Canada Resisting War Criminals, Arresting George W. Bush

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The Swiss Caused Geo Bush to Cancel his Visit to Switzerland, Can We Do the Same? Bush Speaking in Surrey B.C. Thur. October 20, 2011
by Sandra Finley l The Battles
George Bush was in Canada in 2009  (Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Montreal).  

We were heavily involved in efforts to have him arrested. (Click on  Arrest George Bush.  Rule of Law essential to democracy.). It’s a list of some of the efforts that are on-going through many organizations in the world to have Bush tried for war crimes.  

The heat on Bush keeps building. Earlier there were countries (Spain an example) where he did not dare to go for fear of being arrested. He cancelled out on an appearance in Geneva (Feb 2011) in the wake of loud protests by the Swiss, calling for his arrest when he arrived. 

Internationally, organizations are mobilizing around Bush’s appearance in Surrey BC in October, see “CONTENTS”  below. Gail Davidson, Lawyers Against the War (LAW), is working on getting the legal arguments to the authorities (as we did in the 2009 go-around).   Splitting-the-Sky (John Boncore) who attempted a citizens’ arrest in Calgary in 2009 is already in action (item #4).

Please get the word to people in the lower mainland of B.C., especially. Peace organizations will want to know. And others that come to your mind. Thanks! 
“Security… it’s simply the recognition that changes will take place and the knowledge that you’re willing to deal with whatever happens. … When you know that you’re capable of dealing with whatever comes, you have the only security the world has to offer.” 
– Harry Browne              

From the Calgary Bush event we learned WHO buys the tickets to hear Bush: 

  • the big corporate law firms  (Bennett Jones Law Firm was a sponsor)
  • the politicians like to rub shoulders.

They are pretty fickle if they know they might be confronted with their duplicity in the breach of laws – - -  if anyone knows the law, it should be them! 

Saskatoon, 2009:   I went thru the Yellow Pages and picked out the email addresses for the Law Firms.  Sent them a letter regarding the law and Bush and the requests for his arrest.  Also contacted the Law Foundation and sent the info to them.   To S’toon City Councillors, too,  early in the game. 

The organizers went bust on ticket sales.  They had to give tickets away in large numbers in order to have the appearance of an audience.  Brett Wilson (of CBC, Dragons Den fame) was one of the organizers.  I contacted his lawyer, had a good conversation,  told him that the letters had gone to the law firms;  Wilson might at least want to know the content  - -  the package on Bush also went to him.

Word spreads in the old boys network, some are fickle  – -  or maybe they just need to have the breach of laws drawn to their attention.  They also need to be reminded of what they were taught in law school:  everyone is equal before the law, including Geo Bush.   The media doesn’t tell people the laws and the evidence of the breach of laws that Bush is responsible for.   

Action items will come.  I searched for a facebook organizing group, didn’t find one;  would be great if someone would set one up.  For now,  let’s just concentrate on spreading the word.   Bush is scheduled to come.  We are going to do our part, same as the people in Switzerland.   The rule of law is essential to democracy and we are willing to mobilize to insist on it. 

NOTE:   FOR UPDATES,  please go to the blog,, to the “Categories” in the right-hand sidebar, to “Peace or violence” and “Geo Bush, War Criminal”. Check periodically. I don’t always get the updates circulated by email.


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