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Permanent War and the American Way

Fear, Procurement, Profit: Permanent War and the American Way
by Chris Floyd
When it comes to determining the true thrust and implication of world events, the old adage is still valid: "Follow the money."

The lust for long green is not the sole determinant of state policies, of course. For example, there are also the psychosexual anxieties of blustering elites, the soul-corroding pathology of political ambition, the ignorance and arrogance of the powerful and the privileged, the herd instinct that can drive whole populations into self-deluding frenzies of nationalistic fervor -- all kinds of factors in the mix. But money is never not in the center of things.

This is especially true in systems where war and rumors of war have become the foundation of the national economy. This is the ultimate condition of every empire (or rather the penultimate position; the ultimate position is the inevitable decline and fall). And the United States, with its globe-spanning military empire, is no exception.
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PNAC Underground

PNAC Goes AWOL        
by Tom Chartier
The Project For The New American Century, PNAC, has gone Absent Without Leave. They have seemingly vanished with the sands of time. It sounds too good to be true which means, it probably is not true.

What alerted me to the sudden disappearance is the fact that the PNAC website, chock full of bombastic and arrogant reports, declarations, letters and memos is now “suspended.” Their boastful website is down and with it much of their inter-asylum memos along with some of their “best” work.
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Six Things You Should Know About the Anthrax Attacks

Double Standards in the Global War on Terror: Anthrax Department
by Tom Engelhardt
Oh, the spectacle of it all -- and don't think I'm referring to those opening ceremonies in Beijing, where North Korean-style synchronization seemed to fuse with smiley-faced Walt Disney, or Michael Phelp's thrilling hunt for eight gold medals and Speedo's one million dollar "bonus," a modernized tribute to the ancient Greek tradition of amateurism in action.
No, I'm thinking of the blitz of media coverage after Dr. Bruce Ivins, who worked at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, Maryland, committed suicide by Tylenol on July 29th and the FBI promptly accused him of the anthrax attacks of September and October 2001.

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Vancouver: Scuttling the PNWER Party

No Smooth Sailing for PNWER Elites: Marina Entrance Blocked by Activists
by NOII Van
A group of activists blocked access to the Westin Bayshore marina on Wednesday July 23 to protest the Pacific NorthWest Economic Region (PNWER) summit.
“[PNWER] has had a profound impact on policymaking.” - Hon. Stockwell Day, Canada’s Minister of Public Safety 
In doing so, they prevented PNWER delegates from boarding a 190-person luxury boat tour of the Vancouver harbour. Approximately 10 people stood with a banner reading People Not Profit! and prevented access to the luxury yacht though the public boardwalk.
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World War Redux: The Shot to be Heard Next

US missile deal enrages Russia
by The Real News
Eric Margolis: It's like August, 1914 - a movement of great powers towards war.

With the signing of an agreement between Washington and Warsaw to erect a missile defence system in Poland, echoes of the cold war between Russia and the United States are hard to ignore. The agreement comes hot on the heels of the conflict between Russia and Georgia.

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Harper Invokes "Executive Privilege" in Elections Scam

Conservatives Ignore Subpoenas to Appear Before Parliamentary Ethics Committee
by Joan Russow
The minority Conservative government is being investigated by Elections Canada, for election funding irregularities. Elections Canada claims that federal Conservatives contravened the Elections Act by an-in-and-out money transfer scheme; Elections Canada estimates that $1.3-million for national advertising was passed through the accounts of at least 67 local candidates in the 2006 election campaign. On August 11-14, Parliamentary Ethics Committee heard witnesses revealing Conservative Party's funding scheme.
For the 2006 election the Conservative Party funded national ads through RETAIL MEDIA - a subsidiary of WPP whose clients below can be seen at
The Conservative Sponsorship Nemesis: Plumping up election expenses to increase rebates, using false spending estimates and potential rebates to secure advance private loans, ignoring Parliamentary committee subpoenas, subsidizing high profile international ad agency... The Conservatives won the last election by defrauding Elections Canada and Canadian citizens.

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Harper Promises Most Divisive Election in Canadian History

Harper Promises Most Divisive Election in Canadian History
by C. L. Cook
Canada's minority government prime minister, Stephen Harper has threatened a Fall election saying the current government was not "tenable." It's an unsurprising move to any who have watched Harper hit the stump over the summer, or to those receiving flyers in the mail emblazened with what will be one of Harper's key issues, 'Youth Crime.'
Taking a cue from the Karl Rove school of political manipulation, Harper's hit squad, the shadowy Conservative Research Group, is behind the mass mailings, already controversial for their use of parliamentarian's access to free postage from Canada Post.
State news organ, the Canadian Broadcast Corporation simplify the issue below. 

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Georgia's Bigger Stakes

The Geopolitics of Georgia
by The Real News
F. William Engdahl: There are far bigger stakes being played out in Georgia than a territorial dispute.
US attempts to get Georgia into NATO, coupled with its desire to erect an anti-missile defense shield in Poland and the Czech republic would give it first strike capability towards Russia. Moscow sees this as a national security threat against the sovereignty of Russia. Political economist F William Engdahl believes this is the geopolitical endgame being played out in Georgia.
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Heiltsuk Vickers Family Stand for Ingram-Mooto Watershed

Heiltsuk Vickers Family Takes Stand for Threatened Ingram-Mooto Watershed
by Mary Vickers
The Vickers family traveled to the threatened Ingram-Mooto watershed in Heiltsuk traditional territory on Friday, July 25, 2008. 
During this time, they erected signs in the Ingram-Mooto that demand the halt of any road building and logging plans.
"The lack of consultation has left us no choice now as a family to make a move, "- Heiltsuk Vickers family statement.  "It's a tough call, we as a community should be benefiting from this operation."

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Moving Into Putin's Powderkeg

Marching Through Georgia V: U.S. Forces Moving Into Putin's Powderkeg
by Chris Floyd     
Here's a great idea: Why not send U.S. military forces to Georgia, one of the most volatile places on earth at the moment? That way, American troops, ships and planes can go eyeball-to-eyeball with Russian forces on a war footing?

Sound like a good plan? It does to ole Butt-Thumper Bush, who made another one of his squinty appearances outside the White House on Wednesday to announce that American military forces are going to Georgia to carry out a "humanitarian mission."
[Let's hope it doesn't turn out like the "humanitarian mission" that Daddy Bush sent into the volatile war zone of Somalia back in 1992.]
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Nuclear Brinkmanship Makes a Comeback: Hot August Night on the World Stage

Will American Insouciance Destroy the World?
by Paul Craig Roberts
The neoconned Bush Regime and the Israeli-occupied American media are heading the innocent world toward nuclear war.

Back in the Reagan years, the National Endowment for Democracy was created as a cold war tool. Today the NED is a neocon-controlled agent for US world hegemony. Its main function is to pour US money and election-rigging into former constituent parts of the Soviet Union in order to ring Russia with American puppet states.

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