Somalia: Extra! Earth

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Somalia, Extra on Earth
by Ahmed Shiine
Living under the shadows of extreme famine, accursed astray shells and eradicating explosion of fatal chemicals, the abject population of Somalia are feebly standing on their final legs. And if not eminently assisted, they might alter to a very unusual society of zero sympathy.
The incessant insecurity is the major factor that prevented people from getting the first step on the ladder of life. The endless civil war banned people from all kinds of improvement, and the exceeded anxiety was gradually increasing for the past twenty years. The distress, misery and sorrow took the lives of unrecorded innocents. The scrawny survivors were severely obligated to live under a constant displacement.
The vulnerable civilians were forced to flee back and forth. And they never got the chance to reorganize themselves and establish a new way of living.

The fortune based power struggle in Somalia, allowed each and every group in this world to easily engage a very inexpensive local agent, who can utterly implement their hidden agendas in that abandoned nation. That horribly placed the harmless women and children in the front lines of internationally opposing political strategies.

For over twenty years, the scarcity of essential needs in Somalia was almost common, but the availability of lethal arms and ammunitions was abundantly overwhelming. At least a quarter of it’s population were already buried under the ground. The tiny leftovers are still on the line of death, unless indirectly compelled to cross the border and gather inside the refugees camps of neighboring countries, where they turn to endorsed cheques of tremendous hard currencies.
Those who continued their survival journey are irrationally imprisoned in many other countries in that region. Illegal fishing, hunting and the dumping of industrial waste products, are still ongoing in that uncontrolled land. For decades Somalia was sealed off from the world, and what was happening in that small country was absolutely unknown. 
Though the world intentionally ignored, and left Somalia in the middle of the worst crises in the history of mankind, Somalis also neglected themselves. And most likely, they were sleepwalking to where they are. Many countries of similar illness were zealously saved before. But obviously, the evaporating east African country was deliberately disregarded.

The exceeded number of rival agitators that are racing abreast indicates that Somalia is extra on earth, and no one is essentially eager to assist.  Somalia needs to stand on it’s own.

The negative impacts of avoidable political games are now visible. Your final closing stage, can be different than the expected one. At the end of a costly transformation process, the chances of deterioration will still exist, and the long-awaited manufactured outcome could be much worse than the original input. 

Ahmed A. Nur (Shiine) is a freelance writer based in Toronto, Canada

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