The Blissful Empire: Faux Reality and America's Ignorance High

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Faux Reality, Obomba, Superheroes, Bain Capital and Drones
by Sean Fenley
Arguably we could all be living through one the most critical points in world history, but one wonders how many Americans are really aware of just of how critical it is.
In a wasteland of reality TV, comic book franchise movies, inane and vapid reality shows, and busted-up Scientology marriages one wonders how many are aware of the surveillance/authoritarian state that America has become. And, of course, not to fail to mention the far enveloping overlord, that America has “evolved” into — all around the world abroad.
Comedian Jon Stewart recently had his finger on the pulse of something, when he uttered to an Egyptian guest,”We prefer not to know that much about countries that we meddle in.”
This ignorance is bliss style imperialism, is probably, though, just concomitant with the cult of celebrity, faux reality, vampire/superhero worship, fantasyland zeitgeist on the homefront. And considering a forthcoming “election” with the “left” and right hands of oligarchical finance capitalism “battling” over who will be the foremost figurehead; maybe then fantasyland or farcical “reality” (as opposed to reality reality), is the perfect place for anyone to abscond to.

Though maybe once it was thought that you are responsible for the government that you receive, it seems today that the corporate, technocratic and political elites pretty well have the government — that they’d wish to orchestrate, design and pattern. Whilst proferring drones, GMOs, wars of choice, health industry bailout bills, and looking the other way at the banksters’ wrongdoings — as “noble” policies — for them to (later) be remembered, as “pantheons” in the world of official politicaldom. With a stenographic media, and a coterie of sycophants, no doubt, accompanying most (if not all) of our “venerable” congressmen and senators — who reside inside their cloistered and monasterial-like Beltway insular/insulated existence.

Perhaps in many ways Americans can again be responsible for the government that we receive, however. The forces of great concentrations of wealth and power certainly, at present, look rather dogged, impenetrable and overall hardy; and the end goal of a deeply more participatory, egalitarian, and forthright society certainly looks, by all measures, extraordinarily far away (and distant). And although Obama may have, at least for some time, sullied hope, I think that it is; however — a concept — that cannot be forever and eternally (authoritatively) denuded.

So even though nevertheless and notwithstanding the American corporatocracy/fantasyland, continues on with the primacy of faux reality, heroes of childhood make-believe, cagey phony profferers of “change”, private equity/leveraged buyout “artists”, and the Pentagon’s latest and “greatest” science fiction-esque Franksteinian creations. This dynamic doesn’t have an end scenario, I don’t think, that is a pleasant one. And I still hold faith that the government should stand for, and represent the interests of the vast majority of the people. So for as long as this rotten state, keeps a hold on power, it will remain very crisis riddled until; I would certainly hope, it should suffer a severely inillustrious falling. And a reckoning, in fact, against those who have pillaged, and prospered, from a sacred trust of that was — not unreasonably, egregiously, or outrageously — expected from them.

Sean Fenley is an independent progressive, who would like to see some sanity brought to the creation and implementation of current and future, US military, economic, foreign and domestic policies. He has been published by a number of websites, and publications throughout the alternative media.

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