No Apologies, Bradley: Blow Whistleblowers, Blow!

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So, I Am Not Alone
by Betty Krawczyk - Betty's Early Edition
The world started to turn bad, really bad, with 9/11. But why? It’s good to know that when one comes to rather incredulous conclusions about such world shaking events as 9/11 that there are others out there, somewhere, who are coming to the same conclusions. This is a comfort, as it keeps one from doubting one’s credentials, at least as an observer. And I fancy that I am a rather keen observer of humans on the political stage (a conceit I obviously share with many others).

I have recently posted two articles explaining why I think Edward Snowden, the whistle blower, may indeed have the “Crown Jewels” of information the US insists he didn’t gain access to. What kind of information would the US consider “Crown Jewels”? Perhaps incriminating information on 9/11? Incriminating for the US government?
If true, this might explain the absolutely nutty things the US is resorting to, like pretending the NSA info sweeps prevented massive Al-Qaida attacks last week end, etc.

Finian Cunningham is a recognized expert in international affairs, a prominent journalist, and scientist (a former scientific editor for the Royal Society of Chemistry , Cambridge, England). In a recent article (8/10/2013) reprinted in Information Clearing House, Mr. Cunningham writes concerning what further information Snowden may have given over to others to be released:

“There is also the very real prospect that Snowden’s files may reveal explosive secrets going back to the 9/11 alleged terror attacks on New York and Washington in 2001. It has long been suspected by many analysts and experts that the official narrative on those purported attacks is a cover-up for something much more sinister, such as US government for secret strategic interests.”
Russia demanded that Snowden promise not to reveal any more information that might “harm” the US in order to be given asylum in Russia. Snowden has evidentially complied. However, it has been reported that Snowden gave over the rest of the files he had to other parties before he was given asylum by Russia. So the files are still there but in other’s hands. Certainly I would think that Julian Assange knows where the rest of Snowden’s files are, as well as Glenn Greenwald, the reporter for the Guardian who first released Snowden’s files.

I believe that the remaining information in Snowden’s files may be so explosive that the US could become a global outcast (except for Israel of course, and Saudi Arabia) if that information was actually revealed. Even the European countries that have reacted so cravenly before US demands might be revolted. Under the Harper government Canada has become almost a colony of the US. This means that whatever Snowden has given over to others that would “harm” the US if revealed will most certainly harm Canadians as well.

Still, I urge Julian Assange and Glenn Greenwald to release all of the tapes, especially those concerning 9/11.

We need to know exactly what 9/11 was about. We are grown-ups. We can stand the truth. All civilization seems at a stale mate, we can’t get on, can’t regroup, unless we know the truth. All the horrific killing in US invaded countries can be contributed to 9/11, the demonic twisted meddling in other countries, all the massive destruction of democratic values at home and abroad, the decline of world economies due to military expansions, the retreat of democracy and rights of humans and the environment, all the way to the ever mounting suicides of US service men and women and the spread of drugs, both legal and illegal. My God, let’s get on with it. Release the tapes. Please, you men who have them. Release the tapes.

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