If you look up in the sky today: Con vs Chem Trails

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If you look up in the sky today:
Con vs Chem Trails
by Arthur Topham


One of the main responses given by naysaying sheep who refuse to look up at the sky yet continually bleat out the phrase, “Baaaaa, it’s only a contrail that’s taking a little more time to melt and disappear,” is precisely this argument that what we’re witnessing daily in our skies is but the remains of frozen water crystals that, due to the cold temperatures of the atmosphere, are hindered in their eventual melting due to temperature and cannot possibly be anything else.  This is a pat answer I’ve heard again and again for years.
[Admin Note: This young lady (a friend of a friend of mine) looking you in the eye is serious. She's one sheep that finally decided to go against the grain and actually look up! What she saw convinced her that she was being sprayed from overhead by an assortment of toxic substances, none of which were very appealing or healthy. Once she realized what was actually occurring in the sky she was not a happy sheep. Just knowing that the grass she was forced to eat contained an assortment of heavy metals (toxic) and other possible pathogens didn't do much to electrify her appetite. So she is now  a concerned sheep and starting to ask us two-leggeds frank, pointed questions. She deserves a logical and reasonable explanation. Will she get it? That waits to be seen.]
Well, fortunately for the truth concerning this issue I was lucky enough over the past couple of days to be able to monitor the skies between Cottonwood where I live and the city of Quesnel about 25 km west located on the banks of the Fraser river.
[For complete article features, please see original at BCCA here.]

On Thursday, February 24, 2011 I was in the city of Quesnel on business and happened to be standing in the parking lot of one of the big chain stores as dusk was approaching. From this perspective the sun sets across a western horizon of plateau and low mountain ranges eventually disappearing into the Coast range and in some ways resembles Montana, also known as the Big Sky country.

The temperature outside was around -20C; not exactly a tropical day by any stretch of the imagination nor a good example of what some folks like to call “global warming.”

It had been one of those extremely rare days in my memory when no jets had passed over the night or early morning skies to release their noxious cargo of poisonous chemical rain into our atmospheric commons. Thanks to this fact I was able to get a few photos showing how the skies used to look in this area of the province before the psychopaths commenced their experiments in weather modification and global eugenics.

The following images, taken at my place 25 km east of Quesnel, illustrate what used to be a relatively normal occurrence where clear, sunny, cold temperatures lasted for days, if not weeks. Blue skies that on occasion filled with billowing and brilliant white clouds that burst out like flowers in bloom.

Here, in the photo above, we’re looking south from my front door. Such skies and such days were commonplace in the Cariboo in years gone by but not just the Cariboo.
I can recall living in Vancouver in the mid to late 60s and during February in Vancouver it inevitably meant cold days and clear, blue skies.
Sea wall walks around Stanley Park were a big bonus during these periods of cold, dry, clear days of sunshine.
Sky so blue that even Photoshop stands in awe.
View to the north.
View to the east.
Famed Cottonwood House (a km down the road from my home), a roadhouse, ranch and farm established back in the 1860s for weary gold miners and travelers.
We’re looking east toward Wells and Barkerville and Bowron Lakes. Not a cloud anywhere. Again, common in the 70s and 80s and most of the 90s.
This same clear, bright, sunny sky prevailed throughout the whole of the morning, afternoon and into the evening.
It was a rare treat to behold for someone who has almost grown accustomed to seeing the sinister outlines of chemtrails on a daily basis in this part of beautiful British Columbia.
The following shots are those taken in the parking lot in Quesnel just as the sun was setting.
Here we see a jet approaching Quesnel from a NW direction. It’s plain that the trail it is leaving behind is short and is quickly disappearing.
Here we see it coming closer yet. The setting sun is catching the ice crystals and lighting up the contrail against the darkening backdrop of the evening sky.

Contrail 3Here I was able to grab my 200mm telephoto lens and get an even closer shot of the contrail. The original, larger format practically shows the underside of the jet. Again, the trail it is leaving is in extremely cold temperatures yet we can easily see it evaporating before our eyes within seconds thus providing obvious proof that the naysayer’s arguments are groundless and false.

The times of clear, sunny winter days, of course, are now long gone. Instead we live in an age akin to that of the mosquito or some uninviting larvae or “weed,” deemed unfit to exist and therefore in need of fumigating and elimination. Such, it might appear, has become our fate.

So how do we wake up the majority of people who are still firm addicts of the illusionary mainstream media and cannot conceive of formulating and maintaining an opinion of their own separate from Big Brother’s perspectives and objectives?

There are now countless reports of incidents of chemtrail spraying going on daily around the world yet the media turns a blind eye to them as if, in doing so, no one will notice what’s going on. This is subterfuge of the worst kind and ultimately can only be construed as being criminal, both in nature and intent. Eventually, media, governments and those at the root, responsible for this act of terrorism against the planet and her myriad species of life forms, will be held accountable.

For now we must continue to publish the evidence and do whatever we can to get the sheeple to stop and listen and finally look up. We also need to bombard every public media venue and government agency with the research and DEMAND answers to our legitimate questions about this nightmare now unfolding in the skies above us.


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