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Random Articles

Collapsing the Middle Class to Save America

Dec 15, 2011 Tom Engelhardt
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Spittin' in Joe's Face

Mar 13, 2010 Uri Avnery
A Matter of Timing by Uri Avnery l Gush…

Beyond Law: Israel's FU to the UN

Sep 25, 2009 William A. Cook
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Steve Irwin Boarded in Hobart: Australian Gov't Supporting Japanese "Research" Whale Slaughter

Australian Federal Police Seize Whale War Videos
The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ship Steve Irwin arrived in Hobart, Tasmania at 1700 Hours on February 20th. The ship was met at dockside by a party of Federal Australian Police officers who boarded the Steve Irwin with a warrant.

The warrant authorized the seizing of “all edited and raw video footage, all edited and raw audio recordings, all still photographs, Producer’s notes, Interview transcripts, production meeting minutes, post production meeting minutes as well as the ship’s log books, Global Positioning System records, Automatic Radar Plotting Aid, Purchase records, receipts, Financial transaction records, Voyage information and Navigational plotted charts.”

Haiti: We Must Kill the Bandits!

The Dirt on Haiti
by Kevin Pina
Independent filmmaker and journalist, Kevin Pina, brings us "the dirt on Haiti" in his latest compelling documentary Haiti: We Must Kill the Bandits about US and Canada's political agenda in Haiti and UN violence against Haitian civilians.  For more information, call  250-478-6906.

Saturday February 28, 2009
7:30 pm
David Strong Building Room C103,
University of Victoria
Sponsored by Victoria Students for a Democratic Society, UVic Student Against War, Central American  Support Committee, and the Victoria Peace Coalition. Cross-Canada tour organized by Canada Haiti Action Network.  
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Canada: End the Net Threat, Tell the CRTC NON!/NO!

Threat to Canada's Internet
by Bob Hackett
A handful of companies are threatening to change the way Canada's Internet works. They want to replace the open network Canadians enjoy today with a discriminatory or "gatekeeper network" -- where they decide which content and services get the fastest access to our homes.
They want to take away access to the open Internet. You can help stop this encroachment on our right to open communication by taking a second to send the CRTC a message.

Submissions made to the CRTC before the FEBRUARY 23rd DEADLINE will be considered in the "traffic management" hearings held later this year.
More info below....

Managing People and Hating Humans

"Post-human Resources" - Why Do We Hate Humans So Much?
by DDJango
There is no phrase in biz lingo more insidious, odious, and degrading than "human resources". Every company has a department with that title (or outsources its functions). Such departments used to be called "Personnel" or "Employment". Pretty neutral and innocuous, I think.
Then, I guess, somebody came up with the bright idea that putting "human" in the title modernized the concept and/or made it more, well...  "humane".
Just the opposite, I'm afraid. It's that concept of "resource" that really singes my socks.

Viva Gaza! MP George Galloway Condemns British Police for False Arrest of Gaza "Caravanistas"

Galloway Condemns Lancashire Police Action over Gaza Aid Convoy: Expresses Grave Concern over Damage to Community Relations
by Viva Palestina
George Galloway MP, the leader of the 110 vehicle British aid convoy currently in Morroco and bound for Gaza, this afternoon spoke of his anger at the high profile Lancashire Constabulary police action which led to the arrest of nine innocent men who were bound to join the Viva Palestina convoy last Friday.
Six of the nine were released without charge some days ago and are now heading for Tunis in three vehicles laden with humanitarian supplies for the people of Gaza. But three more were detained in custody for almost a week before being released without charge this afternoon.

New Afghanistan Nightmare Commences

A New Afghanistan Nightmare Commences
by Ramzy Baroud
When US envoy to Afghanistan, Richard Holbrooke met with Afghanistan’s ‘democratically’ installed President Hamid Karzai in Kabul on February 14, he may have just learned of the historic significance of the following day. February 15 commemorates the end of the bloody Russian campaign against Afghanistan (August 1978-February 1989).

But it is unlikely that Holbrooke will absorb the magnitude of that historic lesson. Both he and the new US President Barack Obama are convinced that the missing component for winning the war in Afghanistan is a greater commitment, as in doubling the troops, increasing military spending, and, by way of winning hearts and minds, investing more in developing the country. That combination, the US administration believes, will eventually sway Afghans from supporting the Taliban, tribal militias, Pashtun nationalists and other groups. The latter is waging a guerilla struggle in various parts of the country, mostly in the south, to oust Karzai’s government and foreign occupation forces.

Investigating Bush Crimes

Investigating Bush's Crimes
by Scott Horton
When the Obama transition team opened a questions referendum on its popular website in December, one issue quickly soared to the top. "Will you appoint a Special Prosecutor (ideally Patrick Fitzgerald) to independently investigate the gravest crimes of the Bush Administration, including torture and warrantless wiretapping?"
And when Obama stepped to the microphone at his first presidential press conference, the question came again, this time with reference to a Congressional call for a truth commission. Obama's response: "My view is also that nobody is above the law, and if there are clear instances of wrongdoing, that people should be prosecuted just like any ordinary citizen; but that generally speaking, I'm more interested in looking forward than I am in looking backwards."
The answer was a slight variation on the theme he has struck consistently since the final days of his campaign. But what does it mean with respect to the criminal accountability of Bush-era policy-makers?

In a Pig's Eye: Making Silk from an Economic Sow's Ear

The Sow’s Ear & the U.S.
by Diane Walsh and Tim Pheotist
Read the paper. Watch the news. A new, progressive, U.S. President brings his country and the World into the 21st century with pictures, ideas and rhetoric brilliantly matched to the moment. Yes, we live in interesting times.

Interesting Times? Doesn’t that phrase often signify less than generous intentions – as in 'curses?'

Inauguration week ran perfectly to script; parties and optimism tempered with diabolical warnings and reminders about the economic catastrophe we are enduring. Ever hopeful and newly energized we cheer on the new boss.

"Bear Mountain" Expansion Goes to Langford Council

Two interesting events in Langford this week
by Zoe Blunt
Two interesting events in Langford this week; a public hearing, and the return of the free miners of Bare Mountain.
Mon, February 23, 7 pm: Greenbelt and native sites threatened. South Skirt Mountain Development Public Hearing at Langford City Hall, 877 Goldstream Ave. This latest proposal calls for 2800 condo units and unlimited height towers for the hillside from the Bear Mountain Interchange on Highway 1 up to Bear Mountain Resort.
Condo towers will rise from Florence Lake all the way to Goldstream Park, destroying a huge swath of Victoria's Greenbelt, wildlife habitat and native burial cairns. The development would wipe out half of the remaining "high-value" rare ecosystems on the mountain, like garry oak meadows and arbutus bluffs.

Green Glow Renaissance: Global Nuclear Genocide

Global Nuclear Genocide of Indigenous - government liquidation strategy?  It won't work!
by MNN
A sickening picture is shaping up.  The evidence continues to mount like a smelly compost heap, except it has no organic value and it's a serious threat to the generations to come.  Who doesn't know that radiation is deadly?  Government and the nuclear industry keep lying to us!  They deny the grisly effects such as cancer, birth defects and many environmental illnesses caused by radioactive toxins in our air, land and water.

The nuclear industry seized on the "peak oil" and "global warming" crisis which they created and turned it to their advantage.  They call nuclear a "green", "clean", "renewable" resource because they can reuse the deadly waste to make nuclear weapons.  They lump it under with wind and solar.  The theme of the Canadian Nuclear Association CNA convention and trade show from February 25 to 27 at the Westin in Ottawa is "the reality of renaissance".  [Is that crazy or what?]  Yes, they rely on our ignorance and naivety. 
Their philosophy is, "There's a sucker born every minute" and let's melt them down!

Organize! Employers Using Recession to Stick It to Workers

Organize! Many Employers Are Just Using the Recession to Stick it to Workers
by Dave Lindorff
Whatever the truth is about where this economy is heading, one thing is clear: employers are taking every opportunity to slash employment and, if they are unionized, to hammer unions for pay cuts, even when there is no justification for these actions.

Take Safeway Inc., a large national supermarket chain. The company, which had $44 billion in sales in 2007, and which, based upon third quarter figures for 2008 was well on the way to show record sales for 2008, appears to be using the economic downturn as a justification for laying off employees and making remaining employees work harder.

I can only give anecdotal information on this, but the Genuardi's Family Market store (a Safeway subsidiary) where I live, in Upper Dublin, PA, an upper middle-class suburb north of Philadelphia, according to its employees, has been laying off cashiers, and slashing its night work force; the people who restock the shelves and unload the delivery trucks when the store is closed.

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