Press Release

Press Release
The Frankenstein Hypothesis: Just Where Did Covid Come From?Opinion25/08/20 17:02:06
Changing of the Guard at the Brunette River TMX Tree-sitOpinion18/08/20 17:38:18
Building on Shaking Foundations:"Fracking Mess" Compound Site C "Geotechnical Problems"Opinion12/08/20 19:37:21
Exploring Bolivia's Fight to Restore Democracy - Canada's RoleOpinion04/08/20 20:06:58
"Prison Should Not Be A Death Sentence" - Covid Death and Infectious Outbreak in Quebec PrisonOpinion19/05/20 20:04:59
Why Keep Canada Off Security Council?Opinion19/05/20 19:59:37
CRD Moving On Gardom Pond: Locals Fight to Save North Pender Lake Opinion08/08/19 01:57:57
Revealing the Monsters Behind the Man in the Media Mask Opinion01/07/19 19:44:34
Clearcut Colonialism: Big Timber in BC Devastating First Growth Without First Nations SanctionOpinion04/06/19 17:54:10
A Call for Aid: Unist'ot'en Healing Lodge Work Camp BeginsOpinion07/05/19 21:09:32
The Price of Protest: Palestine's Great March at OneOpinion23/04/19 18:50:59
Stories That Should Not Cheer YouOpinion27/03/19 00:26:57
Human Rights in Israel and Palestine: Canada's Response and Responsibility: A DiscussionOpinion12/03/19 20:28:55
World Class Demo at World Class Bridge: Extinction Rebellion Lands in VictoriaOpinion03/12/18 23:08:03
"Stats Can't" - Senate Objects to Government Attempts to Access Canadian's Bank RecordsOpinion14/11/18 01:01:16
Getting Academic in Nicaragua: The A,B,C's of Regime ChangeOpinion30/09/18 17:36:54
Knowing Your Inside Passage Oil TankersOpinion22/08/18 18:12:27
Empire Files Falls Victim to US Venezuela Sanctions RegimeOpinion22/08/18 18:00:22
A Whale for the Mourning: Orca Bear Their Dead Young for All to WatchOpinion07/08/18 18:34:17
Israel Extends Gaza Wall into the SeaOpinion07/08/18 18:27:11
Singing for the Salish: Kinder Morgan Pipeline Arrests Continue in BurnabyOpinion22/03/18 00:01:43
The Great White Petro-State: Canada's Captured Environmental RegulatorsOpinion25/01/18 00:12:04
The Mad Folly of John Horgan: BC Premier Defies Reason and the Law to Approve Site C DamOpinion23/12/17 19:37:46
Stopping an Economic Disaster: Last Chance to Kill Site C Coming FastOpinion30/11/17 22:38:43
Getting The MessengerOpinion04/10/17 00:06:31
Temporary Worker, Full Time Slave: Canada's Oppressed Labour ForceOpinion19/08/17 17:02:02
Seizing the Sunrise: Norway Commandeers Greenpeace Ship in Arctic ProtestOpinion19/08/17 02:13:35
Portraits of Power: Sketching BC's Premier Christy ClarkOpinion27/03/17 00:28:38
British Columbia Government Plans Wolf, Cougar Culls Opinion23/01/17 19:27:21
Fidel Presente!Opinion26/11/16 17:42:05
Clayoquot Sound: Massive Fish Farm Die-Offs Worry UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Sea Life StewardsOpinion15/06/16 20:05:44
British Columbia's Mining LiabilityOpinion30/05/16 19:57:22
Williams Lake Band Stand-Off: Transparency and AccountabilityOpinion28/05/16 22:10:20
Canada's National Energy Board Ignores Opponents, Approves Controversial Kinder Morgan PipelineOpinion19/05/16 23:04:56
Do We Gotta Draw You a Picture? BC Map Charts Opposition to Kinder Morgan Pipeline PlansOpinion17/05/16 20:29:42
Honduras: Canadian Complicity in the Murder of Berta CáceresOpinion22/04/16 14:19:35
Proposed Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Biggest Threat to US Waters: ReportOpinion21/04/16 23:11:12
Proposed Tesoro’s Anacortes Xylene Facility Public Comment Period Nearing EndOpinion01/04/16 22:18:31
SCI-Mahanoy Is Killing Mumia Abu-Jamal: Medical Malfeasance and Deliberate Indifference Opinion31/03/16 21:06:53
Heritage Trees for Bus Lanes: Victoria Council Deaf to Neighbourhood ConcernsOpinion27/03/16 23:36:32
A Mammal Massacre in Clayoquot SoundOpinion21/03/16 20:26:38
Will Canada End Its Support of Honduran Coup Government in Wake of Activist Murders?Opinion18/03/16 20:38:27
Honduran Outrage: The Assassination of Berta CáceresOpinion07/03/16 01:56:30
Amnesty Intercedes with Ottawa on Site-C Mega Dam ProjectOpinion22/02/16 20:13:37
An Evening at UVic with Vandana ShivaOpinion18/02/16 20:50:51
LNG in Victoria? A Community ForumOpinion17/02/16 19:51:07
Norwegian Attitudes on Salmon Farms ChangingOpinion15/02/16 03:22:54
BC Salmon Delegation to Norway Preceded by News of Mt. Polley Mining DisasterOpinion07/02/16 23:25:35
Clayoquot Action: Dispatch from OsloOpinion31/01/16 21:06:56
Crony Capitalist Journalism a Failing Model in CanadaOpinion29/01/16 21:12:09
Court Throws Out Taseko Mines' Defamation Suit Against Environmental OrganizationOpinion26/01/16 20:20:18
Attending from the Outside: NEB TranMountain Pipeline Hearing Surrounded by DemonstrationOpinion23/01/16 22:20:30
Carrying Costs: Salish Sea and the Environmental Impact of Proposed Energy and Shipping ProjectsOpinion22/01/16 16:13:03
Canada's National Energy Board Continues "Flawed" Review Process for Kinder Morgan's TransMountain Pipeline Opinion19/01/16 21:34:56
Saving Black Diamond Grove in the WalbranOpinion11/01/16 17:33:56
Answering the Peace's Call: Supporting Rocky Mountain Fort and the Site C BlockadeOpinion08/01/16 18:48:56
Site C Rebellion: Treaty 8 Nations Draw a Line in the Peace River ValleyOpinion07/01/16 19:47:47
Three Enbridge Line 9 Valve Shut-Off Protesters ArrestedOpinion21/12/15 20:03:21
BC Mines Ministry Fails to Recommend Charges in Mt. Polley DisasterOpinion18/12/15 20:30:51
Where Canada's Bombs FallOpinion26/11/15 21:05:26
BC Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Guatemalan Suit Against Tahoe ResourcesOpinion17/11/15 21:51:27
Shawnigan Lake South Issued 'No-Use' Water Advisory Citing SIA Overflow ConcernsOpinion14/11/15 18:05:30
Passing: Gerd Weih, Worker for Peace and JusticeOpinion14/11/15 17:33:53
Clear-Cut Greed: Destroying Vancouver Island's Remnant Ancient ForestsOpinion12/11/15 19:37:49
Terror Play: Tahoe Mines in GuatemalaOpinion11/11/15 16:44:02
Shooting Down Opposition in Guatemala: Anti-mining Activist Survives Second AttackOpinion22/10/15 22:47:54
University of Victoria Hosts Event on Genetically Engineered Trees, Oct 22. 2015Opinion22/10/15 20:23:39
US/Russian Joint Statement on SyriaOpinion01/10/15 21:07:03
Groups Unite Under Union of BC Municipalities to Stop Site C ClearcuttingOpinion27/09/15 19:57:55
Ancient Forest Alert! See and Save the Central Walbran Opinion26/09/15 22:48:45
Clear-Cutters Moving In on Vancouver Island's Remnant Ancient ForestOpinion24/09/15 19:50:00
Challenging BCLiberal's "Unconventional" Approval of Site-C Dam at UBCM ConventionOpinion23/09/15 19:48:38
Revoking Canadian Citizens: Kill Harper's Bill C-24Opinion22/09/15 20:10:38
Ahousaht Nation Pulls Cermaq's Anchor in Clayoquot: Fish Farm Given the BootOpinion21/09/15 19:36:24
Clayoquot Taking a Stand For Wild SalmonOpinion19/09/15 22:05:22
Canada's Mining Ministers Agree, "Something Should Be Done", But What?Opinion15/09/15 20:39:35
Rumours and Unist'ot'en Camp "High Alert"Opinion30/08/15 00:12:46
Nanaimo Regional Directors Seek ot Bar Writers' Gathering in DistrictOpinion29/08/15 23:45:06
Unis'tot'en Update: Pipeline Corps. and RCMP Retreat - For the Time BeingOpinion15/08/15 17:30:23
French Nuclear Interests Press Canada on Uranium Mining in NunavutOpinion03/08/15 17:31:09
Hiroshima/Nagasaki Remembered 70 YEARS ON—what have we learned?Opinion03/08/15 05:36:50
Vancouver: Unist'ot'en Solidarity Rally, THIS Thursday July 30thOpinion28/07/15 21:24:02
Tensions Rise with First Nations As Chevron Gets Green Light for Frack Gas PipelineOpinion22/07/15 01:33:22
Getting Out to Get In and Paddle for the PeaceOpinion10/07/15 21:29:24
Getting to the Ends of the Earth Doc MadeOpinion02/07/15 04:46:05
Demo for Detained Canadians Set for Canada Day in VictoriaOpinion01/07/15 02:13:21
New York State Ban Official, But "Infrastructure Projects" and Fracking Neighbours Still Pose RiskOpinion30/06/15 14:09:36
First the Destruction, Then the Ruling: First Nations Charge Clark Gov't Denying Their Treaty Rights on Site-COpinion26/06/15 20:17:13
Denied Migrant Removal Agreement Between Ottawa and Queen's Park RevealedOpinion24/06/15 20:37:14
"Seeing" the Kinder Morgan Hearings: Law Students Set Up Process Access SiteOpinion23/06/15 21:07:03
Who Is Served Best by Serving Genetically Altered Salmon, Costco?Opinion21/06/15 16:00:43
Immigration Detainee's Death in-custody Spurs Hunger Strikes and DemonstrationOpinion19/06/15 21:34:52
Site-C News: Agricultural Land Commission Chair CashieredOpinion18/06/15 20:44:32
Pope's First Encyclical Aims at Capitalism and Preserving God's CreationOpinion15/06/15 04:38:14
Helicopters and Mercenaries: Augeries of Things to Come for Unistoten Camp?Opinion09/06/15 21:19:25
Logging Plan for Walbran Promises Another "War in the Woods" on Vancouver IslandOpinion08/06/15 20:59:46
Haitian and Zimbabwean Refugees in Canada Watch Asylum Clock Tick DownOpinion22/05/15 20:38:37
We All Are Seneca LakeOpinion18/05/15 03:41:59
Stop the Suits Tour: Trade Deals Threaten El Salvador's Land and People Opinion12/05/15 02:13:24
FINTRAC: Canada's Less Famous Police State LegislationOpinion04/05/15 00:07:02