Bringing It Home: Deadly Norwegian Viruses Found in BC Farmed Salmon

Deadly Norwegian disease found in BC’s farmed salmon is a game-changer

by Ray Grigg in Oceans via Common Sense Canadian

July 5, 2016

The discovery of Heart and Skeletal Muscle Inflammation (HSMI) in BC’s farmed salmon has been couched in cautious and evasive terms by the industry and government. HSMI “might” have been found. It’s “yet another piece in the complex puzzle of salmon health on the Pacific Coast,” noted the former Minister of Fisheries, Hunter Tootoo.

Jeremy Dunn, executive director of the B.C. Salmon Farmers Association, also downplayed the significance of the announcement:


The findings announced by the SSHI [Strategic Salmon Health Initiative] regarding a potential diagnosis of Heart and Skeletal Muscle Inflammation in fish from one Atlantic salmon farm in B.C. are important. However, there is no consensus amongst the scientific community about the finding as the fish sampled in this farm showed no clinical signs of the disease.

But the finding of HSMI is extremely significant. Understanding why requires some additional information.


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Question Needing Answers in Police Target Sniping

‘No Justice, No Peace!’ As Police Killings of Minorities Mount, Attacks on Police Like the One in Dallas, While Awful, Are Also Sadly Predictable

by Dave Lindorff - This Can't Be Happening

July 8, 2016

The tragedy that is America has deepened with the news that several people on Thursday appear to have organized a military-style sniper attack targeting police in Dallas during a protest march and rally against police brutality and killings of black people in that city.

The murder of anybody, whether it’s a police officer or someone who is simply stopped by a cop for a minor traffic violation and is then shot because a jumpy officer mistakes reaching for a wallet to be reaching for a gun, as happened just two days ago in Minnesota, is a dreadful thing. But it has to be said that, with American police -- most of them white -- gunning down over 500 people -- most of them black or brown and most of them unarmed -- in just the first half of this year [1], it was bound to happen that somebody, or some group of people, would decide to retaliate by taking revenge on the police (especially given the number of working-class people of all races who have had military training, thanks to this country's endless wars).

That’s not to justify what happened in Dallas, and we still need to learn more about who was involved in this shooting of 12 cops and two civilian protesters, killing five police officers, and what their motives were. It’s just to say that if the police continue to treat one segment of American society as enemy combatants in a war zone, and if the legal system continues to give brutal cops a pass when they maim or kill innocent citizens, including young children, effectively granting them immunity for their atrocities, there will inevitably be a violent reaction.


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When the Yellow Bricks End: Walking Houston's Bad Streets

Where the Sidewalk Ends: Walking the Bad Streets of Houston’s Super-Elites

by David Yearsley - CounterPunch

July 1, 2016

To walk in Houston is crazy. Many think it’s illegal, or at the very least forbidden by god. If the heat doesn’t kill you, the underclasses might, or so the car-loving locals like to think.
One of my walks took me from the downtown Hilton Americas a few miles through the historic black district of Third Ward to the University of Houston. When I informed the old friend who’d enlisted me to come to review concerts at the biennial convention of the American Guild of Organists held in the city last week, his face took an uncharacteristically grave aspect. He grabbed my shoulder and said, “Never do that again.”
Needless to say, that only encouraged me to do just that.
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Understanding the Modern American Massacre

Massacres: Where Have all the Islamist Gone?

by James Petras

June 30, 2016

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Over the past fifty plus years, over 125 mass shootings/massacres have occurred within the United States but not one perpetrator has been identified as a trained member of an international Islamist terrorist organization. A review of the massacres will shed considerable light on the political, cultural and socio-psychological features of US society.

The frequent and intensely bloody nature of these mass shootings are a distinctly US phenomenon. The high proportion of fatalities over wounded survivors is a reflection of the availability of high-power weapons in the US and the poorly coordinated police response - where SWAT teams place ‘force protection’ over saving lives.



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Canadian Again! Paul Watson's Citizenship Odyssey

I am Canadian Once Again

Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

July 1, 2016

watson and steve irwinBack in May 2012 on my way to France my plane landed in Germany and I was arrested on extradition warrants by Costa Rica and Japan for my efforts to stop shark finning by a Costa Rican fishing vessel in 2002 and my efforts to stop illegal Japanese whaling. In both cases I did not injure anyone nor did I damage any property.

I was jailed for a week and placed under house arrest for two months. Both my Canadian and my American passports were confiscated by the German police.

After two months I received a call from a Sea Shepherd supporter working with the German Ministry of Justice who told me that I would be extradited to Japan the next day. That was not going to happen. I jumped bail, made my way to the coast of the Netherlands and set sail across the Atlantic and the Pacific to rejoin my ship the STEVE IRWIN in November 2012.

After Operation Zero Tolerance and a successful intervention against the illegal activities of the Japanese whaling operations, I transferred to the BRIGITTE BARDOT off the coast of Tasmania.

On board were two German reporters and one of them handed me my U.S. passport. The German police had returned my passports to the U.S. and Canadian Consulates in Frankfurt. The U.S. Consulate handed my passport over to my German lawyer. Canada refused to do so.

I then spent the next eight months at sea on the BRIGITTE BARDOT, spending that time cleaning beaches in the South Pacific and on the Great Barrier Reef.

Finally I was allowed to return to the United States in November 2013. I inquired about my Canadian passport and did not receive an answer from the Canadian government.


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Friends Like These: Corbyn's Questionable Jewish/Muslim Equivalencies

Jeremy's Jewish Friends

by Gilad Atzmon

July 2, 2016


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn could do with better advisers. Yesterday, in a press conference Corbyn announced, "our Jewish friends are no more responsible for the actions of Israel or the Netanyahu Government than our Muslim friends are for those of various self-styled Islamic states or organisations." This ‘equivalence’ of the Jews and the Muslims is weak.


Despite Israel’s devastating record of war atrocities, the vast majority of the world’s Jews support the Jewish state and identify with Zionism. The Jewish lobby dominates American, British and French foreign affairs. This lobby pushes for criminal immoral interventionist wars. Corbyn obviously knows this since he has consistently voted against these wars.

None of these factors apply to Muslims or Islam.


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No Pity for the Brexploiters

Brexit: Let the UK Screw Itself  - Once again European bigotry exposed

by Andre Vltchek - Dissident Voice


July 1st, 2016


Oh, that poor old United Kingdom! Armies of political commentators based on all continents are now feverishly trying to define to what extent the Brits got fooled, or how severely they will soon get punished for their ‘bold move’.

All over Europe, the neo-Nazis and other right-wingers are celebrating, while most of ‘liberals’ are panic-stricken, running around like a herd of headless chickens, or howling at the moon at night in despair.

The Euro-left (as pathetic and bogus as “Euro business class” on domestic European flights) is trying to put the recent referendum into some sort of philosophical perspective, blabbering something about a working class rebellion against the ruling elites. Some Europeans are even blaming Mr. Putin for the outcome of the referendum, while others see behind the outcome of the vote the specter of an “American conspiracy” or even a “Zionist lobby”.

Things are much more simple. A few million bigoted British voters, many of them old retirees and traditionally conservative, even racist bunch, got scared that their country was soon about to be invaded by unkempt hordes of refugees, or more precisely – by ‘un-people’ (to borrow from George Orwell’s lexicon). While for others, the referendum became a way to express their frustration with the fact that the British working class has lately been getting an increasingly awful deal (read: an increasingly smaller cut from that enormous global loot plundered by both Europe and North America).


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Making a Clean Brexit? Hardly: Corbyn and Labour's Love Lost

Seven Days in June 

by William Bowles  - Investigating Imperialism

30 June 2016

corbyn skyward gazeIt’s very rare that you see the ruling elite totally at a loss for words: but they were. Gobsmacked and stunned would be accurate descriptions of the look on the political class’s collective face on the morning of June 24, 2016.

It’s the corporate/state media that effectively calls the shots when it comes to national decision-making in the UK these days, so most people assumed that the Remainers would win the previous day’s vote on whether or not the country should remain in Europe.

The pre-voting propaganda was so solidly devoted to the “immigration problem,” that nobody considered the implications of actually exiting from the EU should the Brexiters win the vote.

In fact, it just added to the confusion, the results of which are all too apparent now, with pro and anti at each other’s throats. And all of it, engineered.

However, almost a week after the vote, economist Richard Wolff spelled out the reasons for the result during an interview with the Real News Network:


“It’s perfectly clear that the mass of people wanted to send a message to the old, established, austerity-committed government of David Cameron, that they don’t want him, they don’t want what he does, they don’t believe in any of this. They believe that the leadership of the European Union, what is crushing Greece, etcetera, is not something they want to be part of. They feel victimised by all of that. And the Brexit vote gave them a chance to say no, we don’t want it. Sure, there were racist elements and anti-immigration elements. That’s part of the British political scene. Of course it’s going to play its role, seeking its objectives as part of this.”



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LIfeblood of the Parties: Sycophants and Other Political Parasites

The Life of the Parties: The Influence of Influence in Washington
by Thomas Frank - TomDispatch
June 30, 2016
Although it’s difficult to remember those days eight years ago when Democrats seemed to represent something idealistic and hopeful and brave, let’s take a moment and try to recall the stand Barack Obama once took against lobbyists. 
Those were the days when the nation was learning that George W. Bush’s Washington was, essentially, just a big playground for those lobbyists and that every government operation had been opened to the power of money. Righteous disgust filled the air. “Special interests” were much denounced.
And a certain inspiring senator from Illinois promised that, should he be elected president, his administration would contain no lobbyists at all. 
The revolving door between government and K Street, he assured us, would turn no more.

Instead, the nation got a lesson in all the other ways that “special interests” can get what they want -- like simple class solidarity between the Ivy Leaguers who advise the president and the Ivy Leaguers who sell derivative securities to unsuspecting foreigners. As that inspiring young president filled his administration with Wall Street personnel, we learned that the revolving door still works, even if the people passing through it aren’t registered lobbyists.

But whatever became of lobbying itself, which once seemed to exemplify everything wrong with Washington, D.C.? 
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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Eliza Olson, Finian Cunningham June 29th, 2016

This Week on GR

by C. L. Cook -

June 29, 2016



MK Delta isn't the latest secret weapon aimed at the latest enemy du jour, but a land scheme targeting a piece of Burns Bog, one of the very last wetland sanctuaries on the west coast.

Perilously situated between hyper-developing Vancouver and the US border, last week, the MK Delta Lands Group development scheme received a preliminary green light from Delta council, a necessary step towards next month's public hearings.

MK Delta's president promises the 2 million plus square feet of industrial space will add to the tax base, while opponents worry about wildlife, the destruction of peatlands, and further diminishing of the Agricultural Land Reserve.



Listen. Hear.


Eliza Olson is president of the Burns Bog Conversation Society, an organization that has, for nearly thirty years, worked to preserve and protect the bog, while proselytizing the necessity of saving the peatland environment.


Eliza Olson in the first half.


And; last week, Russia's president addressed commemorations of the 75th anniversary of Nazi Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941. Vladimir Putin used the sombre occasion to draw uncomfortable parallels of behaviour between Hitler's Reich and the current military masters of Europe residing at Boulevard Leopold Troisieme, Brussels, Belgium.

While oceans of ink have poured these past weeks, devoted to Britain's Brexit from the EU, barely a splash of that verbiage has focused on the role popular revulsion of NATO's war and rumouring for wars played in turning Britons against a continental union guaranteeing perpetual participation in endless wars of aggression.


Finian Cunningham is an East Africa-based freelance journalist and columnist for RT and Sputnik. He's a former editor and/or writer for the Mirror, Irish Times, and the Irish Independent. His reporting on human rights violations is also cited widely across the internet, earning him the enmity of despots, like the monarchical government of Bahrain, the world over.


Finian Cunningham and rejecting NATO's self-appointed role as spearhead for neo-liberalism’s second-wave, trans-global colonial project in the second half.


And, Victoria Street Newz publisher emeritus, Janine Bandcroft is away on assignment this week. So first up, Eliza Olson and maintaining the centre against corruption of the periphery at Burns Bog.


Chris Cook hosts Gorilla Radio, airing live every Wednesday, 1-2pm Pacific Time. In Victoria at 101.9FM, and on the internet at:  He also serves as a contributing editor to the web news site, Check out the GR blog at:


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Landing Lunar in Hustle Town: Houston You Have a Problem

Stuck in Houston on the Cusp of the Apocalypse

by David Yearsley - CounterPunch


June 24, 2016 

There’s that mythic line from America’s long-abandoned manned lunar space adventures: “Houston, we have a problem.” Nearly fifty years on, I can correct that statement from my hotel room in the city’s so-called downtown some twenty-five miles from the Space Center where those words first came to earth: Houston, you’re the one that’s got the problem. It’s you who’s been abandoned by all but the destitute, who seek shade from the early summer heat in the highway underpasses that moat the central district.
One can assume that there are sometimes people in the corporate skyscrapers and heavily fortified apartment buildings downtown. They scuttle between the towers in skyways and tunnels. But these cryogenic shut-ins aren’t city-dwellers as that concept has been understood for several millennia.

Speaking of lunar landings, the downtown rich might as well be on the moon.


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Potash and the Next Food Rush

Potash Price Surge Could Lead to Higher Food Costs for Billions

by James Stafford -


June 23, 2016

We are on the precipice of a food fight among 7 billion people, and potash will be right at the center of it. If you can add 200,000 people every day to the global population and account for a significant loss of farmland at the same time, you can begin to understand the dire food situation facing the planet. This is why potash is so important: It’s the fundamental element that everyone takes for granted, despite the fact that a projected 7.7 billion lives will depend upon it by 2020.


No commodity is more fundamental than potash—and there is a lot of pressure riding on an element that many people aren’t even familiar with. Of the key commodities taken for granted, potash is on the top of the list.


The challenge for farmers—and for the world—is to increase crop yields on less land, which is being lost to climate change and increasing urbanization. This means not only steady demand for the three main elements of fertilizer—potash, phosphate and nitrogen—but significantly higher demand.


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