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The Age of Reckoning

The Age of Reckoning: Economy, Climate Change & Imperial War
by Jack Random
While we celebrate Independence Day with parades, marching bands, miniature flags and spectacular fireworks, there is little to remind us of the perils we face both as a nation and as citizens of the world.  

We are a nation at war without cause or reason.  We have elected leaders who have made a mockery of our constitutional rights, who have plundered our economy in the interest of corporate greed, who have colluded in imperial wars, and who pay lip service to the greatest environmental crisis in recorded history.  

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America: Patriotism Schmatriotism

Some Thoughts on "Patriotism" Written on July 4
by William Blum
Most important thought: I'm sick and tired of this thing called "patriotism".

The Japanese pilots who bombed Pearl Harbor were being patriotic. The German people who supported Hitler and his conquests were being patriotic, fighting for the Fatherland. All the Latin American military dictators who overthrew democratically-elected governments and routinely tortured people were being patriotic -- saving their beloved country from "communism".

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Legacy: John McCain Channels Jesse Helms

The Jesse Helms Legacy and John McCain
by John Nichols
Jesse Helms was a segregationist, and a nasty one at that.

Long after his contemporaries abandoned old "Jim Crow," Helms kept playing the race card when it served him politically.
And when he was not picking on African-Americans, he picked on ethnic minorities, immigrants, trade unionists, gays and lesbians.
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Israel: United by a Bulldozer

United by a Bulldozer - And I think to myself…
by Gilad Atzmon
According to Haaretz, the Shin Bet security service, the (IDF) Military Advocate General, the Defence Minister Barak and the Prime Minister Olmert himself are all backing the demolition of terrorists’ homes.

Not much can be said; at last, Jews start to agree on something among themselves, not only do they agree, they even compete among themselves to be the most outspoken about it.
They all want to lead the current Hebraic belligerence championship. Each of them tries to shape and reshape an authentic image of vengeance.
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No Paine, No Gain: A Look at the Forgotten Founding Father

No Paine, No Gain: A July 4th Special
by ANP

An Independence Day look back at the radical influence of Thomas Paine, the often-overlooked founding father whose words sparked the American Revolution.

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Campbell River Fish Farm Escape Threatens Fraser Salmon Run

Campbell River Fish Farm Escape Threatens Fraser Salmon Run
by Salmon Coast Field Station
On Canada Day, a Marine Harvest fish farm net released 30,000 farmed Atlantic salmon into the Campbell River putting them right in the path of wild juvenile salmon swimming down the Campbell River.

The farmed fish are not indigenous to the coast and will place undue pressure on the native stock that is already reeling from sea lice and warmer sea temperatures.
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McCain Presidency Touted by Vietnamese Former Keeper

McCain Presidency Touted by Vietnamese Former Keeper
by C. L. Cook
The BBC's Andrew Harding reports from Vietnam his conversation with a former "Hanoi Hilton" jail keeper who, Harding says, supports the presidential run of his former inmate, John McCain.
Tran Trong Duyet is quoted by BBC News, speaking from his home in Haiphong, about his "good friend" John McCain, while flipping through sentimental black and white photos taken of the two while McCain was a P.O.W.

The cordial relationship Tran describes runs counter to the familiar McCain campaign narrative of an embattled Navy pilot, shot down and taken prisoner over enemy territory, bravely resisting torture and refusing a deal his super-wealthy family arranged for his freedom to instead stay in Hanoi and serve as a Stoic, selfless inspiration to his fellows.
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B.C.'s Secret Police Act

Civil Liberties Association Decries Secret Consultations
The B.C. Civil Liberties Association is calling on the Premier to direct the Solicitor General and Attorney General of British Columbia to throw out a controversial confidentiality agreement parties are made to sign to participate in the consultation process about proposed amendments to the Police Act.
The government invited the BCCLA and others to participate in consultations, but then demanded that participants keep secret everything said and done both before and after the introduction of any bill in the Legislative Assembly.
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Rove: Bringing Light to Machiavelli's Shadow

Six Questions for Paul Alexander, Author of Machiavelli’s Shadow
by Scott Horton
Paul Alexander is a former reporter for Time magazine who has also written for Rolling Stone, the New York Times Magazine and various other publications.
He is also a radio talk show host for WABC and the author of a series of popular biographies, including one of the most appealing portraits of John McCain, Man of the People, published in 2004.
Alexander hones his skills as a biographer with a headline-grabbing look at the life and career of Karl Rove entitled Machiavelli’s Shadow, just out.

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Department Of Justice Defies Congressional Subpoena

DOJ Refuses to Turn Over Bush/Cheney CIA Leak Transcripts to Congress
by Jason Leopold
The Justice Department has said it will not comply with a subpoena demanding that FBI transcripts of interviews with President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney regarding their possible roles in the exposure of covert CIA officer Valerie Plame Wilson be turned over to a congressional committee investigating the matter.
“If such agreements, conditions, and understandings were not memorialized in writing, I request that you submit a written description of the date and terms of any such agreements, conditions, and understandings.”

Henry Waxman, the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, issued the subpoena earlier this month in the latest chapter of a standoff over what Bush and Cheney told a special prosecutor about the case in 2004.

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Prague: America's Military Industrial Convergence

Raytheon, Boeing, Rice to Convergence in Prague
by Laray Polk
On July 8, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is scheduled to arrive in Prague. Concurrent with her visit, a conference will be held on anti-missile defense featuring representatives from Raytheon and Boeing.1
The nature of the conference is obvious; it is an opportunity to garner support for the U.S. installation of the X-band radar by appealing to potential industry partners and the scientific community within the Czech Republic.

According to a recent report in Ceské Noviny, increased receptivity can be attributed in part to initial fears that “involvement [with the radar and base] would only be limited to auxiliary work such as fencing off the construction site, construction of the base buildings, removal of snow, maintenance of roads and waste disposal.”2

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