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Mass Arrests Mark Maple Spring's 100th DayOpinion26/05/12 01:08:06
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Priorities Revealed in Chicago: Hundreds of Millions Spent on Security While the People Suffer CutsOpinion21/05/12 19:23:35
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No Thanks Banker: French and Greek Electors SpeakOpinion08/05/12 04:41:35
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April 3, 2012 Headlines from DN!Opinion03/04/12 22:59:21
Poison Pill: Pentagon Mum on Alleged Rampage Soldier's PrescriptionsOpinion28/03/12 01:28:23
Whistleblower Crackdown Opinion27/03/12 08:54:07
On Leaving the "Muppet" Show: Taibbi on Greg Smith Goldman Sachs ResignationOpinion22/03/12 23:47:28
Outrage Grows over Killing of Trayvon MartinOpinion21/03/12 00:09:42
Keeping Yemeni Journalist Abdulelah Haider Shaye in PrisonOpinion16/03/12 01:03:58
The Republican War on Democracy: Vote Suppression, Dirty Tricks Target Swing StatesOpinion14/03/12 06:31:29
Radiation Contamination Fears Persist in Fukushima and BeyondOpinion14/03/12 00:05:44
Beautiful Souls: Catching Up with Whistleblowers Risking It AllOpinion10/03/12 02:37:10
Defending the Indefensible: When Assassination Isn't with EricOpinion08/03/12 03:53:47
If You Can't Beat 'Em, Redistrict: So Long Dennis (the Congressional Menace)Opinion08/03/12 01:32:32
Global Day of Action, Dance Against Women’s ViolenceOpinion03/03/12 02:33:09
A Preview of Education's Future in BCOpinion02/03/12 02:37:23
Out from the Shadows: Stratfor, the CIA v. Anonymous, WikileaksOpinion29/02/12 03:36:10
Corporations that Are Human Rights Abusers: SC Decides If They Can Be Brought to BookOpinion24/02/12 23:44:48
Learning from Libya Before the Next "Humanitarian" InterventionOpinion21/02/12 21:51:27
Arresting the For-Profit Imprisonment Complex in FloridaOpinion18/02/12 18:20:33
Imploding Yemen: U.S. Policy Ignites Uprising, Impoverishes PeopleOpinion17/02/12 02:31:08
The Lies of Afghanistan: Pentagon's Dissonant Picture Challenged in Report from the FrontOpinion16/02/12 02:20:38
What Love Has to do with ItOpinion15/02/12 00:13:43
Pinochet Prosecutor Garzón Disbarred in Trial Seen as RetaliationOpinion11/02/12 01:22:19
NYC: Outrage over Targeting of People of ColorOpinion09/02/12 05:25:51
Obama Continues Embargo: Cuba Blockade in Its Sixth Decade Opinion07/02/12 23:58:35
Whose Rules of Engagement? U.S. Drones Target First Responders/Funerals Opinion07/02/12 04:57:13
Right to Work, Right to Occupy: Super Sunday's Flies in the OintmentOpinion04/02/12 01:59:55
The 'Gaslands' Fight Back: Fox Arrested at "Public" HearingOpinion03/02/12 01:12:48
"Baby Doc" Off the Hook?Opinion02/02/12 06:20:43
Full of "Shoulds:" Nader Reax on Obama SOTU Speech Opinion26/01/12 01:10:24
Nuking America: The Atomic States of AmericaOpinion25/01/12 01:13:25
Soft Soaping SOPA: Anti-Piracy Smoke & Mirrors Hide Big Government Power PlayOpinion20/01/12 02:49:36
NDAA Watch: Indefinite Injustice Threatens Wikilieaks' AssangeOpinion19/01/12 01:03:49
Wikipedia, Reddit Lead First Internet Embargo over Proposed SOPA/PIPA Censorship LawsOpinion18/01/12 06:58:21
DN! Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in His Own WordsOpinion17/01/12 07:35:48
Land of the Free: America's Neo-Slavery SystemOpinion15/01/12 01:47:23
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America's Military Focus on AsiaOpinion10/01/12 04:26:56
Democracy Now! Looks Back at 2011Opinion02/01/12 21:37:06
Scott Olsen Speaks to Democracy Now!Opinion30/12/11 23:08:18
Egyptian Blogger/Activist Alaa Abd El Fattah, Speaks Out After Months in JailOpinion29/12/11 01:37:39
War at Home: Militarizing Local PoliceOpinion28/12/11 00:47:48
NATO's Admitted Libya AtrocityOpinion23/12/11 01:52:15
Obama's White Shirts and the American Counter-RevolutionOpinion21/12/11 06:49:39
The Guilty vs. The Prosecuted: 'Hancock 38' Sentenced for Drone ProtestOpinion03/12/11 01:00:34
The Thousand (Policeman) March on Occupy LAOpinion01/12/11 01:52:39
Frankenstein's Lament: Pepper-Spray Pioneer Critical of Creation's Misuse/AbuseOpinion30/11/11 03:31:14
Occupy All of It! Stellar Activists Discuss the Movement's FutureOpinion26/11/11 02:14:09
Egypt: Mounting Crackdown As Military Refuses to Step DownOpinion24/11/11 03:12:01
How U.S. “Vulture” Funds Make Millions By Exploiting AfricaOpinion23/11/11 01:05:27
Explaining the UC Davis Police RiotOpinion21/11/11 21:44:02
Massive Turnout in NYC and Across the NationOpinion19/11/11 01:30:59
Night Raid in America: A Movement in the Heart of EmpireOpinion16/11/11 01:38:55
Remembering East Timor: Indonesian Troops Kill 270 Timorese 20 Years AgoOpinion15/11/11 05:54:30
Year of the Pig: Crackdown on Massive Protest at UC BerkeleyOpinion12/11/11 00:34:22
Haitian Cholera Victims Sue U.N.Opinion08/11/11 23:41:22
Israel Intercepts Gaza-Bound Freedom Waves FlotillaOpinion07/11/11 23:44:37
Second Sailing: Canada Gaza Boat Tahrir Tries Embargo AgainOpinion04/11/11 00:36:35
Wikileaks' Assange Loses Appeal, Ordered "Extradited" to SwedenOpinion03/11/11 00:25:14
Shot by Police at Occupy Oakland ProtestOpinion28/10/11 01:36:33
OWS Democracy Now! Livestream Opinion27/10/11 15:30:26
Goldman Sachs Attacks the Occupation MovementOpinion26/10/11 01:21:00
OWS, Iraq & the Progressive DiscontentOpinion25/10/11 05:34:53
Canada's Negligence: War Criminal Allowed Free PassageOpinion20/10/11 23:38:44