Nairn vs. the Indonesian Special Forces

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Allan Nairn vs. the Indonesian Special Forces
by Anthony Fenton
Here's the first few paragraphs of investigative journalist Allan Nairn's* outstanding article, 'Indonesian Army, Kopassus, Implicated in New Assassinations. Forces Chosen By Obama for Renewed US Aid Ran '09 Activist Murders':

"According to senior Indonesian officials and police and details from government files, the US-backed Indonesian armed forces (TNI), now due for fresh American aid, assassinated a series of civilian activists during 2009.

The killings were part of a secret government program, authorized from Jakarta, and were coordinated in part by an active-duty, US-trained Kopassus special forces General who has just acknowledged on the record that his TNI men had a role in the killings.

The news comes as US President Barack Obama is reportedly due to announce that he is reversing longstanding US policy – imposed by Congress in response to grassroots pressure – of restricting categories of US assistance to TNI, a force which, during its years of US training, has killed hundreds of thousands of civilians."
[For complete article reference links, please see original at Web of Democracy here.]

For exposing this, Nairn has been threatened with arrest by the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI), a threat that Nairn has welcomed. As of today, two previously scheduled interviews with him on Indonesian TV have been censored, the first, just a couple of minutes in, and the second, cancelled last minute "due to pressure from Kopassus (the Indonesian Special Forces)."

One outlet that wasn't censored was Democracy Now! Amy Goodman, Nairn's longtime colleague, interviewed him last week. Yesterday, Australian newspaper, The Age, featured Nairn in its piece, A Journalist's Gamble with Indonesia's Special Forces, while The Progressive's Matthew Rothschild recorded his latest 'Progressive Point of View' about "the bravest journalist I know") titled "Allan Nairn: A Thorn in the Side of the Indonesian Military."

So far, consistent with Chomsky and Herman's Propaganda Model, the victims of the U.S. (and Canadian) ally Indonesian military's death squad, are unworthy of mainstream media coverage in North America.

For the latest, please follow Nairns blog, News and Comment.

*Haiti watchers will recall Nairn's critical reporting of the CIA backing of the Haitian coup regime and FRAPH death squad following the first overthrow of President Jean Bertrand Aristide.


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