Military Contractor Counting Canadian Heads

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Did you recently receive your “2011 Census” in the mail? 
by Sandra Finley
Birgit did.  I did.   

It’s a buff-coloured envelope that unfolds.  It is one page of directions for how to obtain your census form: 

  1. Online using the “secure access code” provided.
  2. By phoning a 1-800 number and inputting your “secure access code” for them to send you a paper form.

 My census information for the Government is 3 words  “No Lockheed Martin”.  

The sub-title on the envelope is “Complete the census – it’s the law.”


Please consider forwarding this to fellow citizens. 

For those who are not aware of Lockheed Martin’s (the American military’s) role in the Canadian census and in Canada, scroll down to the last paragraph. 

The large influence of Lockheed Martin, their intentions, and the seriousness, is apparent if you glance through the information assembled by this network, The Battles.  See the last line of this posting.

  • Hmm . . . the Prime Minister is the “leader” for our country.   
  • The Government of Stephen Harper was found guilty of contempt of Parliament.  That’s about the highest breaking-of-the-law there is for the Prime Minister of Canada.  Unprecedented. 
  • If I follow my leader, Stephen Harper,  I will . . . break the law with impunity.  Everyone is equal under the law.  I guess the way Stephen Harper sees himself in relation to the law (it doesn’t apply) is the way that I should see myself in relation to the law.   HOWEVER!  … continue   
  • However,  I value democracy.  I have put a lot of effort into supporting the rule-of-law.   Scroll down to  on-going warnings to the Government of Canada, starting as early as 2005.  They are undermining the rule-of-law.  Stephen Harper is just the pinnacle. 

From my election brochure:  The leadership of Canada believes no one cares if they break the law. No rule of law means no Democracy.  Danger zone. 

It turns out it’s up to citizens to enforce the rule of law in Canada.   If we do not, as is so clear in the case of the census,  the laws are used as instruments of intimidation and coercion against us.  In the census example, the threat of prosecution, jail time and a fine are used to take away our Charter Right to Privacy of Personal Information.

 Note that although the Harper Government announced last year that the census long form is no longer mandatory,  they never did change the law.  


Wayne Smith concludes his 2011 Census instructions saying: 

  • “By law, your responses will be kept confidential”     

That is an absurd statement:

  1. The Prime Minister of Canada does not believe in the rule-of-law.
  2. The stories about serious breaches of security around electronic data bases are on-going and too numerous to keep up with.  The most spectacular is the leaking of massive volumes of confidential U.S. Government files to Wikileaks.   

Wayne Smith is relying on our wish to feel secure.  He just has to tell us that everything is fine, Big Daddy is looking after our best interests.  

OUR ROLE, according to StatsCan:  PUT WHAT WE KNOW ASIDE, and fall into the ever-loving arms of Wayne Smith and the American military (Lockheed Martin).  

Creatures who are naïve do not survive. 


People are doing wonderful, creative and funny things with the census!   I am going to start posting some of them to “The Battles”.   

NOTE:  I am hoping that a couple of people will re-send their input on the census – I lost it.  I was laughing out loud!  Good stuff to share with others.  But then I maxed out on Outlook capacity – again – and had to delete emails.


Scroll down, post your thoughts about the Lockheed Martin Census in the “Comments” box. 

If you wish to remain anonymous, just tell me  – - I have to “approve the comment” before anyone else can see it.  I can delete your name before approving. 



I have been telling the Government through official channels (e.g. Privy Council Office) that they are undermining the rule of law.  Click on:

 It turns out it’s up to citizens to enforce the rule of law in Canada. 

- – - – -  – - –  – — -  – - – - – - – - -

 My census information for the Government is  “No Lockheed Martin”.  

- – - – - -  – - – - – - – - – - – -



Summary arguments:

Officials responsible,   Government of Canada,   for census contracts with Lockheed Martin Corporation (American military). 

Go to the INDEX for a chronological listing of supporting information.


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