: Bush's War Widens Dangerously

Sep 16, 2008 Tom Engelhardt
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Snow Blind: American-Backed Murder in Colombia

Nov 19, 2006
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The New Shepherd in the Neighbourhood

Oct 26, 2009 Press Release
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Red Surge: Stonewalling Justice in BC Rail Case

The "Krog Affidavit Documents" and the BC Rail Scandal
by Robin Mathews
Leonard Krog, NDP justice critic, tossed a small wrench into the BC Rail Scandal court hearing on February 25, 2008 (The Basi, Virk, and Basi case). Krog asked, in effect, why Gordon Campbell, B.C. premier, suddenly, unilaterally (on May 28, 2007) changed the protocol for screening requested cabinet documents from a protocol that had been in operation since at least early 2004.

He asked related questions of Allan Seckel, Deputy Attorney General - now, apparently, the decision maker about cabinet documents. Seckel, as I have already reported, didn't say why the protocol has been changed by the Province's chief political actor - inextricably involved in the BC Rail Scandal.
Instead, Seckel affected to be almost insulted at the questions, suggesting his integrity may have been impugned, that he was perhaps being accused of being "political" in the matter.

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Whipping the Post: Eminence Front

The Very Annoying Washington Post
by Robert Parry
One of the many annoyances about living in George W. Bush’s Washington is to read the commentaries about the Iraq War on the editorial pages of the Washington Post. Possibly never in modern times has a major newspaper been more wrong, more consistently with more arrogance than has the Post on this vital issue.

Beyond getting almost nothing right – from the Post’s certitude over Iraq’s WMD to its reverence for Colin Powell’s U.N. testimony to its excitement over the purple-ink elections to its enthusiasm over whatever latest corner has been turned – the Post also has this obnoxious tendency to mock Americans who don’t share the paper’s wisdom.

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Save the Ashlu!

Despite the local community and governments denying Ledcor's application for a 49 mega watt hydro project on the Ashlu River twice, Bill 30 has allowed Ledcor to start devastating construction on one of British Columbia's most valuable water resources.

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Hope Sinks

Hope is for Suckers
Mickey Z.
We can’t give up hope, I’m often told. Keep hope alive, the saying goes. If we lose hope, nothing will ever change…or so they believe. Well, I’m here to say: Fuck hope.
We live on a planet brimming with hope yet that same planet is under perpetual assault…and the hopers are losing.
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Arms Fair Opening Night Shut Down

CANSEC Arms Fair Opening Night Shut Down
by PGA Bloc, Ottawa
Tuxedoed corporate war profiteers and their government backers were forced to flee the Ottawa Congress Centre tonight as alarms sounded, fire trucks were called, and police searched in vain for the nefarious anarchists that shut down the opening night of CANSEC 2008, Canada's largest arms fair.

Even the multi-million dollar surveillance and security technology on display, the presence of uniformed police, and the assertion by security forces that they had been gathering extensive 'intelligence' on CANSEC resistance couldn't prevent a group of Ottawa anarchists from infiltrating the event and simply pulling a fire alarm.

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Drowning Not Waving in the Capitalist Ocean

Sink or Swim in the capitalist ocean
by William Bowles
When a group of so-called Aboriginals from I believe Borneo (or maybe it was Papua New Guinea) visited the UK recently they were gob-smacked to find homeless people on the streets of London. The concept ‘homelessness’ simply didn’t exist in their vocabulary and reinforced by the vast wealth that surrounded them (the ‘Aboriginals’ and the homeless). So too was the idea of the ‘nuclear family’. The concept of ‘living apart’ is totally alien to them.

So anyway, somebody had had the idea of making a TV doccie series about their visit, Margaret Mead in reverse so-to-speak. We saw them living with a ‘typical working class family’ and also with a ‘well-off’ one and we followed them as they toured the UK, increasingly bemused by what they found. But is it simply reverse anthropology, having them look at us for a change?

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Extra Zero: A Moment with John Rentoul

EXTRA ZERO: An Exchange With The Independent's John Rentoul
Media Lens
In the wake of the July 7, 2005 London bombings, the Independent's John Rentoul commented:
  • "A Muslim friend of mine in the East End of London says that the sense of victimisation and injustice goes so deep among his fellow religionists that he sometimes despairs. 'This all goes back to the burning of The Satanic Verses,' he says. It was in 1988 that we should have realised that we were up against a culture - he doesn't like the term 'Muslim community' - that tended to irrationalism and self-pity. Salman Rushdie did not create that culture, but he provided a focus for it and fed its sense of grievance.
  • "The Iraq issue serves much the same purpose today." (Rentoul, 'Islam, blood and grievance,' The Independent, July 24, 2005)
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9/11: Truth and Movement

9/11 Truth Movement vs. 9/11 Truth: Or, who are these people and why do they keep yelling at me?
by David Rovics
I found myself once again singing at an antiwar rally two weeks ago, and once again being confronted by a red-faced white man with an ominous hand-written sign reading, "9/11 was a lie." 
Most of the crowd was filing off for the post-rally march, aside from a few of my loyal fans who were sticking around for the rest of my set.  Among them was the red-faced man, apparently not a fan, who walked towards the small stage with the wild-eyed certainty of a zealot.

"Wake up, David Rovics!  David Rovics, wake up to the truth of 9/11!"  He was screaming at the top of his lungs, standing about two feet from me.  (I continued with the song.)  In case I didn't get the message the first time, the red-faced man repeated his mantra.  "Wake up!  Wake up to the truth of 9/11!"

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In Defense of John Yoo

Follow the Leader: In Defense of John Yoo
by Chris Floyd
John Yoo has been getting a bit of guff in the liberal media recently for some legal memoranda he wrote a while back defending the president's right -- and duty -- to protect the American people from terrorism. This criticism is as short-sighted as it is pernicious -- and we are here today to defend this good and faithful public servant against the unwarranted calumnies that have besmirched his name.
Fortunately for the security of our Republic, the far left's attempt to turn Yoo's patriotic labors into yet another persnickety"moral outrage," a la Abu Ghraib or My Lai or Wounded Knee, hasn't really taken off.

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The Life of Hugo Chavez and The Times

The New York Times v. Hugo Chavez        
by Stephen Lendman
Carly Simon's theme song from the 1977 James Bond film "The Spy Who Loved Me" says it all about The New York Times' agitprop skill - "Nobody Does It Better" nor have others in the media been at it longer.
Most important is The Times influence and reach and what media critic Norman Solomon says about its front page. He calls it "the most valuable square inches of media real estate in the USA." It's read by government, business leaders and opinion-makers everywhere and for that reason is hugely important.

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Zoo on the Road to Nablus

The Zoo on the Road to Nablus: A Story of Survival from the West Bank - A Review
by Jim Miles
This tale from the West Bank operates at several levels.  Nominally it is about one man – Dr. Sami Khader – and his attempts to sustain the dream of having an internationally approved zoo in the town of Qalqilya in the West Bank. 

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