Stop the Cause Mercury Jamboree: Canadian Government Determines Only Safe Place for Mercury is in Your Mouth!

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Wrong of Feds to Exempt Dental Amalgam (50% Mercury) from Regulations
by Sandra Finley l The Battles
Here is ONE, easy-to-do and large action; “ STOP THE CAUSE! ” of disease.
'The Mercury Jamboree' - The Federal Government (two departments working together, Environment and Health) decided to exempt dental amalgam from the new  regulations on products that contain mercury.   It is an outrageous and unacceptable decision.

Cancer now affects 1 in 3 people (next it will be 1 in 2); MS and Parkinsons rates are high and so on.

We are taking matters into our own hands. Mercury is deadly. Dental amalgams (“silver fillings”) are 50% mercury, the largest single source of mercury.

People who know what SLOW POISONING through mercury off-gasing in the mouth can do want others to know, to spare them from potential and completely unnecessary suffering.
Help each other to remove ignorance.

The mercury also flows from dental offices, down the sewer line into our water supplies.

Diseases associated with mercury poisoning range from alzheimers to MS, cutting a wide swath.


-          A “How to” Citizens’ Assembly in Saskatoon next weekend.

-         Which we’ll videotape

-         And then post to the internet, FOR EVERYONE to use.

The programme appears below.   PLEASE spread the word.   Even if you can’t come, it’s important that people know about mercury fillings, and about the work to stop the use.   It is ONE, easy-to-do and large,  “ STOP THE CAUSE! ” of disease.

Information on mercury in dental amalgams, collected by our network, is posted at under the Category  “Health”.

SUBJECT:  You are invited! Mercury Jamboree,  March 30- 31, University of Saskatchewan, Room 146 Arts Bldg.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


And extend the invitation to others who will be interested.


Citizens’ Assembly to determine how to stop the use of dental amalgams (50% mercury)


-       Dr. Nestor Shapka, President, IAOMT (the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology),

-       G. Mark Richardson, Ph.D.,  Senior Risk Assessment Specialist, Stantec Consulting Ltd., Ottawa; author of Health Canada’s 1995 assessment of mercury exposure and risks from dental amalgam, and the 2010 assessment submitted to the US FDA.

-       Pure North, Alberta

-       Two citizens for whom removal of dental amalgams has restored health:

  1. Joseph Bourgault (St Brieux, SK).  Mr. Bourgault is a progressive businessman, entrepreneur, inventor, designer,  the President of F.P. Tillage Tools.  His is the story of an eight-year struggle to save his own life.  The primary culprit he discovered through his own research, was mercury poisoning from dental amalgams placed in his mouth during childhood and teen years.
  2. Grant Schoenroth (Radisson, SK).  Mr. Schoenroth has had his own computer business for twenty years. Following a precipitous decline in health in the fall of 2009 Grant, after much doctoring followed by many months of research on-line, discovered that mercury poisoning from dental amalgam was the sole cause of his serious and abrupt decline in health.

MERCURY JAMBOREE WHERE? Room 146,  Arts Building, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon




6:30   Doors open

7:00   Dr. Nestor Shapka, the IAOMT, presentation

7:45   Question period.

7:55   Quick stretch

8:00   Pure North, presentation

8:45   Question period.

By  9:30 pm  – empty out.



8:30     Doors open

9:00       Dr. Mark Richardson, The dilemma of finding the perfect dental material

9:45        Stretch break

9:55       Grant Schoenroth, Personal experience

10:00      Joseph Bourgault, Personal experience

10:45     Question period

11:00     MAKE IT HAPPEN    (This is how we are going to implement the cessation of amalgam dental fillings)

-       Environment Canada and Health Canada 2011 process to ban/reduce products that contain mercury.  They decided to exempt dental amalgam, the single largest source of mercury, from the new regulations.

-       Countries that have banned dental amalgam

-      Statement of our task

Choose a group:   (these may change)   Groups tasked with generating ideas for “how to” in their area.

-        Health

-        Environment

-        Addressing Government

-       Education

-       Most vulnerable

-       Media

12:00     LUNCH BREAK


1:00       Group input to plenary

Synthesis:  HOW are we going to make it happen?

3:00     WRAP-UP

3:30     ADJOURN


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