Kicking Lockheed Martin Out of Canadian Schools

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Lockheed Martin at University
by Sandra Finley l The Battles
I’m scaring myself by connecting the dots. If you join me, I am not afraid. There is a small role for each of us.
6 short emails.   
Number 1: Stop the University of Saskatchewan from setting Lockheed Martin up to train our young people for war-related undertakings (below).
Number 2: Stop Harper from setting up a vacuum pump to funnel our money to Lockheed Martin for F-35’s.
Number 3: Stop fighter jets from flying over our cities, normalizing the police state.  Another one flew over my home in Saskatoon yesterday evening.  It has become routine.
Number 4: For Saskatonians:  Come to the University tomorrow (May 16th).  The University has racked up a pile of debt (Provost Brett Fairbairn). They are holding a “Financial Town Hall Meeting”. Who will be held to account for the huge debt?  How will the situation be resolved? Lockheed Martin is plying the University with dollars. Will corporate interests take over this extremely valuable public institution for a few shekels? Will we just let it happen?
Number 5: Understand how a nation becomes conditioned to, and the enablers of, violence and war. Watch Michael Moore’s 'Bowling for Columbine'
Number 6: And oh yes, Don`t forget Lockheed Martin and Boeing at the new Aviation Training Centre: Drone Technology.
Canadians! Don’t you see?

Our Universities train our young people. These young people feed into Government and other positions of influence.

WHAT do the Grad students study? As the bright young woman in physics enthusiastically explained: there’s lots of money in . . . Grad students go where the  $$money$$ is.

The University has racked up a PILE of DEBT.

Lockheed Martin Corporation – - to the rescue!  – -  Lots of  $$money$$!

And they then get to dictate the priorities!

Lockheed Martin’s  “lots of $$money$$”  actually comes from ONE MAIN SOURCE:  tax-payers. (Through things like extravagant contracts for F-35 stealth bombers.)

  • Now that American tax-payers have been bankrupted by Lockheed Martin’s war-mongering and profiteering,
  • Lockheed Martin is increasingly turning to the Canadian public purse.
  • It started out as weapons for the U.S. and their allies.  Now . . .

(As you read, remember that if we don’t stop Harper from the F-35 purchase, and if we don’t stop Lockheed Martin’s dollars from pouring into the University, we will end up in the same position as American sheeple for Lockheed.)

From Background Info on Lockheed Martin.  excerpt:

(as at 2005):    Since 1992, the United States has exported more than $142 billion dollars worth of weaponry to states around the world. ix The U.S. dominates this international arms market, supplying just under half of all arms exports in 2001, roughly two and a half times more than the second and third largest suppliers.
x U.S. weapons sales help outfit non-democratic regimes, soldiers who commit gross human rights abuses against their citizens and citizens of other countries, and forces in unstable regions on the verge of, in the middle of, or recovering from conflict. The United States supplied arms or military technology to more than 92% of the conflicts under way in 1999.xi

In addition to paying billions of dollars every year to support weapons exports, Americans may also feel the impact of increasing instability overseas. The United States military has had to face troops previously trained by its own military or supplied with U.S. weaponry in Panama, Somalia, Haiti, Afghanistan and now in Iraq.

Lockheed Martin with a share of 24% of US arms exports
xii is the world’s largest arms exporting company. Former company CEO Norman Augustine was a major lobbyist on behalf of the more than $7 billion per year in grants and subsidized loans that the U.S. government provides to U.S. arms exporters  each year to help them hawk their products around the world.

Both Augustine and company Vice President Bruce Jackson have also been major supporters of the expansion of NATO, in hopes of selling combat aircraft and other weapons systems to new NATO members states.

- – - – -  –  – - – - – - – — – - -

On May 7th I wrote to the Board of Governors, U of S. "Who is responsible for Debt situation at the University?" 
Vulnerability to Lockheed Martin Corp. See

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