Running on Empty: The End of Western Optimism

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No, really! Honestly. Recently I spoke at several universities in Canada and Europe; I worked on two books in California. What a depressing experience!

Everyone bitching about everything; no optimism, and no spirit of building the motherland or improving the world. Cynicism, nihilism, bad moods on every corner. Nothing is ‘sacred’.

People shackled by debts and loans, scared of leaving the insane rat race.

In the US of A, there is horror of getting sick and ending up on the street. And those bizarre, truly repulsive student loans: the regime forces you to study in order to get brainwashed, becoming a reliable lackey, and then slams you with tens of thousands of dollars in basically unserviceable debts. And where does it all lead to? To some tremendous scientific breakthroughs? To groundbreaking works of art? To pushing the boundaries with new, magnificent works of philosophy? No way! It only leads to the printing of new and newer diplomas, of PhD. certificates, each costing tens, hundreds of thousands of dollars. And those desperate research labs in the USA (most of them private, anyway) are importing scientists from India and China, trying to brain-drain the nations who are educating their people for free or cheaply. While concert halls in New York and London are begging the Chinese, Korean, Argentinian, Russian and Japanese pianists to come and play, even Western classical music.

What is it, President Trump? ‘Making America great again’ is somehow not working, is it?

Your country tried to ruin Soviet and Chinese communism for decades, telling the East Europeans through propaganda media outlets how great, how glorious the Western market system was, and how pathetic the command economy was, central planning and internationalism.

Look at them now – those who ate your lies: in Bulgaria and Romania, both EU countries, people are living in misery, industry ruined or eaten by German and French multi-nationals. Look at Ukraine: a country with a standard of living approaching that of the poorest Southeast Asian countries. Even in the rich Czechia, I recently saw people eating from garbage bins, while once mighty factories like Skoda have been totally cannibalized by West European businesses. That’s what you used to tell them – East Europeans: “Come back to Europe. Come to the West!” So, they did. Talk to them now: nobody seems to be happy.

Western nihilism ate all basic, healthy human instincts, alive. Look at the West European citizens. Most of them shout at their television sets from bar stools or sofas; no internationalist principles left. Human beings reduced to only desiring more money, more food, more booze, more privileges – “benefits”. At the expense of others. A finished ‘culture’. Nothing great is being produced – literature, films, music. A total collapse of basic values. Putting people who are trying to help refugees on the high seas into prison; refugees who are escaping from countries ruined and destabilized by Western terror, aggression and greed. Disgusting. “New Europe”.

At least Europe is still producing some decent watches, shoes, cars and fragrances. Nothing that could justify the outrageously high standard of living of its citizens. Not much, really; no major breakthroughs from which humanity could benefit, but at least something, still.


But what is it that could “Make America “Great Again?” in the US of A?

If it is not loot and naked imperialism, what makes the country so rich? And rich it is. Not necessarily its people, but the country, definitely.

Once again, others are producing better planes, better cars, better computers, communication systems, phones, audio devices. Others are building better cities with a much higher quality of life. Others have created incomparably greater high-speed rail networks, public transportation, better pharmaceutical research institutions. Others are making much better films (not that horror and violent crap of Hollywood), write much better books, think and dream about much better societies.

So, what is it, President Trump, that America (let’s actually call it the United States, as your country does not own America, which, despite its idiotic name derived from that greedy ‘discoverer’ Amerigo Vespucci, spreads all the way down to Fire Land and was ‘the greatest’ before it got invaded and plundered by that Western imperialist scum) could still offer to this scarred but increasingly alert planet?

Should we celebrate subjugation? Should we climax from being coerced into slavery?

Your weapons, which are murdering millions, annually, in all corners of the globe? Should your weapons which are produced from an unbridled military budget, which not even your own government could calculate properly, make America great again?

Because if not your weapons, then what?

Your food, your mass-produced food full of cancerogenic chemicals? Your junk food? Hardly! Your music, which has never evolved from “I love you, don’t leave me” repetitiveness? Or your idiotic movies in which some giant insects are eating entire cities; thoroughly bizarre, infantile and sadistic fantasies of brains that have been fried by cocaine inside the pseudo-Roman villas of Southern California; idiotic movies that are spreading nihilism, mediocrity and intellectual degeneracy worldwide?

Or that ‘me-me-me’ obsession, appalling cry-baby selfishness, a constant ‘fight’ for ‘sexual rights’ (of all imaginable and unimaginable denominations), which steals the true political narrative and keeps people away from real issues and the horrors that are occurring in both your country and abroad, where your murderous armies and propagandists have already destroyed all hope and even the future.


You know, Trump, one sure way to make “America Great Again”, is to make your people ‘think again’. To detox them from pathologies that your regime has created, from the horrible neurosis which have reduced them to what they are now.

Get rid of the turbo-capitalist, mega consumerist nightmare. Fire most of the staff from the universities, and hire those who can teach students how to think and how to dream, instead of forcing them into serving your corporate cosmos. Send your media slaves whom you call ‘journalists’ to some potato farms, to get a bit of fresh air, so they stop polluting the airwaves and pages of the newspapers, with unimaginable lies and fabrications (you hate them anyway, so it should be quite easy).

Teach them – your own citizens – about real patriotism: hard work, deep thinking, altruism. Teach them how to build a kind, compassionate society, with a great quality of life, healthy environment, and great culture.

And fire those degenerates, mass murderers, like Bolton and Pompeo.

You would not do it, would you? You cannot really lead, or even understand the horror into which your nation has submerged!

And your citizens will keep voting you, or others like you, into office.

So, the only way you can continue to rule over the world, is by force. Hoping that others will not defend themselves, out of fear.

That is precisely what you are doing! This is all you know how to do!


We determined that the United States of A is not excelling in almost anything, anymore. The same could be said about the entire West.

Let us summarize again: Washington excels only in the production of its deadly weapons, and in scaring other nations into submission. It is also doing great when it comes to propaganda, of which ‘education’ and ‘media’ are an indispensable part.

This is, of course, not good enough. This is not what the people on all the continents want: to be controlled like this forever.

Trump knows it, somehow, intuitively. Not intellectually but subconsciously. And so do his lieutenants like Bolton and Pompeo.

But they are not ready to give up and to let others, those who are more talented and kinder, lead the planet. Because controlling the world is the old, unpronounced but ‘understood’ dogma, on which both Europe and the United States were constructed. A religious, fundamentalist dogma.

A country built on greed, plunder and selfishness, has suddenly nothing tangible or optimistic to offer to the world. Therefore, it will intimidate, even murder, but never let go. It does not know how to lose. It does not know how to compromise. It only knows how to control. Losing is not in its vocabulary. If it cannot be loved, it will rape!

Andre Vltchek is philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He’s a creator of Vltchek’s World in Word and Images, and a writer that penned a number of books, including China and Ecological Civilization. He writes especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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