by Media Lens
On March 24, 1999, an emotional Tony Blair appealed to the House of Commons and to the people of Britain:
"We must act to save thousands of innocent men, women and children from humanitarian catastrophe."
Blair described the emergency:

"Let me give the House an indication of the scale of what is happening: a quarter of a million Kosovars, more than 10 per cent of the population, are now homeless as a result of repression by Serb forces... Since last summer 2000 people have died." (Blair: 'We must act - to save thousands of innocent men, women and children,' The Guardian, March 23, 1999;,,209876,00.html)

Not even Blair claimed all the killings had been on one side. George Robertson, the UK Defence Secretary at the time of the crisis, testified before the House of Commons that until mid-January 1999, "the Kosovo Liberation Army [KLA] was responsible for more deaths in Kosovo than the Serbian authorities had been". (Quoted, Noam Chomsky, Hegemony or Survival, Routledge, 2003, p.56)
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About Gaza: An Open Letter To Stephen Harper from Canada's Postal Workers

About Gaza: An Open Letter To Stephen Harper from Canada's Postal Workers
Re: middle east crisis: On behalf of the 56,000 members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, I am writing to demand that the Canadian government condemn the military assault on the people of Gaza that the state of Israel commenced on December 26th, 2008.

Canada must also call for a cessation of the ongoing Israeli siege of Gaza, which has resulted in the collective punishment of the entire Gaza population. Canada must also address the root cause of the violence: Israeli
occupation of Palestinian territories.
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Protecting Responsibility: White Man's Burden Failing this Time Too

Haiti and the Danger of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P)     
by Anthony Fenton    
As an emerging lobby advocates for the institutionalization of a controversial doctrine of "humanitarian imperialism,"1 and  a new administration that is friendly to this doctrine gets set to occupy the White House, a reminder of the case of Haiti points to the potential dangers posed by an "operationalized" Responsibility to Protect (R2P) norm.
In 2004, Haiti's democratically-elected president, Jean Bertrand Aristide, was overthrown by a small but well organized and funded opposition movement backed by the most powerful members of the "international community" - the U.S., Canada, and France.2 Doing what his father and Bill Clinton were unable to before him, President George W. Bush led the way in answering the question that had vexed consecutive administrations since Haiti's popular movement swept the Duvalier's totalitarian dynasty from power in 1986: "Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?"3
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Haiti: Five Years On and Canada Starts from "Zero"

Haiti: Five Years On and Canada Starts from "Zero"
by Haiti Solidarity B.C.
Five years after Canada participated in overthrowing the elected Haitian government and undertook responsibility for, among other matters, training the Haitian National Police, a Canadian government spokesperson quoted in the following article says police training in Haiti must "start from zero." The author of the article puts it more politely--Canadian training has "fizzled out."

Canada has announced that it wants to privatize the "training" of the Haitian Natinal Police and has put out a tender for the (lowest?) bidder.
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Victoria Rally for Gaza Ceasefire

Victoria Rally for Gaza Ceasefire
by C. L. Cook
I went down to the weekend's demo for an end to the atrocities still occurring in Gaza. About 300 turned out in the rain, while around fifty pro-Israeli folks turned out to sing for the genocide.

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Why the U.S. (and her allies) Are Bound to Fail in Afghanistan

The Afghan Scam: The Untold Story of Why the U.S. Is Bound to Fail in Afghanistan
By Ann Jones
The first of 20,000 to 30,000 additional U.S. troops are scheduled to arrive in Afghanistan next month to re-win the war George W. Bush neglected to finish in his eagerness to start another one. However, "winning" the military campaign against the Taliban is the lesser half of the story.

Going into Afghanistan, the Bush administration called for a political campaign to reconstruct the country and thereby establish the authority of a stable, democratic Afghan central government. It was understood that the two campaigns -- military and political/economic -- had to go forward together; the success of each depended on the other. But the vision of a reconstructed, peaceful, stable, democratically governed Afghanistan faded fast. Most Afghans now believe that it was nothing but a cover story for the Bush administration's real goal -- to set up permanent bases in Afghanistan and occupy the country forever.
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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Terry Wolfwood, Jon Elmer, Janine Bandcroft, Mon. Jan. 12, 2009

This Week on GR
by C. L. Cook
This week, Terry Wolfwood is a Victoria-based writer and activist who also serves as director of the Barnard-Boecker Centre Foundation. She recently ventured to the Middle-East to Occupied Palestine, Lebanon, and Jordan to see better what life there is like.
In the second half we'll be joined by Canadian freelance photojournalist Jon Elmer to discuss aspects of this bloody turkey-shoot, Operation Cast Lead' that neither Canada's State media, nor the corporate news conglomerates will. Jon has lived in and reported from Occupied Palestine and he's the creator of the websites, 'From Occupied, and Jon Elmer in the second half.
Janine Bandcroft will be here at the bottom of the hour to bring us up to speed with some of the good goings-on going on in and around the lower island in the coming week, and to continue updating us on Victoria's ongoing shelter emergency.
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Galloway Speaks to London Gaza Support Rally

British MP George Galloway: "Victory To The Palestinian Resistance"
by George Galloway M.P.
Meeting: Palestine Solidarity Campaign - STOP THE WAR ISRAEL OUT OF GAZA - at Friends Meeting House, 173 Euston Road London NW1 2 BJ. Video by Silvana de Faria

"The Palestinian People Will Never Surrender" 
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The Utility of Apoplexy: War and Profits Over People

Enduring Priorities in an Age of Change: War and Profits Over People
by Chris Floyd
If you want a glimpse of the fundamental moral obscenity that underlies our bold new era of hope and change, look no further than Barack Obama's promise this week to "overhaul" Social Security and Medicare. This effort to cut back on support for the sick, the old, the weak, the unfortunate and the abandoned will be a "central part" of the new administration's economic program, a linchpin of its struggle to curb federal spending, Obama declared.

He pointed to a looming federal deficit of $1.2 trillion this year, with more to follow, as urgent reasons to deal with "entitlement spending." Given the hundreds of billions of dollars that the Bush Regime has already given away in its no-strings bailout of selected corporate cronies, and the hundreds of billions that Obama plans to spend on "economic stimulus" (a large portion of which is going to "tax breaks" that will give, at most, a few hundred dollars to people losing their jobs and homes and medical insurance), it is imperative to get government spending under control, said the president-elect. The New York Times described Obama's remarks as an effort to offer "some soothing words to Republicans and the financial markets" – two groups who certainly need special comforting in these trying times.
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Bailing on the Bare Mountain

Rumours of a Bear Mountain Sale and the Joy of Dissent
by Zoe Blunt
Hi there! Quick news roundup: It's reported that Len Barrie has sold Bear Mountain Resort to a Dubai real estate group. Also, the interchange site is flooding badly, and we're celebrating "The Joy of Dissent" in Victoria on Friday, Feb. 13. Here's the details.

Rumours have been flying for months, and there's no official confirmation, but The Sports Network reports: "Sources tell TSN Len Barrie has sold Bear Mountain, a golf and real estate development in British Columbia, for $500 million to a group from Dubai. The enormous sale is expected to close in mid-February." The Times Colonist adds: "Barrie was unavailable for comment." [$500 million represents about a quarter of the supposed $2 billion value of the resort.]

In 2006, Barrie outraged people across BC when he approved the destruction of a sacred First Nations cave to build a golf course at his resort in Langford, on Vancouver Island.  A second sacred cave was filled with concrete in 2008 when the city began building an overpass to connect Highway 1 with Bear Mountain Parkway. Thousands of people petitioned, rallied, and occupied trees near the second cave, but a massive police raid on February 13, 2008, cleared the protestors out and cordoned off the area while all the trees were cut down.
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Gaza War: Death toll 880, wounded 3620

Informative Report on Gaza War: Death toll 880, wounded 3620
by Sameh A. Habeeb
Dear Editors, Journalists and Friends; several untold stories still under the rubbles of Gaza devastation. The more time this war lasts the more victims fall down. Most of the Gaza Strip plunges into deep darkness since the start of this war.
I find several hardships to send out this report due to power problem. Today, a rocket targeted my uncle's house. My house got several splinters  and rocket shrapnel. Thanks to God, we all safe but I don't know what will happen next.
Please, make sure you forward this email to those who you feel are interested in this matter.
Day 16 of Israeli War On Gaza
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Speak Obama, Speak!

Time for Obama and Us to Face the Economic and Political Music  
by Dave Lindorff
The real cost of the Bush Administration's trillion-dollar bailout of Wall Street is becoming painfully apparent as the incoming Obama administration attempts desperately to make a case for its own $800-billion economic stimulus package, while warning about “trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see."

On its own merits, all other considerations aside, with the economy slipping into a sinkhole, President-elect Barack Obama's call for $800 million in stimulus spending should be a slam dunk for Congress. The problem is, Congress already caved in a hurry and approved nearly that same amount--$700 billion”in a matter of days when Bush's Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and his Federal Reserve Board Chair Ben Bernanke said they needed the money to prevent a collapse of the financial industry, as the nation's biggest banks, investment banks and insurance companies teetered on the brink of insolvency last fall.

In fact, there was no need for panic. Paulson reportedly warned assembled Congressional leaders in late September that a financial Armageddon loomed, which would lead to mass runs on the banks, rioting in the streets, and ultimately martial law. Although the number of Americans who have more than the insured amount of $100,000 in a bank is not enough to make for one small staged bank run, the Congress blinked, and gave him essentially a blank check to spend $350 billion right away. Paulson and Bernanke took that authorization and ran with it, spending most of it to invest in those institutions, and adding even more money using all kinds of tricks that ultimately could put the taxpayer on the hook for as much as $8 trillion dollars. They cranked up the printing presses too, and, like a North Korean counterfeiting ring, ran off an extra $2 trillion in greenbacks, just for good measure.

No wonder that now that Obama comes in asking for another $800 billion over the next two years”just a tenth of the sum the Bush/Cheney regime has pissed away over a couple of months”Congress is balking.

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