Day of Infamy in Gaza: Is Israel Gearing Up for Another Christmas Bombing Campaign?

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Breaking News from Gaza - Pictures
via Richard Lightbown
[17:44:49] jwp: Israel attacked today at rush hour in the main street, targetting a car next to a full children's playground - two dead four injured, as far as I know

[18:35:16] jwp: Al Jazeera has ignored on their tv news, and put a couple of sentences online...I have been warned that there will probably be retaliatory rocket attacks from this side, and to expect israeli attacks during the night - they killed another guy a couple of days ago, even though there have been NO rocket attacks for a month. israel said that the guys they killed today 'were planning an attack' - what bullshit, the IDF have also attacked  places in Ramallah today. Israel is completely out fo control.

[18:40:29] Richard Lightbown:  I saw the allegation that the targetted person was planning an attack near the Egyptian border and thought of the last time Gaza took the rap. I think the report said two injured also.

[18:41:20] jwp: Yes, but others said six injured, and medical sources said two dead, four injured - hard to know!!
[18:42:07] jwp: they were blown apart - bits of leg etc - check out twitter for the pics
[18:42:17] jwp: really horrible
[18:42:57] Richard Lightbown: So this is the same mystery weapon used again?
[18:43:34] jwp: seems to be
[18:43:43] jwp: dime

[18:59:04] jwp: Maan reports that 2 died, 2 injured, and says one was Hamas and one fateh
[18:59:39] jwp: they have already fired some rockets into the Negev and Israel has responded but no-one was injured...yet
[19:00:10] Richard Lightbown: Israel has responded? With a new attack?
[19:00:25] jwp: they are being really provocative - wish the guys here wouldn't fall for it though!
[19:00:28] jwp: yes
[19:00:35] jwp: Zeitoun
[19:00:50] jwp: at about 5.40

[19:01:51] jwp: Hamas on Thursday demanded that Israel cease attacks on Gaza, after an airstrike killed two members of armed groups in the center of the enclave.

Israel's leader should be tried for war crimes, the statement said.

A Hamas spokesman, Fawzi Barhoum, said “the enemy wants to export its internal and external crises to Gaza, and it wants to impose a new formula on the resistance after it won in the prisoner’s deal.”

He said Israel holds "full responsibility for today’s crime," and demanded that the Arab League and the international community intervene to stop attacks on the Palestinian people in Gaza.

The strike killed Issam Subhi al-Batsh and Subhi Alaa al-Batsh, members of military wings affiliated with Hamas and Fatah, officials from both armed groups said.

The Israeli army said it targeted al-Batsh and another person, who were "both affiliated with a terrorist squad that intended to execute a terrorist attack against Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers via the western border."

A spokesman for the Gaza government, Taher al-Nunu, also condemned the bombing and expressed concern about a series of threats made by Israel in the lead up to the strike.

Al-Nunu called on Egypt and the UN to intervene as soon as possible.  

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