Rachel Corrie Redux: Israeli Defense Force Guns Down American Peace Activist

American citizen critically injured after being shot in the head by Israeli forces in Ni’lin
by ISM (International Solidarity Movement)
An American citizen has been critically injured in the village of Ni’lin after Israeli forces shot him in the head with a tear-gas canister.
Tristan Anderson, in critical condition following head shot

Tristan Anderson from California USA, 37 years old, has been taken to Israeli hospital Tel Hashomer, near Tel Aviv. Anderson is unconscious and has been bleeding heavily from the nose and mouth. He sustained a large hole in his forehead where he was struck by the canister. He is currently being operated on.

Tristan was shot by the new tear-gas canisters that can be shot up to 500m. I ran over as I saw someone had been shot, while the Israeli forces continued to fire tear-gas at us. When an ambulance came, the Israeli soldiers refused to allow the ambulance through the checkpoint just outside the village. After 5 minutes of arguing with the soldiers, the ambulance passed.
– Teah Lunqvist (Sweden) - International Solidarity Movement
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I See Through You: B.C.'s Proposed 'Recognition Act'

Seeing Through Campbell's 'Recognition Act'
by C. L. Cook
Gordon Campbell's B. C. Liberal Party announced last week the proposed introduction of an act in the legislature that would on its face address the centuries old injustice done to First Nations peoples in the Queen's [sic] lands of "British Columbia." 
Vancouver Sun columnist, Vaughn Palmer
It's a fine sentiment, and all the more surprising coming from the party that in its very first attempt at governance, way back in 2001, made a blatant grab for the authority to do as it willed with the unceded territory of the province. In that move, the B.C. Liberals rightly failed, but what does Campbell mean by this latest manoeuvre; could it be a great revelation on the party's figurative road to Damascus, or is it merely a shallow pre-election ploy to sway the province's racists to their natural place at Gordo's bosom? 
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Langford Wants to Bill Taxpayers $21.5-Million for its "100% Developer-Funded" Projects

Langford Bailout? FAIL: Langford Wants to Bill Taxpayers $21.5-Million for its "100% Developer-Funded" Projects
by Zoe Blunt
On Monday, March 16, the city of Langford will apply for a federal and provincial bailout for construction on the Spencer Road Interchange and Bear Mountain Parkway. The application was approved by City Council in a special meeting March 12. On March 13, city engineer John Manson confirmed the city is applying for $21.5-million in infrastructure grant money for the interchange and road project. An additional $3-million would come from city revenue.
Forest defenders Ingmar Lee and Zoe Blunt at Langford treesit, 2007

According to Manson, the city asserts that the interchange on-ramps are not part of the interchange agreement, and that the Bear Mountain Parkway - which lies completely within a Local Service Area on South Skirt Mountain - is not, in fact, part of that Local Service Area. The parkway (referred to in the application as "Langford North Connector road") connects the Spencer Interchange to Bear Mountain Resort.
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Finding Mr. Good Taliban: Joe Sent a-Searchin'

America's Search for the "Good Taliban"
by Tom Burghardt
Reminiscent of a casting call for "America's Next Top Model," the Obama administration has embarked on a search for the ever-elusive "good Taliban" with whom it can negotiate a partial military climb-down.
In an exclusive--and revealing--March 8 interview with The New York Times, President Barack Obama declared that the United States "was not winning the war in Afghanistan and opened the door to a reconciliation process in which the American military would reach out to moderate elements of the Taliban, much as it did with Sunni militias in Iraq."

Reflecting desperation and ignorance when it comes to the war-scarred Central Asian nation, like its Republican predecessor, the Democratic administration has failed to come to grips with ubiquitous facts on the ground. A rapidly-expanding Taliban insurgency against the U.S.-led NATO occupation and the warlord-dominated Karzai regime has brought imperialism's regional domination project to a screeching halt. After seven years of occupation and the slow bleed-out of a protracted war, the Pashtun populated southern Afghan provinces and Pakistan's North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) and Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) are effectively controlled by a melange of far-right Islamist Talibs and drug-linked militias loyal to the Hezb-i-Islami of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar.
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Canada's Newest "Marine Mammal"

Canada's Newest "Marine Mammal"
by Chris Darimont, Chris Genovali and Paul Paquet
Where does biodiversity come from and how can we preserve it? These are fundamental questions the answers to which conservation scientists now seek at a frenetic pace. Why? Because the planet - Canada included - is rapidly running out of diversity. And in the face of this abrupt loss, plans (and especially action) to preserve it are failing miserably.
Photo: Chris Darimont - Raincoast.org

This week, our team of conservation scientists from the Raincoast Conservation Foundation and several universities revealed in the Journal of Biogeography a previously unknown source of biodiversity. Knowing that conservation science by definition ought to transcend academia, our goal is to let Canadians know what they are poised to lose if urgent measures are not taken to protect this newly identified biological treasure.
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Barack's War(s): Collateral Repairs Can't Wait for Obama

The War is Not Over
by John Ross
The day we human shields rolled into Baghdad in February 2003, 12,000,000 protestors were pounding the pavement all over the world in a global tidal wave of protest aimed at stopping the criminal U.S. invasion of Iraq before it began and for once I entertained a sliver of hope that we would be heard.  Fat chance.  Bush dismissed the rest of the planet as a "focus group" and proceeded to eviscerate the cradle of civilization.

Seven years later nearly to the day, his successor showed up at Camp Lejeune North Carolina for a presidential photo op before 10,000 marines ready to storm the next Halls of Montezuma (Afghanistan) to frame his mendacious declaration of an end to the U.S. invasion of that ravaged country.
Before he delivered the goods, Barack Obama felt obligated to dial up Bush at his Texas ranch and apprise him of the speech. Bitter bile rose to the tip of my tongue when I reviewed the details of this flimflam as reported in the New York Times. 
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Processing Racism: Durban II Does without U.S., Israel

Durban II: Politicizing Racism
by Ramzy Baroud
Many countries are set to participate in the Conference against Racism, scheduled to be held in Geneva, April 20-25. But the highly touted international meet is already marred with disagreement after Israel, the United States and other countries decided not to participate. Although the abstention of four or more countries is immaterial to the proceedings, the US decision in particular was meant to render the conference ‘controversial’, at best.

The US government’s provoking stance is not new, but a repetition of another fiasco which took place in Durban, South Africa in 2001.

Israeli and US representatives stormed out in protest of the “anti-Israeli” and the “anti-Semitic” sentiments that supposedly pervaded the World Conference against Racism (WCAR), held in Durban in 2001. The decision was an ominous sign, for the Bush Administration was yet to be tested on foreign policy in any definite terms, as the conference concluded on September 8, three days before the 911 terrorist attacks.
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20090311b - HEALTH HAZARD ALERT (e.coli ) / DANGER POUR LA SANTÉ (e.coli)
Subject: 20090311b - HEALTH HAZARD ALERT (e.coli ) / DANGER POUR LA SANTÉ (e.coli) Le texte français suit le texte anglais. HEALTH HAZARD ALERT - CERTAIN GROUND BEEF PRODUCTS MAY CONTAIN E. coli O157:H7 BACTERIA
OTTAWA, March 11, 2009 - The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is warning the public not to consume certain ground beef products described below because these products may be contaminated with E. coli  157:H7.

The following ground beef products, sold in Manitoba, Northwest Territories and Ontario, are affected by this alert.

See - http://www.inspection.gc.ca/english/corpaffr/recarapp/2009/20090311be.shtml

The following products, sold in British Columbia are also affected by this alert.  They were sold only from the following Thrifty Foods stores (appear on the bottom of the label): #1 - Fairfield,  # 2 - Quadra,  #3 - Mill Bay, #7 - Nanaimo,  #8 - Colwood,  #9 - Broadmead,  #12 - Courtenay, #14 - Central Saanich, #16 - Longwood Station, #17 - Hillside, , # 18 -Tsawwassen, #19 - Campbell River and  #20 - Coquitlam.
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The Fisherman of the Tigris

Fisherman on the Tigris
by Dahr Jamal
A fisherman in Baghdad speaks to Dahr Jamail and Jason Coppola in the shadow of the massive new US embassy on the Tigris River about life during occupation.


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Pakistan's Lawyers Back in the Streets

Inside Pakistan
by Shahnaz X.
Hi C.;  this is going to be short but not sweet! As you must be knowing from the communications regarding restoration of democracy in Pakistan, there has been a peaceful movement by the lawyers for restoration of an independent judiciary.
The two major political parties in Pakistan, signed declarations to the effect that the Chief Justice of Supreme court of Pakistan, who was removed from office by the then military government, be restored to office within one month of the governments taking charge. However, that Charter of Democracy and the Muree Declaration's key point of agenda was not fulfilled by the present Pakistan Peoples Party coalition government.

The PPP was headed by Benazir Bhutto who as you may be knowing was assassinated on December 27, 2007. Following that, her husband Asif Ali Zardari assumed the party leadership as co-chairperson and his son Bilawal Zardari as the Chairperson, through the handwritten will of the late Benazir. Bilawal Zardari Bhutto is a student at Harvard university. He is the chairperson of the governing peoples party in Pakistan. The will was not made public.

The lawyers in Pakistan have since carried on a peaceful movement to restore the Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Choudary back to his office. They say that the existing justices have taken oath unconstitutionally.
UPDATE:  The authorities have detained at least 300 activists from the opposition party lawyers and civil society members including senior citizens, since March 10, 2009.
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Calgary Hosts George W. Bush's Really Big Shoe

Unwelcome War Criminal Bush to Canada!
by CUPW-Calgary Local 109
Former US President and known War Criminal will be speaking in Calgary, AB on March 17th, sponsored by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, and the Law firm of Bennett Jones , whose clients include Terasen Gas, Petro Canada and Husky Oil. This is Bush's first speaking engagement since leaving his disgraced office. He stands to make a pile of (blood)money for this event.

It's important that both organizations that are sponsoring this realize that Canadians abhor torture and war crimes and do not appreciate inviting this demon to our country. The clueless that are sponsoring this event deserve to hear from you and if you feel the need to call them a few times then so be it.
Express your disgust at the welcoming of a mass murderer to Canada ... Please consider acting on at least one of the below e- mails provided ... and PLEASE share this widely. Also, there will be a major shoe throwing at the image of Bush. Anyone who would like to quickly send some shoes on with a message the address is below.  Please alert your contacts in Calgary re. the below, too!  (I intend to send on child's ballet slippers with photos of Bush & Co.'s horrific radioactive D.U. victims).
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Slick Anniversary Reminder: Tankers Are Loonie

By Richard Boyce
The abundance of life along the shorelines of Oceanside at this time of year is truly profound. On a single walk I counted 30 eagles on boulders near the waterline while thousands of gulls pecked away at the herring roe washed to shore by waves.

The calm water of the Strait of Georgia, transformed into a bright turquoise color by the sperm of millions of male herring, was shattered repeatedly by the splashes of massive sea lions as they gorged themselves on adult herring just below the surface. Offshore thousands of Brant Geese were feeding on the herring roe and the eelgrass it clings to underwater. Harlequin ducks, with all their brilliant colors, navigated through the shallow waters between countless other ducks, gulls, and shorebirds.

Locally the Brant Festival provides many opportunities to learn more about shoreline wildlife and habitat. It is important to keep a respectful distance from these birds because they have a very limited time for feeding. Humans, dogs, and boats can disturb these seabirds and cause them to break away from the very important business of eating. The Brant Geese are just stopping here briefly to load up on protein from herring roe before they move north to nesting grounds in Alaska.
March 24th is the 20th anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oil spill, which occurred along the Alaska coastline on Good Friday 1989. This giant oil tanker spilled 40 million litres of crude oil into the sea, killing seabirds, sea otters, whales, sea lions, salmon, seals and many other species along the coastline. This oil slick spread over 28,000 km2 of ocean.

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