Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Dave Lindorff, Ken Stone, Janine Bandcroft June 22nd, 2016

This Week on GR

by C. L. Cook - Gorilla-Radio.com

June 22, 2016

Another mass shooting in the United States, and a lot more of the now too well practiced responses from government, media, interest groups, and the way-out-there factions that see conspiracy behind this event, (if it really even happened!) and most others.

Most predictable of all is the sensible idea, again put forward, to limit public access to military-grade weaponry.

But, what about police access to the same kinds of over-the-top armaments that has made your local constabulary come more to resemble an outpost of the 3rd Army? Isn't it time to consider de-escalating the other side of the civilian arms race?

Listen. Hear.


Dave Lindorff is an award-winning print journalist, broadcaster, and founder of the web news site, This Can’t Be Happening.net, that has since 2004 filled some of the vast investigative journalism vacuum in American media. He's also the author of: ‘This Can’t Be Happening! Resisting the Disintegration of American Democracy,’ ‘Marketplace Medicine: The Rise of the For Profit Hospital Chains,’ and ‘Killing Time: An Investigation into the Death Row Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal.’

Dave Lindorff in the first half.

And; word from Fallujah, Iraq is not good. Tens of thousands, some estimates say as many as 90,000 citizens of the most battle-blighted of all of that war-benighted country's cities, are under the stars tonight, made homeless again by another Western interventionist-supported military assault; of course, meant to root out "the terrorists." Nearly thirteen and a half years after America's initial 'Shock and Awe' not only does the fighting and killing carry on in Iraq, but the war then begun there is now spread throughout the region. Nowhere perhaps is its contagion more virulently felt than in neighbouring Syria, now more than five years into its own nightmare of others' making.

Ken Stone is an executive member of the Syria Solidarity Movement, (syriasolidaritymovement.org) serving treasurer of the Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War, and longtime antiwar activist. This past April, he was a member of the Second International Tour of Peace to Syria, from where he sent his 'Dispatch from Syria' column. Ken is also an occasional contributor to the web news site, GlobalResearch. and commentator on Press TV.

Ken Stone and reaching for peace in Syria in the second half.

And; Victoria Street Newz publisher emeritus and CFUV Radio broadcaster, Janine Bandcroft will join us at the bottom of the hour to bring us news of some of the good things going on in and around our city in the coming week. But first, Dave Lindorff and, Why not a general ban on America's assault weapons arsenal?


Chris Cook hosts Gorilla Radio, airing live every Wednesday, 1-2pm Pacific Time. In Victoria at 101.9FM, and on the internet at: http://cfuv.uvic.ca.  He also serves as a contributing editor to the web news site, http://www.pacificfreepress.com. Check out the GR blog at: http://gorillaradioblog.blogspot.ca/
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Putin Chastises Int'l Media, Warns Western Militarists

Putin: People Do Not Understand How Potentially Dangerous The Situation Really Is

by - RT

June 20, 2016


‘We know when US will get new missile threatening Russia’s nuclear capability’ 



The US anti-missile defense systems being installed near Russia’s borders can be “inconspicuously” transformed into offensive weapons, Vladimir Putin has said, adding that he knows “year by year” how Washington will develop its missile program.

Talking about NATO’s ballistic missile defense systems in Eastern Europe, Russia’s president said that the Americans are now deploying their missiles at these military complexes.

“The missiles are put into a capsule used for launches of sea-based Tomahawk missiles. Now they are placing their antimissiles there, which are capable of engaging a target at a distance of up to 500 kilometers [310 miles]. But technologies are developing, and we know around what year the Americans will get a new missile, which will have a range not of 500 kilometers, but 1,000, and then even more – and from that moment they will start threatening our nuclear capability,” Putin said at a meeting with the heads of international news agencies at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) on Friday.
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Bernie: Playing Candidate Until the End

Sanders in Burlington

by Stephen Lendman

Friday, June 17, 2016

Clinton is the presumptive Democrat party nominee. She’ll face Trump in November.

On Thursday night from his Burlington, VT home base, Sanders addressed supporters via livestream, maintaining the myth of his “political revolution,” pretending his campaign continues.

His address was warmed-over stump mumbo jumbo previously delivered numerous times before - empty rhetoric, belying his business as usual voting record, the true measure of the man, the only thing that counts.


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Putting the "Peace" Back in Peace Officer: De-Escalating Police Militarization

What about cops? Ban Assault Weapons, But for Police Too, Not Just Civilians

by Dave Lindorff  - This Can't Be Happening 

June 18, 2016

A few years ago, I contacted my local police department asking them to send an officer over to put down a doe that had been hit by a car on the street in front of my house. She had suffered a left front and right rear leg break but had somehow flopped herself well into the yard and was on the ground suffering.

When a cop arrived, and began to approach her with his pistol I warned him off, saying the deer would hurt herself more trying to get away.

Get assault rifles out of the hands of
the public...and of the police

"Oh," he replied. "Okay, I'll get a rifle." He returned to his SUV, and pulled out, to my astonishment, an AR-4, a military-style assault rifle, which he then used to shoot the deer with a clean shot between the eyes.


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Walking the Peace Road to Moscow

Why go to Russia?

by Kathy Kelly - vcnv.org

June 17, 2016

Since 1983, Sharon Tennison has worked to develop ordinary citizens’ capacities to avert international crises, focusing on relations between the U.S. and Russia. Now, amid a rising crisis in relations between the U.S. and Russia, she has organized a delegation which assembled in Moscow yesterday for a two week visit.

 I joined the group yesterday, and happened to finish reading Sharon Tennison’s book, The Power of Impossible Ideas, when I landed in Moscow.

An entry in her book, dated November 9, 1989, describes the excitement over the Berlin Wall coming down and notes that “Prior to the Wall’s removal, President Reagan assured Secretary General Gorbachev that if he would support bringing down the Wall separating East and West Berlin, NATO would not move ‘a finger’s width’ closer to Russia than East Germany’s border. With this assurance Gorbachev gladly signed on.

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Samantha Power's Grand Delusion

Samantha Power, Henry Kissinger & Imperial Delusions

by Daniel Kovalik - CounterPunch

June 16, 2016

Quite revealingly, the self-proclaimed crusader against genocide, Samantha Power, was awarded the 2016 Henry A. Kissinger Prize in Berlin.

That Power would be awarded a prize named after one of the world’s great génocidaires, and that she would happily accept it, proves what many of us have believed all along – that she is more the clever apologist for U.S. crimes than a bona fide human rights advocate.

Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet shaking hands
with Kissinger in 1976, Archivo General Histórico del 
Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, licensed under CC BY 2.0 

The problem with Power all along has been that her refusal to acknowledge the incontrovertible fact that the U.S., as exemplified by such figures as Henry Kissinger himself, is in reality the world leader in war crimes commission, and an active facilitator of genocide.


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Operation Endless Budget Increase: The War the Pentagon Is Winning

The Pentagon’s Real $trategy: Keeping the Money Flowing
by Andrew Cockburn - TomDispatch
June 16, 2016   
These days, lamenting the apparently aimless character of Washington’s military operations in the Greater Middle East has become conventional wisdom among administration critics of every sort. Senator John McCain thunders that “this president has no strategy to successfully reverse the tide of slaughter and mayhem” in that region. Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies bemoans the “lack of a viable and public strategy.”

Andrew Bacevich suggests that “there is no strategy. None. Zilch.”

After 15 years of grinding war with no obvious end in sight, U.S. military operations certainly deserve such obloquy. But the pundit outrage may be misplaced.

Focusing on Washington rather than on distant war zones, it becomes clear that the military establishment does indeed have a strategy, a highly successful one, which is to protect and enhance its own prosperity.
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Through Their Lies You Will Know Them: Canada's Deceptive Home Governance and Foreign Policy

Governing Through Lies And Deception

by Mark Taliano - Global Research

June 12, 2016


On September 16, 2005, Canada’s Liberal Prime Minister, Paul Martin, addressed “The High Level Meeting of the Sixtieth Session of the United Nations General Assembly”:


“Clearly, we need expanded guidelines for Security Council action to make clear our responsibility to act decisively to prevent humanity’s attack on humanity. The “Responsibility to Protect” is one such guideline. It seeks rules to protect the innocent against appalling assaults on their life and dignity. It does not bless unilateral action. To the contrary, it stands for clear, multilaterally-agreed criteria on what the international community should do when civilians are at risk.”

These “expanded guidelines” as expressed by Martin, were later exploited to launch the criminal invasion of Libya, in which Canada played an important role.


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Clayoquot Sound: Massive Fish Farm Die-Offs Worry UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Sea Life Stewards

Mass die-offs at Clayoquot Sound salmon farms: Salmon farm sewage adding to harmful algae blooms

by Clayoquot Action


June 13, 2016


Tofino—Norwegian salmon farming giant Cermaq is experiencing a mass die-off at their salmon farms in Ahousaht First Nations territory, in the Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. They are citing a Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) called Chrysochromulina as the cause.

The die-off is on-going, with the waters of Millar Channel and Herbert Arm north of Tofino an odd hue of turquoise. Harmful algae blooms choke off oxygen in the water, affecting both farmed fish and surrounding sea life.

According to Cermaq, this bloom is unusually large and deep, so normal mitigation measures are not working.


“No-one has seen a professional diagnosis by a BC veterinarian confirming the cause of death”, said Bonny Glambeck, Clayoquot Action’s campaigns director.
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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Dave Diewert, Natalie Knight, Heather Fraser, Janine Bandcroft June 15th, 2016

This Week on GR

by C. L. Cook - Gorilla-Radio.com

June 15, 2016

Welcome to British Columbia you foreign investor capitalists, California retirees, and the rest of the retinue of monied carpetbaggers driving the price of life through the Lotus Land roof. With tourist season upon the Garden City, homeless "campers" are being encouraged to get out of Victoria, while on the mainland, where NDP premier-in-waiting, John Horgan informs, "Vancouver's housing prices have increased between 20-30% each year, and by more than 40% in the city's suburbs just last year" it seems a crisis is brewing.

The young, says Horgan, and families rearing young, are taking the hint, and deserting the city; leaving the new land-millionaires to their own devices.

But, who will be metro's baristas; and from whence will suburbia's dogwalker supply be drawn?

Listen. Hear.


Critical questions indeed, but gentrification and the pressures it places on working, and low-income households - and the unhoused - is hardly new. It is, according to my first guests, a question of displacement, and can be traced to the roots of Canadian capitalism, with its original displacement of First Peoples, that quote, "relied on the theft of Indigenous land and the extraction of natural resources since it began."

Dave Diewert and Natalie Knight are members of the editorial collective for the Volcano newspaper. Diewert was too an editor with the Volcano's progenitor street paper, The Downtown East, and is an organizer with the Alliance Against Displacement, a "pan-regional anti-displacement network of local communities, organizations, and activists fighting displacement on the ground." Natalie Knight is Yurok from northern California living now in Coquitlam as a guest there on unceded Coast Salish territories.

Dave Diewert and Natalie Knight in the first half.

And; as more and more children become environmentally sensitive, those who question the role vaccination may play in the burgeoning allergy and autism rates are dismissed as conspiracy theorists, or worse. It's a frustration Heather Fraser knows all too well; so when the author, speaker, artist and activist supporting vaccine choice and natural health was offered a chance to appear last month on a major radio network's Toronto affiliate, in a province challenging parents' vaccination choices, she jumped at the chance, hoping to provide some much needed balance to the debate. What she got however was a lot less than that.

Heather Fraser and an axing of the vaccination counter-narrative in the second half.

And; Victoria Street Newz publisher emeritus and CFUV Radio broadcaster, Janine Bandcroft will be here at the bottom of the hour to bring us news of good things going on on the streets of our city, and beyond there too, in the coming week. But first, Dave Diewert and Natalie Knight, behind the Volcano and allied against displacement in Vancouver.


Chris Cook hosts Gorilla Radio, airing live every Wednesday, 1-2pm Pacific Time. In Victoria at 101.9FM, and on the internet at: http://cfuv.uvic.ca.  He also serves as a contributing editor to the web news site, http://www.pacificfreepress.com. Check out the GR blog at: http://gorillaradioblog.blogspot.ca/
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Love and Resistance to Terror and Power

Love and Desire: The Truest Resistance to Terror and Power  

by Chris Floyd  - Empire Burlesque

13 June 2016

The victims in Orlando were killed because of who they loved, who they desired, and for no other reason. The massacre was not “an attack on our country.” It was a savage hate crime against gay people by a known homophobe (and aspiring policeman) trained in the use of weapons by the world’s largest corporate security firm. Although like so many “lone wolf” terrorists (and would-be terrorists), the Orlando killer was “on the FBI’s radar,” we don’t yet know — and may never know — if he, like many of his predecessors, had been encouraged and enabled by the FBI to pursue a terrorist action. But that he was driven primarily by hatred of homosexuality seems certain.
We are told that at one point in his shooting spree, Omar Mateen phoned emergency services and pledged his allegiance to ISIS. This may be so. In any case, one can accept that he made such a call and such a pledge, having apparently undergone some a recent ‘radicalization’ that no one had noticed before, which led him to follow ISIS’s well-known suggestion that any Muslim carrying out a violent act should feel free to do so in their name, even if they have no connection to the organization. (And as expected, ISIS, after some delay, has now claimed ownership of the attack.)
But this does not automatically turn the crime into a case of “international terrorism”; it simply adds a provocative patina to the long-held personal hatred of homosexuals that Mateen had clearly exhibited over the years. By all indications, the crime remains, at its core, an act of individual violence against LGBT people — not in order to advance the establishment of an Islamist caliphate in some way, but solely to express an overwhelming hatred against a group of people on account of their sexual preference. This is the classic definition of a hate crime.
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Cooking with (Fracked) Gas Or, A Climate of Dissonance in British Columbia

LNG, Politics, Science and Cognitive Dissonance

by Ray Grigg - Shades of Green

June 11, 2016

Periods of major transformations always create strange contradictions. This explains the BC government's desperate efforts to develop a liquid natural gas (LNG) industry and Premier Christy Clark's impassioned pleas for a national plan to fight fires.The burning of Fort McMurray, of course, was the catalyst for this dramatic display of cognitive dissonance. “I make no secret,” she declared,


“I tell people every day, one of the reasons we have so many terrible fires annually now — almost every year is worse than the last — is because our climate is drying, and our climate is drying because of climate change. It's urgent that we fight climate change and do everything we can to beat it, because this isn't going to get better. Fires are getting worse and it's happening all over North America” (Globe and Mail, May 19/16).

Indeed. This is precisely what is happening, particularly in continental regions. Some of the hottest and driest changes for North America are projected to occur in southwestern Saskatchewan and central Alberta, with the greatest extremes enveloping northern Alberta, precisely where Fort Mac is located.

Meanwhile, 90 academics from Canada, Australia, the United States and United Kingdom signed an open letter of May 16, 2016, pleading for the Canadian government to cancel BC's Pacific NorthWest LNG project on Lelu Island at Prince Rupert, arguing that, if built, it would emit 11.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year for decades, leak significant amounts of methane, and would undermine Canada’s commitments to the Paris Agreement.


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