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Details Devil Greenpeace Boreal Forests Deal

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A Big Concern Re: The New
Boreal Forest Agreement
by John H.W. Hummel
Dear Friends:  After examining a leaked copy, found here: of  the new Boreal Forest Agreement between Forestry Companies and several large  environmental groups, I am much troubled by section 12 on  pages 38  and 39 of this document.
In my opinion, this particular section is an ingenious  bit of divide and conquer on the part of the Forest Companies.

Here's  why:
1) If you look at the attached Map of this  agreement, you will see that large chunks of the Boreal Forest are designated  under the agreement as "Commercial Forestry Zone". As the forestry companies who  are party to the agreement will not be logging in areas designated as "Area of  Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement', where is clear-cut logging likely to  intensify during the three years of the agreement? Obviously in the area  designated as "Commercial Forestry Zone"! Please Note: Grassy Narrows' entire  traditional territory is now designated under this agreement as 'Commercial  Forestry Zone'.
2) Many First Nations and their allies in the  smaller environmental groups will certainly  try and protect sections of these "Commercial Forestry Zones" For example Grassy  Narrows First Nation. How can they do that? Boycotts of the products of the  Forest Companies who are destroying their lands, direct actions, media campaigns  etc. In short, everything this agreement was
designed to  prevent.
3) Greenpeace, Forest Ethics and other ENGO's are  party to this agreement. It is likely that other ENGO's, some First Nations and  some Aboriginal organizations will sign onto this agreement. The signatories to  this agreement are actively trying to recruit other groups to sign on and be  bound by this agreement.
4) All of the groups who have and are likely to  sign on to this agreement, are associated with other ENGO's and First Nations  "through membership or otherwise". For example, a few  weeks ago Greenpeace was supporting Grassy Narrows at protests at Queen's Park  over Mercury Poisoning, Forest Ethics (as far as I know) supported Grassy  Narrows in their logging blockades.
5)  My read of  pages 38 and 39 (section 12) is that it sets up an intelligence service for the  Forest Industry where signatory members must immediately inform on other "third  parties" to the Forest Industry if those "third parties" are planning any sort  of actions against, for example, Weyerhaeuser. Not only that, but the ENGO  signatories to the agreement are also required to work with the Forest Companies  to neutralize the statements or planned actions of those "third  parties".
I say that this is an ingenious bit of divide and  conquer because, it obliges the signatories to inform on anyone they are  associated with (who does not go along with this deal) to the Forest  Companies. This creates mistrust that weakens the larger environmental  movement, weakens the Indigenous rights movement and weakens existing or  emerging alliances between Indigenous
People and ENGO's.
The only way to avoid all this division is to  remember that only a few individuals in the ENGO's  who signed this  agreement have actually read the entire agreement. The leadership of these  groups only released an 8 page abridged version of the agreement to the  public and the attached leaked 39 pages of the agreement does not include any of  the Schedules or maps that are also part of the agreement.
One big question is: When the agreement runs out in  three years, where will the companies log then?
Anyway, what do you make of this new agreement?  hope you let me know.
For Land and Life,
John H.W. Hummel
Nelson, B.C.
P.S. Here is a recent press release I found on the Internet from a group called 'Ecological Internet' which points out other potential difficulties regarding this new Deal.

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