Harper Government Sacks Libraries, Burning History

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by Betty Krawczuk - Betty's Early Edition
No kidding. There is a full Monty attack on the libraries and archives of Canada. Stephen Harper not only wants to erase the written and film history of Canada stored in Federal libraries across the nation, but the very memory of this history, especially the environmental , aboriginal, fisheries and oceans and the Canada Heritage Libraries along with Foreign Affairs. All are being disappeared, either by a thousand cuts or outright closure ( Canadian Associations of University Teachers).
And to make Harper’s new code of conduct on how to disappear Canadian history complete, the librarians now associated with our disappearing libraries (this will presumably also affect local public librarians)… are being told how to conduct themselves when off duty as well as on duty.
If librarians consent to give a talk about our libraries in public schools or at conventions, Harper has warned them in no uncertain terms…”they will be engaging in risky behavior” (Postmedia News (3/16/13).
Librarians are being told by Mr. Harper that they must remember they have “a duty of loyalty” to “the duly elected government” ie, Harper. And the new code of conduct spells out the risks any librarian takes who should slip and say something derogatory about our disappeared and disappearing libraries and archives. They can be reported to the government (CICIS?). Librarians are being encouraged to snitch on each other and are told who to call to do this.

Not only is Mr. Harper an unbeliever in science, he has a deep seated aversion to learning. To remembering. To the evolution of thought. To the preservation of the rich history of Canada, of the troubles and turmoils of Canada, but also of the triumphs over ignorance, racism , sexism and the separation of church and state. Imperfect, and some of it is horrible, but it’s been recorded and it’s all there. Or was there.

We need this material in our libraries and archives. We have paid for this material, we use it, we value it and we’re going to fight for it, Mr. Harper. We want our books and archives back. Never mind those crazy war planes and other war junk you want to buy to help bring on the Armageddon you envision. Act like a leader of the people for once, instead of a craven hearted fascist who burns the histories of the people. I think you know that when you disappear the people’s histories you disappear the people. Not that we have been visible to you anyway because you can’t see us from your anti-intellect, anti-environmentalism and anti-life padded tower. But you might hear us. You just might.

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