DeJong May Be Bored, But BC Better Wake Up to This Budget!

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7 things that should be in this year’s BC Budget
by Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Dear friends; yesterday our own Iglika Ivanova (economist and public interest researcher) and Lindsey Bertrand (communications officer) were locked up in Victoria with over one hundred other organizations and journalists to be among the first to analyze and comment on the 2014 provincial budget.
The duo quickly learned that the budget leaves a lot to be desired. British Columbians still face great economic insecurity in a weak job market. We need the government to invest in a diverse and sustainable economy, post-secondary education, poverty reduction and other key programs – not just boast about having a balanced budget.
Iglika produced a quick but in-depth analysis, which was posted to our blog the moment the lockup ended, while Lindsey engaged with the press to ensure the public interest perspective would be impossible to miss.
In addition, the CCPA’s Marc Lee analyzed the government’s overly optimistic revenue expectations from the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry.
According to the Finance Minister, this was a "boring balanced budget". That’s too bad. Because if the provincial government chose to get serious about reducing poverty, investing in an affordable child care program, or increasing access to badly needed community-based seniors care, or greening our economy…there’d be nothing boring at all about it. - Seth
This post by Iglika Ivanova, which came out the day before the budget was released, describes seven initiatives that would set the foundation of a more just and sustainable economy.

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CCPA calls BC Budget a “missed opportunity” to address social, environmental and jobs deficits

Our first take on the budget can be found in our press release, written from the budget lockup. If you’re planning to write about the budget means for British Columbians, this is a must-read.

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What you need to know about BC Budget 2014

Iglika pulled no punches as she wrote about the budget from inside the lockup – and she made it her priority to get the information out to British Columbians right away.

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About that LNG Prosperity Fund

“...for all the talk about LNG, we still have more hype than hope in BC,” writes Marc Lee, following a thorough debunking of the government’s promises of fuel-based riches. There are more than a few problems with the plan pushed in the budget.

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