No Reservation: O'Reilly Idiocy Given Main Stage in Obama Interview

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"Going off the reservation"- Bill O'Reilly Able to Offend
Anyone, Anytime in the Name of "Journalism"
by Shelley Bluejay Pierce
Super Bowl Sunday, 2011 - Like most people, I settled into my living room for a long afternoon of football. During the pre-game show, a rare opportunity was afforded Fox News and Bill O'Reilly. Sitting inside the White House, O'Reilly was given time to interview President Barack Obama.

When I saw this segment coming on the television, I felt myself getting uncomfortable at the mere thought of how O'Reilly would behave in this setting.

Well, I wasn't disappointed as once again, the Fox News anchorman blabbered his way into history as being rude, arrogant, and demeaning and now? I can add the word, "clueless."

As the questions were being thrown at the President, in rapid fire succession, little opportunity was given for Obama to truly answer. No, O'Reilly had to keep interrupting him and inserting his own commentary into the interview as if HIS opinions were of higher value than that of the U.S. President.

Nothing surprising here I suppose.

When the topic of the new government coming to pass in Egypt was mentioned, O'Reilly truly showed his insensitivity and disrespect.
When asking the President which group was going to ultimately gain power in Egypt, he mentioned the groups that may accomplish this and mentioned the various Islamic groups that this would include. Instead of allowing the President to answer the question fully, O'Reilly inserted his commentary, AGAIN! but this time managed to insult the entire Native American people of the USA.

How you ask?

O'Reilly stated to the President that the USA would not want certain groups in power in Egypt because they might take the country in
directions that may not benefit the USA and our allies. Then, O'Reilly opened his mouth and inserted not just his foot, but his entire leg! He referred to the groups that may take Egypt in this direction as, "Going off the reservation...."

Now, Bill? Let me tell you something here... “going off the reservation” is NOT a comment you want to make unless you are truly intending to insult the Indigenous people of the USA. This is not a comment to be made to the President of the USA that has shown enormous support for Native people.

Let's just put it this way Bill, old buddy... you haven't a clue what it means to "go off the reservation." You also have no clue about what it is like to live ON the reservation. Being on reservations is no cake walk Bill. Our People are proud and we are from an entirely different cultural background than you, of course. But there is one thing that we should share in common... respect.

We are in a new time Bill. We have our first African American as President. We have people of all races and religions holding the various offices in the government. What planet did you come from Bill!? One where respect, manners and the like are never taught?

Apparently so.

I tried my best to finish watching the Super Bowl pre-game show but instead, found myself here....writing angrily about a news outlet that has lost its dignity and respect amidst the American public. You interrupt and badger the President, who, amazingly, even honored Fox News with this rare interview.

Bill? Don't use expressions that offend entire races of people in this country. Learn some manners and then? Maybe, just maybe, we the people of the USA will grant you our ears.

Until then?

Just shut the hell up will you?


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