The Hope Conspiracy Revealed

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We Are Never Wrong
by Peter Chamberlin
We have to stop thinking of the organized effort to control society as a dark conspiracy and learn to see its very existence as a sign of hope.  If a small group of evil men can figure-out a way to take control of human fate, then other groups of intelligent men and women with the best intentions should be just as capable of learning how to break their control.
Hope is the commodity that we are most in need of at this time.  If we look at the plot to control mankind’s destiny through the lens of “conspiracy,” we feel compelled to surrender to the broken spirit of hopelessness, thinking that our situation is above human resolution. 
This is the weakness of spirit that compels many to look for outside intervention from a divine or extraterrestrial source, or else from imaginary unions of upright moral men.  We will find that no one else will save us. 
It is a task which we must accomplish for ourselves.
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The world is in the unbelievable mess it is in not by accident, but because of an ancient plan.  All the money and power in the world cant’ make anything better by themselves, simply because the people with all the power, who control nearly all the money, won’t let things get better until they get what they want.  What they want isn’t merely the Asian oil and gas resources; what they want is the entire world.

The existential problems we face today as a Nation are the symptoms of a long-term condition of deterioration, where the rot has had plenty of time to settle in.  Presidents only have 4-8 years to try to set the country on the path to recovery (if any of them was ever of a mind to try), but the powerful individuals and families who are causing all the trouble have their entire lifetimes in their positions of ill-gotten power to screw things up.  With their hands on the bank accounts of every politician, they work with their stables full of lifetime representatives to create the perception that change is afoot, even though they work twice as hard making sure that everything remains the same.

The many problems that W. inherited from Bill Clinton and from his father (not to mention the mountain of crises created by the father of the neoconservative revolution, Ronnie Ray-guns) were without simple solutions, these things were never meant to be solved.  In our great social experiment in the behavioral science of the “strategy of tension,” problems are created as solutions unto themselves; crises are opportunities for social control that presidents are to “manage” (as in “conflict management”).

Proof of this can be seen in the continuity of political, military, economic and legal decisions made by successive administrations of alternating political parties.  If the two parties really had differing interests, then policies would have swung back and forth between polar extremes.  But this never happens.  Despite the fact that every candidate for office campaigns on promises to correct the misguided policies of his predecessor, no president has ever fulfilled his promises to correct anything.  Social problems are created with the intention of allowing them to compound, or accumulate, until they approach something like a “critical mass.”  When society is agitated to this point, then controlled events and reactions to them provide the means to full control, without resorting to massive force.  “Conflict management” is a very real behavioral science and it is made possible by an intimate knowledge of human reactions to shocking events.

Our behavior is not actually “controlled,” it is predicted.  That’s one of humanity’s principle traits—our actions are usually predictable.  With the astounding technology available to those who wish to direct the course of human destiny, it is fairly obvious that American leaders probably understood beforehand just what the negative reactions will be to any American action.  Nasty little backlashes to American policies like “al Qaida” are never really “bolts out of the blue.”  It is usually fairly easy for anyone to foresee certain reactions, if they are familiar with the person actors who are involved.

With the right analytical hardware and software, it should be possible for anyone to predict some future events with a high degree of accuracy.  If negative reactions to American policies such as the 911 attacks were anticipated by the planners beforehand, then the fact that they were allowed to take place becomes proof that they had been incorporated into the master plan.  It is highly probably that our leaders knew 911 would be a horrific day, yet they did nothing to deter the attacks, and probably took significant steps to guarantee a successful outcome leading to perpetual war and world government.

Every president builds on the mistakes of his predecessors, adopting and adapting all the idiotic mistakes, making them his own.  Obama became Bush, just as Bush became Clinton the globalist, interventionist, war-hawk before him.  The hybridized mutant policies that grew out of these compounded errors were each president’s personal “window dressing,” to cover a central plan that has never changed or swayed one iota from its sick original goals, which were formulated many decades ago.  If each president was really “his own man,” following his own best ideas and solutions for what is clearly wrong with our country, then this binding thread of continuity of purpose and plan would not exist.  But, “exist,” it clearly does.

The problem with running a government that never admits error is that each new administration is saddled with baggage generated by the past.  Instead of ending defective popular programs from the previous administration, the new president merely bent each program to his liking, producing freakish new programs which gave with one hand, while taking back with the other.  Such programs continued to produce mandated increases to cover inflationary cost increases, yet they contained contradictory “needs based” standards which usually confiscated whatever was given.

Nothing else seemed to be possible in a system of government which never admits its mistakes or corrects its past errors.  Bureaucracy always multiplies itself if given the opportunity.  The same applies to military bureaucracy; it always finds ways to multiply itself, also by replicating past mistakes.  In our case, the strategy of redundancy provided the easiest (though most dangerous) solution.  American military strategy was to replicate small copies of the US Army in allied countries.

Clinton’s sadly mistaken policies compounded Reagan’s error of allowing CIA Dir. Wm. Casey to ship militants to Uzbekistan and the Ferghana Valley.  The intervention-loving Democrat president shamelessly created the “Islamist” mercenary forces who operated in “liberated” Soviet space, from Bosnia, to Chechnya, to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.  These militants were all ours.  Clinton’s “Islamist” armies waged war in the former Yugoslavia, in both Chechen wars, as well as in the Tajik civil war.

Bush Jr. merely revived the same policy, using the same militant leaders in the same locations, with similar results.  Only Bush had his military minds adapt a less violent “democratic-revolutionary” counterpart for his “Islamist” forces, putting the behavioral conditioners to work softening-up the ground in countries that offered no military openings.  This gave us the series of “colored revolutions” in Eurasia.

By contracting-out much of these operations to private security firms and foreign governments without oversight, it has become easier for the international networks of criminals, militants, arms-traders, drug-runners to coalesce into a powerful force which operates outside of all laws.  Thanks to Bush and Cheney, some folks refer to the International militant networks as “al Qaida,” even though bin Laden’s real organization only consisted of a few thousand Arab and N. African militants.

After each illegal covert paramilitary operation, where contractors were secretly supplied with Soviet military equipment, often using American military transport (SEE:  The Tuzla Airlift–Sometimes History Refuses to Be Silent), the controllable remnants of these private armies were either absorbed into standing national militaries, or transferred to the next secret war.  The wild, unreliable remnants of the private armies split-off into smaller private networks, each independently pursuing its own goals.  Even though broken-down into separate militant components, all of these mercenary forces continued to serve the mission of the planners, by sowing destabilization wherever they went and whoever they hooked-up with.

In Europe, some of the right-wing nationalists and their networks of friends merged with the “stay behind forces” created by American and British military intelligence to fight covert “low-level insurgencies” against their allies in liberal democrat European governments.  These were the so-called “Gladio” forces.  Gladio was basically a large series of interconnected psychological warfare experiments conducted upon America’s European allies, without their consent, much like the illegal US syphilis research conducted on Guatemalans without consent which Obama recently apologized for.  Gladio provided the American military with the valuable lab results it needed before designing the global Gladio program which we are engulfed in.

The terror war is a global campaign to force worldwide acceptance of a distorted redefinition of words certain words like “terrorism,” and “aggression,” in order to paint our own acts of state terrorism as self-defense.  This purposeful distortion of everyday reality has produced the expected state of cognitive dissonance in the population at large, making the blurring of other lines much easier.  By forcing the people to accept that “black is white” and to hold contradictory beliefs, they are left confused, not knowing what to think.  They are stunned.  The introduction of further shock or extreme tension to someone in this confused state of mind produces fear and a reaction to run away or withdraw from the source of the tension.  In this manner, groups of select people are herded like frightened cattle, in whatever direction the controllers want to stampede them.

The shock of the 911 event is a steering force.  Since the early days of the wars which followed this event, the American people have been bounced from steering event to steering event.  We have become extremely weary from all of this bouncing.  We don’t bounce so easily anymore.  They have cried “wolf” once too often, Obama is slowly finding out.  Hopefully, we will one day discover that the strategy of terror was self-defeating, meaning that it was better suited to short term operations, since the shock value diminished with successive events.  Targeted populations became accustomed to the constant shocks.  Constant terrorism in places like Peshawar has hardened the wills of many people just as much as it has broken the will of others.

Obama is continuing a very big mistake of Bush and Cheney by continuing the pipeline wars in the traditional/unconventional American way, that of using  “Islamists” to gain an unfair advantage over Russia and Gazprom on their “home turf” in Central Asia.  Instead of working with Russia, China and others to find solutions to the sadly mistaken and corrupt energy policies set down by Bush and Cheney, Obama is continuing their mistakes and making them worse.  America is sticking to its guns, continuing the war in Afghanistan, relying on military force wherever we can, bribing and extorting our partners in crime, to take or buy what we want, instead of finding acceptable common ground with others for turning a planned military solution into an international logistics problem, one carried-out for the common good.

Now that Obama has inherited this mélange of compounded errors from his predecessors, he finds that the less extreme options of both the military and the revolutionary angles have largely played-out.  He is backed into a corner and has no choices left to him, except to begin trying to solve some of the previous mistakes, even if that means forgetting about a second term and taking a stand for truth against his powerful backers and handlers.  The problem with Obama is that he doesn’t seem to realize that he has reached the end of his rope.  Tinkering with revisions to the mistakes, making cosmetic changes around the edges of separate dilemmas, is only making matters worse by running-out the ticking clock and wasting money on imaginary solutions which solve nothing.

His so-called “reset” with Russia is not a change, it is a continuation of America’s primary strategy, merely an open acknowledgement of what has always been the central goal of the plan.  That central goal is the merger of American and Russian power into one central world government—the “New World Order” hinted at by George H.W. Bush in his infamous “New World Order” speech.

1990-09-11  Joint session to Congress after Iraq invasion of Kuwait:

“A new partnership of nations has begun.

We stand today at a unique and extraordinary moment. The crisis in the Persian Gulf, as grave as it is, also offers a rare opportunity to move toward an historic period of cooperation. Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective — a new world order — can emerge….together with Arabs, Europeans, Asians, and Africans in defense of principle and the dream of a new world order….old adversaries like the Soviet Union and the United States can work in common cause.”

This merger between East and West was to be accomplished by an equalization of economic status and political status.  As things got worse here, they steadily improved in the neo-Soviet world, once recovery from the Soviet empire’s collapse had begun.  Every American president in my own lifetime has pushed destructive central policies which have amounted to a systematic destruction of American industrial and economic power.  All of them have shepherded policies which have steadily lowered American living standards and eliminated opportunities, while simultaneously elevating the living standards in foreign lands by exporting American investment and industry in a calculated effort to cripple American labor.  Focused primarily on equalizing the economic, political and legal standards between the United States and the former Soviet Union, economic order has been established in Russia, while economic chaos threatens to prevail over the entire United States.

But it is in the political realm where the equalizing of the status quo has become most apparent.  Using the excuse of a more efficient terror war, American political rights have been steadily diminished, to more closely approximate the neo-Soviet ideas of “democracy” that are being developed by Putin and Medvedev.  Just last week, the FBI raided the homes of political activists in Minneapolis and Iowa in connection to a terrorism investigation.  The government agents were investigating antiwar activists, looking for evidence to charge them with supporting terrorism.:

Suddenly, the government has decided to go fishing, looking for justification to shut the mouths of ordinary American citizens who care enough about their country to openly disagree with the war plans or solutions that have been given to major catastrophes.  By this reasoning, I guess that I should expect a loud knock at my door in the middle of the night or early morning, as should all of you who are reading this.  I have always known that it would one day come to an hour when the fascists who are swarming like flies at the base of our decaying form of government would emerge from the ruins to eat us all alive.  That is why all of us in the free blogosphere must double our efforts to spread truth and save America from the evil which is destroying our Constitutional rights.

These immoral raids were the work of a government desperate to win a victory in the American homeland which it cannot hope to win on the real battlefields in Asia.  America’s terror war has always been about expanding its arena of complete control into the “Third World,” but more specifically, into the former USSR.  In the process, US leaders have failed and endangered every alliance because of our military gambit.  Critics of this failed policy must be silenced, hence the FBI raids, as well as the expanded Internet wiretaps.  Obama is following Putin/Medvedev’s Russian model of “Sovereign Democracy” to remove the pesky aspects of First Amendment rights from American soil, as a preliminary step to world dictatorship enforced by the American/Soviet alliance.

How far are we now from seeing full-blown neo-soviet style “democracy” in the United States?  How far is it really between the two positions, when you consider the state of protest in both countries?  In Russia, protests against government policy can only take place if they are government approved.  In America it is much the same.  Protestors are confined at major political conventions to authorized protest areas.  Putin has suggested that authorities should bash a few skulls of those who hold illegal protests.  In places as diverse as London and Pittsburgh, American and British police have been doing just that, using clubs and tear gas to corral protests into blind allies and cul-de-sacs.   How far are we from the complete synchronization of American democracy with neo-Soviet “democracy”?   The only real difference may be that here opposition reporters and political activists do not yet disappear in the middle of the night, or get snatched off busy city streets at high noon?  At least we know where those arrested in the Midwest still are.   That one difference could disappear with the stroke of Obama’s pen.

That is why it is so important that people make an extra effort right now to spread the truth about our messy reality, before we lose access to the Internet, as well as our First Amendment rights.  We still have the right to peaceably assemble and to express our common outrage at the lack of progress in world affairs that is a product of our broken electoral system, which never corrects its mistakes.  We still have the ability to communicate freely, even though it should be understood by all that every word that we write or speak through the electronic media is being analyzed by data-mining, behavioral profiling, super-computers.

The day will soon be upon us where no one can communicate; the merger between East and West will have been completed.  On that day, many will lose their freedom, as well as their lives.  Until then, we will not let a few arrests in Iowa or Minnesota deter us from what we have to do.

We have a country and a world needing saved—and that’s just what we plan to do.

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