In Defense of the Left/Right Distinction

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In Defense of the
Left/Right Distinction
by Sean Fenley
Daniel Estulin gave an interview recently where he spoke about how the material that he was investigating was “really not about left and right”, the burgeoning world order that he uncovers — as put forward by the Bilderberg Group — it’s about people who “share the same financial ideas” according to Estulin. That’s odd, actually, because that sounds an awful lot like left and right, in this humble observer’s opinion.
Those who share the same financial ideas, are generally not the rank and file workers, the poor and the underclass; in the United States, at least, those who have been virtually wholly dispossessed from the political system.
Does anyone seriously think that global elites want nation-states — or sections of a world superstate — with high unionization rates, strong workers’ rights and protections, a reasonable distribution of wealth, free or affordable higher education, adequate pensions for retirement, guaranteed health coverage, and all that goes along with social democracy/a welfare state?
Shills for the Randian “libertarian” ethos, within the deep political community are playing right into the hands of those who would proffer a global iron-fisted plutocratic state. This is United States foreign policy in a nutshell; pertaining to the economic prescriptions it seeks to impose upon “subaltern” countries, it’s bizarre to me that anyone other than the extremely wealthy, would want to support this kind of approach.

Of course, increasingly the “left option” in any national political arena, is not an option at all. What is being offered as left today, in so many places; is really the center, center-left of old. We witnessed this “brilliantly” with the campaign of Barack H. Obama, where unparalleled hopes and aspirations — orchestrated by a deceptive marketing effort — have been all but whittled down to naught. Perhaps, in times of hypercapitalism, or the good, old-fashioned, staid, boring variety of it; most will side with the more brazen. At least those “hopes” will be actualized should a candidate of that orientation ascend to high political office.

It seems to me that what the Bilderbergers and such groups are really pushing for and advocating, is what so many have already ably described as a race to the bottom. The conservative approach to that seems to be to accept it — this race — and lower standards to any level that multinational corporate business would like to descend. To decrease expectations for people, disempower them, and atomize different constituencies that ought to be working with and supporting one another’s efforts. The program of the right and conservatives falls right into the hands of the Bilderberg elite interests.

Those who say that the elite agenda is that of a “socialist” world government, or that efforts are under way to “Europeanize” the U.S. really don’t make a lot of sense. Anyone who understands the history of corporate globalization, knows that corporate conglomerates have been fixing to supersede the world’s governments for some time. In the U.S. they have been wildly successful in turning a relatively egalitarian country, with a significant industrial base; into a shell of its former self; a democracy in name only; and a paper tiger teetering on the edge of extinction.
If this was just a ruse — global corporate government — it would be a ruse toward what? To do a 180 after so much has been achieved to third worldize, de-Europeanize the U.S., would, undoubtedly, be feckless and counterintuitive.
One can disregard the left/right divide at his or her own peril, because the global elite would never be so foolish as to make that decision. Don’t be under any illusions, the international elite are pushing for an uber right agenda of hypercapitalism on a global scale. Anything else would be far too forward thinking for their deeply backward agenda.
Sean Fenley is an independent progressive, who would like to see some sanity brought to the creation and implementation, of current and future, U.S. military, economic, foreign and domestic policies. He has been published by a number of websites, and publications throughout the alternative media.

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