Plantation Haiti: The White Pearl Rises Again from the Caribbean

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Corruption uninterrupted: Red Cross misuse quake monies to buy land, build hotel like Clinton-Bush Fund
by Ezili Danto
They dare so much injustice. The powerful in suits or in well-appointed dresses, some with PhDs from the best Western schools.
Their tyranny, indecency, and greed are boundless and without shame. It seems fòk li ranni -  it’s their nature?
What happens to a dream deferred, a black man once asked? Does it explode?

Will Desalin’s descendants also shamelessly, completely ignore Desalin’s Law:

“…No white man of whatever nation he may be, shall put his foot on this territory with the title of master or proprietor, neither shall he in future acquire any property therein…” (Jean Jacques Dessalines, Haiti founding father, 1805 Haitian Constitution, Art. 12.)

There are over 800,000 earthquake victims still homeless, some reshuffled or evicted out of the tents and tarps. There are over 526,000 sick from UN-cholera, over 7,000 dead from UN-cholera. There’s no shelter for the majority poor in Site Solèy. No clean water for the suffering public.

But, the Red Cross uses $10.5 million in quake money to buy land in Haiti. Now they’re proposing building a hotel, like the Clinton-Bush fund did, on their ill-gotten land purchase in Haiti.

They’re not investing donation monies to provide clean water infrastructure and sanitation. No. There’s no PROFIT in that. The Red Cross is considering building a hotel and conference center.

“The hope is that profits could sustain the work of Haiti’s local Red Cross in the coming years, the head of the international group’s Haitian delegation said Monday.” (Red Cross Weighs Decision to Build Hotel in Haiti.)

This, from the organization that is first in line to beg for “crisis” monies with each new crisis in Haiti and mostly does not spend monies from one crisis for another. Keeping the storm monies raised in 2008. Collecting new monies for the earthquake and holding it in the bank, they claimed, for “reconstruction” for Haiti. Providing hotels to foreigners apparently is reconstruction for Haitians. (Video: How did the Red Cross spend $106 Million Dollars in Haiti? and When will the Western value system be not about PROFIT but humanity?)

How did the Red Cross spend Million of Dollars in Haiti?******

Ezili Danto’s Note:

Haitians were complaining that the Red Cross was giving the quake victims foul,  untreated water even before the UN imported cholera to Haiti.HLLN posted this video evidence on April 2010, two months after the earthquake.  We noted that “(a)mongst some of the testimonies that’s not clearly translated in this most valuable video referenced above: a woman points to a water drum with a “Red Cross” sign on it and says that the water they give is not treated. She drinks it because she has no money to buy good drinkable water but suffers right now from a stomach ache from drinking the Red Cross polluted water gift…” (The Plantation called Haiti: Feudal Pillage Masking as Humanitarian Aid.)          ***********

Ezili Dantò, Feb. 27, 2010

That’s our blood pouring down there
:  “If only their inhumanity, narcissism and vulgarity could be held in abeyance while heart sore human beings, living under water-logged tents, old cardboard and wet sheets, people with damaged and inflamed limbs, some also tear-gassed by the UN for protesting their conditions; if only their inhumanity, narcissism and vulgarity could be held in abeyance as Haiti tries to recover from the ravages of the US/Euro neoliberalism and despotism that exacerbated a 7.0 earthquake so that it took the lives of over 300,000?” No. We are shocked,  shocked and shocked again.

Instead of building housing for the earthquake victims or the people in Site Solèy, who are living in filth, primarily because the US-promised jobs in the 1980s were never sustainable.

Instead of USAID making amends for slaughtering the peasants’ livestock, killing 1.3 million indigenous Haiti pigs on a with-hunt to force the peasants into the Port-au-Prince capital to work at their non-jobs (Rebuilding Haiti” — the Sweatshop Hoax.)

“As a result of these US free trade policies, over 830,000 rural Haitian jobs were lost and hundreds of thousands of Haitians were forced into the capital looking for work, where eventually they would meet up with the massive earthquake and death on January 12, 2010 at 4:53.” –Ezili Dantò, Vision of Plantation Haiti .

Instead of Bill Clinton’s apology for destroying centuries of rural subsistence livelihood in Haiti with dumped Arkansas rice, as well as dumping US infertile seeds that depleted the land being made meaningful with new shelter and housing and reparations in the form of real investment in sustainable agriculture, the Clintons – one leading USAID, one leading the UN mission in Haiti – are building hotels in Port au Prince and in the North of Haiti.

But worst, over 300 farmers’ family-plots in the Northeast of Haiti were converted into the industrial zone for Korean textile giant Sae-A Trading. The “Korean” factory is built on good agricultural lands taken from Haiti peasants farmers without their approval and further destroys Haiti food sovereignty.

US citizens are the project’s biggest investor and main owners, not Haiti. The Korean cover is useful to deflect the Clinton and US oligarchs’ intentions. The US one percent, make it a practice to use subcontractors, such as the Korean conglomerate, to deflect and preempt decent US consumer complaints of human rights abuses and unfair labor practices against the giant American companies the complex will service, such as GAP, Wal-Mart, Target and other major US retailers.

The 600 acre Caracol industrial complex is built on one of the most fertile and mineral rich areas in the Northeast Department. (I pay this price for you: Haiti is open for business; The Plantation called Haiti: Feudal Pillage Masking as Humanitarian Aid and, Tell The Truth About Haiti Forum with Ezili Dantò of HLLN.)

Having lost Haiti 830,000 rural jobs, resulting in the US-created Site Solèy slum in the capital, this new “development” effort offers Haitians a mere 20,000 sweatshop jobs and opens the possibility of turning another part of Haiti, living relatively with less misery, into becoming a slum when the foreigners finish excavating whatever they’re taking of the Trou du Nord River watershed and mineral rich Northeast. (Declarations made by Prime Minister Bellerive about the presence of gold, oil, iridium in Haiti -Video in French.)

The post-earthquake US factory wrecked the homes and rural subsistence livelihood of at least 300 families who had some means of taking care of their loved ones, even the ones suffering from the earthquake in the capital.

The Korean factory is empty up in the North. But the Clintons and the Obama Administration are spending earthquake monies to build 5000 new homes for the anticipated factory workers.

I say “anticipated” because responsible Haitians know the new housing up North won’t be for Haitians to live in.

The housing up North, as well as, the university the US just helped build in Limonade in the North  (as opposed to using earthquake relief monies where the earthquake happened and repair the University of Haiti in Port au Prince) are, in fact, for the foreigners who need housing for their enterprises up North including the mining, oil drilling, Fort Liberte and other deep water ports they’re stealing. (See,  Oil Refinery – an old notion for Fort Liberte as a transshipment terminal for US supertankers.)

Recall there is seven times more violence in the Dominican Republic than in Haiti. But the university up North is being, uhmm “safeguarded,” by the Dominican military. The Dominicans wish a piece of the pie if the world bankers and corporate oligarchy want their military arm to put down any Haiti resistance.

But you know, the propaganda is that they are on Haiti territory – them, Clinton, Farmer, the UN and the 37,000 to 42,000 NGOs to “heal,” “help” and “protect” Haitians.

Haiti Elections and UN Cholera

Interview with Ezili Danto on the Nov.28, 2010 Haiti elections & UN cholera (22:28) – on Gorilla Radio with Chris Rock, British Columbia, recorded November 22, 2010

For 500 years the whites (settlers/colonists) have tried to erase us. Today they want us to believe they’re the only ones who can save us” — Edike by Daniel ‘Dadi’ Beaubrun (See HLLN’s Desalin page and The Untold Story.)

Healing Haitians and providing jobs and education are the reasons these racist evil abominations, blan kolon, always give to idiot and cowardly Haitians who are into denial. Laura Silsby and the US church group kidnapping Haiti kids by the busload immediately after the earthquake were also going to provide education while they sold the “orphans” in the Dominican Republic to North American couples at $10,000 a head. ( US missionaries charged with child kidnapping in Haiti, Case Stokes Haiti’s Fear for Children, and Itself and We are the Haitians: From womb to tomb our lives are struggle.)

US missionaries arrested and charged with child kidnapping and trafficking in Haiti

So, under the rubric of healing, protecting, providing relief, jobs and education, the colonial enterprise against Haiti marches forward.

There’s no shelter, no clean water, no sanitation but blan kolon has lots of idiot Haiti technocrats put up front to manage the peasant and patriot’s resistance against the expansion of their retarded selves onto Haitian territory. (See, Haiti: A time bomb which must be defused immediately.)

This is the receivership US Congress openly talked about, after the earthquake, presumably since the Haitian government is too weak to take care of its own people? (See HLLN’s “Message to Paul Farmer, the Senate, Dobbins & Francois, Jan. 30, 2010″)

Meanwhile, pick up the mainstream news reporting on Haiti and it’s filled with the propaganda that the Haiti government is “ordering” the ex-soldiers to clear out of the old bases they have taken over. Or, they are running some tripe about Gerald Latortue/Jeb Bush’s Florida, about to indict President Aristide on corruption charges. Talk about projecting?

The US had cut off all its tied-aid from the Aristide/Neptune government. Influenced world IFIs to stop credit and loans to Haiti for clean water, sanitation and road infrastructure and used US tax dollars to finance Aristide’s civil and military opponents.

No one in the mainstream media is doing any real reporting work, investigating the corruption of Gerald Latortue, the US-imposed Prime Minister from 2004 to 2006. His looting, even after he was gone from Haiti, and the pillage reported of $964 million in tied aid dollars from 2004 to 2006.

Yvon Neptune, the legitimate Haiti Prime Minister was thrown in jail for two years under the US puppet Gerald Latortue regime. (Legacy of Impunity of the world powers in Haiti, 2006.)

The US made sure their boy,  Gerald Latortue, was given a cushy UN job after he finished doing their bidding in Haiti.

The disgraced Republican Congressman, Mark Foley of Florida proposed a bill in US Congress to honor Latortue for a job well done in Haiti. Foley would resign from Congress over “improper conduct” with a teenage boy.

Latortue, a career UN employee, was the Haiti face who signed the 2004 Status of Force agreement for Haiti, allowing the UN-MINUSTAH mission into Haiti. SOFA provides the UN with complete immunity for all crimes, including, it seems, giving Latortue’s UN colleagues a nice venue for the pedophiles from the UN right now sodomizing Haiti boys with stark impunity.

With his many powerful Western friends and partners in crime, is it any wonder that Gerald Latortue has not  been asked to account for the $964 million dollars in foreign aid?

“What happened to $964 Million dollars entrusted to Alexandre/Latortue/Henri Bazin et al on behalf of the Haitian people. This is the equivalent of $1,320,547 dollars spent each day of the 730 days (2 years) Latortue and his entourage spent in Haiti?” –Harry Fouche at Ezili Listserve Archives, Aug. 14 2006

Miami Herald is not about to scrutinize this larceny, nor the evidence of sexual abuse of teenage boys in Haiti by UN personnel. Nor their high level Washington and political connections.


Douglas Perlitz, Father Jeffrey von Arx, Dr. Paul Farmer. Farmer, UN Deputy Envoy under Bill Clinton gives thumbs up to Perlitz. Perlitz was sentenced to nearly 20years in Federal prison for sodomizing homeless Haiti boys for 10 years. Ezili's HLLN works on dozens of these abuse cases. This one for 6-years to help with this rare instance of justice for the children. They remain in misery still. Farmer and UN are pushing profit-making pharmaceuticals and vaccines to earthquake and cholera victims as "healing."

The media also turns a blind eye to the corrupt Bush administration that ousted a democratically elected President, the NGO’s systemic failures and misuse of donation dollars in Haiti, the UN’s continued denial of liability even though the US’s Bill Clinton admits they brought cholera. Not one talks about the UN hiding behind organizational, super-state immunity to commit crimes with impunity. (Bill Clinton admits UN brought cholera, Haiti raped again).

The mainstream media doesn’t question the use of American tax monies for the CIA to create the FRAPH death squad in Haiti during the first Bush-the-father coup in 1991, or the Guy Phillipe ex-soldiers’ “rebellion” and Lame Ti-Manchet group in 2004, nor the US involvement in kidnapping Aristide in 2004 under Bush-the son. (Video: Haiti the Untold Story.)

Oh no, they’re back to the witch-hunt and grandstanding with the Miami suit against Aristide. (Aristide’s return and the Historical Amnesia in the International Media about Haiti and Haiti: Political fallacy that Aristide is like the Duvaliers serves U.S., NGO, foreign & Haiti Oligarchy interests.)

If Aristide is out of Haiti, the US will have reason to keep the majority from participating in elections.

Bringing back this baseless, capricious and arbitrary Miami suit when Haitians lack jurisdiction, the embedded media, Haiti progressives and conservatives opine, to sue the UN or US policymakers in US courts for legitimate wrongs is just another example of  blatant racism, injustice and lack of equality under the law.

The threat of Miami federal power is another way to further silence and terrorize Haiti’s majority. Keeping the NGOS, the UN and the pharmaceutical companies flush on Haiti’s poverty and agony. No democracy, no justice, no due process, no rule of law, no access to equal legal redress under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Just vampires gorging themselves on Haiti blood, bodies and soil with impunity.

They’ve bitten deep into our flesh. Keep Haiti contained in poverty, endless debt, coup d’etat and disease to keep feeding on Haiti.

Douglas Perlitz/AP –   Douglas Perlitz, US charity worker is in jail, serving a 19-year, seven-month sentence at federal prison in Seagoville, Texas, for sexually abusing Haiti boys. He terrorized and threatening the students with expulsion or withholding benefits if they did not comply with the sodomizing and sexually abuse. Part of his defense was that he had a 20-year sexual relationship with Jesuit priest and University of Fairfield chaplain, Paul Carrier.

Carrier introduced Perlitz to “missionary” work in Haiti when Perlitz was a student at Fairfield University in Connecticut. He was the fundraiser for Perlitz. The well-connected Catholic priest is free, has not been charged with wrongdoing.(Ezili HLLN’s campaign to protect Haiti children.)       After the trial, Fairfield University gave monies to Kids Alive, a US NGO, to help school the youths instead of finding Haiti-led assistance as HLLN strongly urged. The NGO spent the money, did not help the children not even with counseling and a year later admitted they failed.

Rev. Paul E. Carrier

Their racist claws, profit-orientated talons and disaster capitalism incisors are addicted to the tasty blood of the Black woman’s child.  They’re so bold about it under Barack Obama, Susan Rice and Cheryl Mills.

Even more so than under the George W. Bush tenures of Colin Powell and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. These employees – subcontracted Black overseers – set the imperial precedent in the US for the high-level use of Black skin with Western schooled minds.  Cheryl Mills and US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, are perfecting the traditional do-gooder, charitable mask hiding the re-enslavement and plunder of Black countries like Haiti. There’s no profit in remembering Black is also a culture with soul and spiritual imperatives not to become what the Ancestors fought against, or integrate with injustice. (See, Three ideals of Dessalines.)

When the embedded Washington Post, Miami Herald, ABC news, CNN or AP are not telling us about the puppet president’s efforts (who, by the way, has no government since the Prime Minister resigned) to clear the ex-soldiers out of their old bases. The biggest “news” on Haiti today. They’re running op-eds on how the US and UN don’t want Michel Martelly to revive the old Haitian army. (Haiti government orders former soldiers to clear old bases .)

Tell me please no one believes this rubbish? This CIA-made pretense?

Remember the US and UN slaughters in Site Solèy, Bel Air, Solino, Martissant, Gran Ravine? Recall the straight up execution, when they didn’t tow the imperial line, of ex-soldier Remissainthe Ravix and Grenn Sonen by the US forces hidden behind UN guns? Come on folks. Both were executed when they stopped supporting the US occupation and coup d’etat Boca Raton government then in Haiti.

There are over 13,000 foreign soldiers on Haitian soil and their puppet government can’t get some rag-tag ex-soldiers and their new guns out of old bases? (Haiti: The Handwriting on the Wall for Martelly and the US.) You believe that and I’ve got the Brooklyn bridge to sell you.

Truly, the embedded media is a travesty. They’re shoveling plain manure into the brains of their unsuspecting readers.

All the while billions in quake monies are stolen or being used to make Haiti a tourist haven for rich Westerners. Defenseless Haiti women, boys and girls are the bodies they invade, not just our lands are being raped. (Humanitarian workers, UN soldiers sexual abusing Haiti children and Caracol Haiti Industrial Park With Projected Adverse Environmental Impact.)

And so it is with this latest Red Cross straight up stealing from the earthquake victims. (Red Cross Weighs Decision to Build Hotel in Haiti; How did the Red Cross spend $106 Million Dollars in Haiti?)

Are American taxpayers not yet tired of the perversion of good-hearted American intentions? The charity industry’s scams. Their bait and switch? (Western Traditional NGOs: Tools of War.)

Did Americans know the Red Cross was soliciting monies to build a for-profit luxury hotel when they reached into their pockets, text monies, to the Red Cross to bring relief to the Haitians they saw, on TV, with crush limbs being amputated without anesthetic?

“They’re open for business on top of our decomposed dead bodies, on top of our crushed bones, on top of our intense grief. Open for business on top of our ground water contaminated by their diseased feces. They’ve made so much money.” –Ezili Dantò, I pay this price for you

Ezili’s HLLN urges the Haitian government, if you politicos have any, any shred of dignity left, void the SOFA agreement and deport all NGOs from Haiti now.

Ezili Dantò
Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN)
March, 2012

“Boukman o nan Bwa Kayiman
Nou lonmen non w
Nou pa denounen w, nan Bwa Kayiman
Papa Boukman o, nou wè ase
Papa Boukman o, nou rive nan tobout o
Peyi nou divize, lafanmi doz-a-do.
Nou pate fè Bwa Kayiman
Pou n sèvi etranje.”


“I don’t know why it is…but since the beginning of time Haitians have been suffering” —Haitian migrant , 2009

Bill Clinton admits UN brought cholera, Haiti raped again

Seismic shifts.  Freestyling to murder Tarzan, Jane and their Uncle Toms.


“Haiti pains are a good capital asset for this industry. They wouldn’t have a job, salaries and tropical vacations and the illicit black sex they crave from Africans, without our pains, indignities, death, submissions and sufferings. Imagine swallowing the nutritional supplements, vitamins, vaccines and the other pharmaceuticals USAID insist are “aid to Haiti,” when you’ve not eaten in four days? And the HIV drugs you have to swallow are also washed down with toxic ground water, in some ways also from US/Euro/Canada gold, copper, oil, iridium, uranium, coal, marble, granite, limestone, aggregate and other mining companies who pollute Haiti’s shores and riverbeds.”  – Ezili Danto, May 17, 2010 (Poverty Pimps Masturbating on Black Pain:Monsanto Joins pack .)

In the essay, Aristide’s return and the Historical Amnesia in the International Media about Haiti,” Nick Stratton points out how the media’s – “illusory history of US-Haitian relations, provides a self-affirming, self-justifying, and self-begging rhetorical tool to only further validate US intervention in Haitian democracy—that is, obstruction and destruction thereof.”

Reviewing the top five US (WSJ, USA Today, NYT, LA Times and Washington Post) media outlet’s coverage of Aristide – mostly before the March 18, 2011 return. Stratton points out, most critically, that:

“Moreover, the mass media’s normalization of the 1991 and 2004 coup d’états effectively dismisses these moments of intense political instability as effects of Haitian internal politics. By “forgetting” well-documented history of US involvement in both—the extent to which is beyond the scope of this article, this “journalism” constructs a dangerous and illusory precedent for US military intervention and external command and control. The implications of such ideology reach far beyond any question of Aristide. Invade in 1994 to restore order to the “failing-state’s” democracy? No problem. Fund violent opposition groups in 2000 to execute the 2004 coup d’état? Nature dictates we must. Kidnap the democratically-elected president and banish him into exile on a US Air Force plane while claiming to have “saved” him from the political violence? The universe begs of us. Occupy the country with Marines after the earthquake? “History” tells us this works. Appoint Clinton as the chief architect for the future of Haiti’s reconstruction? Why not? Silence always is a more effective polemical tool of propaganda than is speech…”  

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