A Song for Bradley Manning

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NEW VIDEO:  "Song for Bradley Manning"
by David Rovics
A team of professionals in Oslo finished editing the video a few days ago, and it kicks butt.  Serious time, skill and money went into making this thing -- but the cause is a darn good one, and hopefully the high quality of the video gets gobs of downloads, if people like it enough to share it a lot... 
The link: http://www.youtube.com/user/pisquethethird#p/a/u/0/ljh5RRrPHsQ

That link takes you to the YouTube page of the director, Ritchie Cavender-Cole.  On that very page, in the very near future, you will also find a second video we made together for my song about the Tunisian revolution, "Tunisia 2011," so check back in a couple days for that!  And if you like the songs, you can download the entire 13-song recording, Big Red Sessions, here (for free or by donation, as one big WAV or MP3 file, or as individual songs): http://davidrovics.com/big-red-sessions/new-album.php

NEW SONG:  "Corporations Are People, Too"

I've been meaning to write this song for a while, but when I heard about Mitt Romney's latest episode of upper-class idiocy the muse beckoned...  You can find a decidedly unprofessional iPhone broadside of it here (and other new songs and videos to the right of your screen): http://www.youtube.com/user/drovics?feature=mhee#p/a/u/0/dORXlK_GdPE


Aside from the one other coming up from the folks in Oslo, there are 5 more videos that Chris Chandler is going to be working on.  He made a bunch of great videos for me 6 years ago, including one for "New Orleans," where he lived when I was in his band...  The videos he made back then represent some of the best of me on YouTube, for sure.  Here's "New Orleans" (the rest of the ones he made are to the right of your screen there): http://www.youtube.com/davidrovics#p/u/7/mwlnxLijS8g


The tours continue...  Next is Greece, Germany, Portugal, Ireland, England, then back to North America to play in New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, North Carolina, Illinois, Michigan, and lots more...  What's confirmed so far, as always, is front and center right here: http://davidrovics.com/

Black Flags and Windmills TRAILER

This is a fantastic 4-minute trailer made to publicize what looks to be an even better book which tells a vitally important story, that of the grassroots mobilization to rebuild New Orleans, and the way in which national, state and local authorities have impeded progress at every turn. http://vimeo.com/27543529  

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