Olympian Hypocrisy: Israeli and Canadian Apartheid

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The supremacist attitudes held by many Canadians to the Original Peoples were verbalized by Canadian Richard Pound, board member of the Vancouver Olympics and former vice-president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Pound said, “We must not forget that 400 years ago, Canada was a land of savages, with scarcely 10,000 inhabitants of European descent…”2


Olympics and Apartheid

In 1964 the IOC banned South Africa from the Olympics for not renouncing apartheid. Apartheid state Rhodesia would also be banned from the Olympics in 1972. South Africa’s ban lasted until 1992. Yet somehow Israel has escaped IOC condemnation for its apartheid… as has Canada.

Danielle Gavon, an organizer with the Vancouver Jewish Community Centre, said that the Israeli athletes “feel that they represent Israel and the Jews to the outside world. It’s important to them that Israel and the Jews outside Israel support them.”1

Apartheid is clear from the comments. They emphasize that Israel is a Jewish state, oblivious to the fact that approximately a fifth of the population is Palestinian.

South Africans who lived under apartheid are unmistaken about Israeli apartheid. Archbishop Desmond Tutu stated, “I’ve been very distressed in my visit to the Holy Land; it reminded me so much of what happened to us blacks in South Africa. I have seen the humiliation of the Palestinians at checkpoints and roadblocks, suffering like us when young white police officers prevented us from moving about….”3 South African Trade Unions were certain about the apartheid in Israel, and they had a solution: sanctions and boycotts.4

Former US president Jimmy Carter spoke of witnessing an apartheid “even worse” than in South Africa.5

Many Jews recognize the prima facie apartheid.6

Even Israeli arch-Zionist Ehud Barak is speaking to the apartheid.7

So why isn’t Israel banned as an apartheid state by the IOC? Why is a de facto apartheid nation such as Canada “honored” as a host nation for the Olympics?

The Olympic sport of tennis offers a conjecture. One Israeli tennis player, Shahar Peer, has been plagued by anti-apartheid, anti-occupation protests at various tennis venues around the world. The Women’s Tennis Association and its former chief officer Larry Scott fought on behalf of Peer who was barred from competition last year in the UAE.8
This year Peer is playing in Dubai. Tennis.com reported, “It was also a triumph for the publicity machines of both Dubai and Doha, which have labored for years to show off the world’s top Western athletes… The UAE, as well as Qatar, had invested too much” in tennis and sport. In other words, money wins.9   
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Kim Petersen is co-editor of Dissident Voice.
He can be reached at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Read other articles by Kim.

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