What is the Government of Canada After with the Census Changes?

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The C.B.C. asks: "Do you think these questions invade your privacy? If so, which ones? Do you think the long census should be mandatory or voluntary? Let us know below."
To vote, click here.   Be aware and wary too of the government's "solution" to the long form "crisis," likely to be quietly slipped into some innocuous bill in the Fall.
I think an important part of this debate is being entirely left unremarked on. How many are aware the Canadian government farmed out the census to Lockheed Martin, (LM) the same trans-national war profiteering corporation? LM is no bit player in the world disorder we are seeing around us. It has sucked Canada into the war parade's wake, and now Mr. Harper and Mr. Ignatieff, and Mr. Rae are all more than willing to ride that economic surf to the beach. Sadly, that landing is a military one and demands the death and destruction of more than the hundreds of thousands, likely millions, of innocents, but means too the end of Canadian democracy, never mind decency.

LM is beholden to the fascistic mechanisms enabled by the PATRIOT Act of 2001. That act demands: All requested information held by American corporations be made available to Homeland Security and the myriad other "intelligence" agencies, (more than 1200 of them at last count) and likely too to the many thousand subcontractors in the "security" industry. Where it goes from there is anyone's guess.
In British Columbia, medical information already passes through the filter of Accenture, the odious firm associated with ENRON and the rest of the far right controlled information complex.

If this sounds a little too far along the conspiracy track, consider the vast dumps of personal information reported in Britain last year, and what that means for the people there, whose medical and social services records were released to what effect none seem overly eager to discover. All concerns that this would happen were waved away there before hand too.

So, before voting on this rather diabolically worded survey, consider this; the answers to all the questions you answer, whether on a long or short form, are ultimately to reside next to your name and address, and the names of your children, on data bases held beyond your ken by people not responsive to your needs, or answerable to your concerns.

And then, there's the matter of your constitutional rights to privacy.
But then, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in Canada seems today, as the Supreme Court allows ski mask clad commandos kick in the doors of the nation without warning, and police from across the nation are licensed to gather in our major cities to frenzy against the polity with impunity, the Charter is just, as George W. Bush once remarked of the U.S. Constitution, a "God damned piece of paper."


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