You, Me, Vandana Shiva, and Seeds

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by Betty Krawczyk - Betty's Early Edition

So much is happening, good, bad and totally outrageous. It’s hard to stay focused. It’s hard to continue with daily life as if things weren’t getting weirder all the time. The US is beyond comprehension now, with the so called sequestration cuts that are guaranteed to make poor people poorer (President Obama says so), Italy baffled and befuddled over its latest election, and with Prime Minister Harper tormenting people on Unemployment Insurance about money that actually belongs to the workers as they paid into the system and Christy Clark doing what she does best…making a fool out of British Columbians.

Harper thinks workers are crooks and intends to punish the entire bunch. That’s all of us. We are to be punished for cluttering up his landscape and demanding what is rightfully ours. While over in the senate, wealthy senators (friends of Harper) are aghast they might have to pay money back they didn’t earn in the first place, but chiseled from the government (us) by falsifying documents.

But in the larger scheme of things it is the private banks who are hoarding billions that they have stolen from all of us by the most crooked of crooked schemes. It is the private banks who, in cahoots with federal politicians (no longer us) who conspired to compel our government (us ) to borrow money from them at compound interest instead of the government borrowing from the Bank of Canada ( our bank) at no interest.

This is absolutely the biggest injury done to the people of Canada, ever. Nothing else the Canadian politicians and banks can do, short of mass murdering us, can come close to this kind of treason to the Canadian people. Nothing will equal this kind of impoverishment of Canadians. Pierre Trudeau and Paul Martin have made wage slaves of the Canadian people forever who, because of the bank’s compound interest, will never let us catch up.

Unless we do something about it.

Afriend forwarded me this copy of a gentleman speaking who has researched the way our public banking system became private and cannibalistic. Please watch this.


The Crime of the Canadian Banking System - Canadian Action Party

Bill Abram, a retired high school teacher and activist on Vancouver Island, B.C., explains the trick of fractional reserve banking and compound interest.

I also received this copy of Vandana Shiva speaking on video and showing us the way they are saving seeds in India so they won’t be lost forever. She will make you happy. She does me.

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