Stop the Presses! Iran Plot Revealed!!

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Stop the Presses! Iran Plot Revealed!!
by C. L. Cook l Pacific Free Press
I should say, stop the press! A choreographed media event alleging an Iranian plot to explode various Washington, D.C. targets was staged today.
Lacking only lightning storm sound effects and a Greek chorus behind him, FBI director Robert Mueller admitted it all sounded like a "Hollywood movie script."
Plot like "a Hollywood movie script."
The storyline goes: Two dastardly Iranians, (cue mustache twirlers) team up with a Mexican drug cartel hit man to whack Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States.
Though not subtle, the hit is to be effective, employing a bomb placed in the diplomat's favourite upscale eatery in downtown D.C.
And, if the prospect of dozens of dead and mangled beltway denizen diners littering the tony Cafe Milano isn't enough bang for the movie-going buck, the hit man is tasked too to then blow the Saudi embassy, (and for good measure make a side-job of the Israeli embassy).
Wowzer!! Sounds like a Summertime blockbuster, alright! But before the press goes off the deep end with this ... what's that? ... too late... Well, before bombing Iran back into the Stone Age over this ... OK? ... some context, and a look at the facts might be warranted.

The Obama administration's massive media assault today was designed for maximum impact; it was meant to convey a sense of urgency, a sense of imminent danger. Indeed, the momentous import and peril of today's announcement was emphasized by a simultaneous State Department Global Terrorism alert warning Americans "around the world" as the AP put it, of potential terrorist attacks against U.S. interests.
Even now, the breathless CNN news loop, (and presumably FOX too) is veritably foaming at the mouth with fait non accompli, faux scenarios frightening enough to send its viewers into the night, creating runs on Duck tape, bottled water and Depends. Quick, quick the matter is of the moment!
But is it?
Fact is, one of the two men indicted for alleged involvement in this alleged plot was arrested two weeks ago. The other has apparently disappeared, (though I expect he will end up on the wrong end of a Predator when the time is most politically advantageous).
The drug running hit man it turns out is a DEA agent, turning his marks from a life of crime by plea-deals; just like any number of antagonists played by leading men like Cary Grant, or Bruce Willis.
"Look here Mendoza, either you play along or it's the hoosegow for you, comprende?"
Okay, that's stupid. CNN's Piers Morgan thinks it more James Bondian.
"I say, look here, Blofeld..."
Now, this would be a good laugh if not for the six-plus year effort by the United States and its media circus to draw a war-weary nation into yet another war in the Near East. From fabulous accounts of Iranian Jews made to sew coloured triangles on their clothing, to the repeated assertions of an Iranian nuclear weapons program, to the ever ratcheting up of sanctions, the drum beat for a war against Iran has been ceaseless.
So far, Americans are well served resisting the media's urging to attack Iran. It would be no "cake walk," like knocking off Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Lebanon, and Yemen; Iran is armed.

The Iranian government, predictably denies the plot, claiming the whole thing is a calculated, "prefabricated scenario" meant to distract attention from economic meltdown, and the growing clamour of disenchanted citizens laying claim to squares and parks in protest of government corruption and crony capitalism run amok in America.

Undeterred by the absence of due process, president Obama and secretary of state Clinton let be known their respective outrage, the president calling the (alleged) plot a "flagrant violation of U.S. and international law" while Ms. Clinton told the press the "United States will seek to further isolate Iran" as has already been done.

Third man in, Attorney-General Eric Holder, doubtless relieved to see his Mexican "fast and furious" scandal over-shadowed intoned gravely;

“In addition to holding these individual conspirators accountable for their alleged role in this plot, the United States is committed to holding Iran accountable for its actions."

"Arbabsiar and Shakuri are charged with conspiracy to murder a foreign official, conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction, and conspiracy to commit an act of international terrorism, among others.”   

What is left largely unasked so far is why Iran would consider such an outrageous plot, and why would they leave it in the hands of the obviously inept agents allegedly charged to carry it out? What on Earth could Iran possibly gain by this?

These are important considerations, as are any that draw this incredible account into doubt. Ten years ago this month, the first acts of revenge for the still untried 9/11 attacks began. Since then, millions have been killed, maimed, orphaned, and made homeless.
If anything is to have been learned by this great blood-letting decade it must be the determination to question official narratives, and a dedicated resistance to media that would play cheerleader for yet another disastrous war.

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