Stopping an Economic Disaster: Last Chance to Kill Site C Coming Fast

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11th Hour on Site C

by Stop Site C

November 30, 2017

Hello Friends!

 The NDP have not yet made their final decision on Site C and we need to help build their confidence in making a decision to protect all British Columbians from this unnecessary, destructive and costly project. They need to hear from as many British Columbians as possible and feel supported in a decision to cancel Site C.

We are at the 11th hour of our fight to stop the Site C Dam. The BC NDP Cabinet is meeting with six advisors on the dam RIGHT NOW, and a decision is expected soon! We have deeply appreciated your support with our campaign in the past and we are hoping that at this critical time, you would be willing to undertake one or more of the actions below to make sure that when the NDP cabinet ministers return from their meeting today, their offices are flooded with messages from all of us that WE DON’T WANT SITE C!



Take Action to Stop Site C Now by:

Go to Peace Valley Environment Association’s site to compose your letter and it will automatically be sent to all 23 BC NDP MLAs plus your MLA.

Go to Sierra Club BC’s letter writing site and submit a pre-drafted letter (or modify to make it your own) to key BC NDP ministers.

Call your MLA now through Sierra Club BC’s easy-to-use on-line tool.

Send a short letter to all of your local papers at once through Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative’s handy web-based tool here.

Call any number of cabinet ministers’ offices you choose and leave a message that you want Site C cancelled through Wilderness Committee BC’s site here.

Share this e-mail with your friends and share our campaign posts on Facebook and Twitter.
You will find any further information you need about the issues of concern associated with Site C at this informative website. Additionally, you will learn much about the issues in our latest video:

Thank you so much for your support. We are within reach of the finish line on this project that the PVEA has been battling for over 40 years. The PVEA has board members who have spent their entire lives protecting the Peace River Valley and all British Columbians from Site C. We don’t need this power, and if and when BC does need more power, there are far less destructive and less expensive ways to obtain it.

The BC NDP campaigned on the implementation of their Power BC plan. This plan includes less expensive and more effective options for addressing BC’s energy needs through building retrofits, existing hydro infrastructure upgrades, and the pursuit of solar and wind energy. Please send a letter endorsing this plan that they campaigned on and let them know that you fully support their decision to cancel this project.

For the Peace,


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