A Nuanced Infiltration: Shades of COINTELPRO

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BAD JACKET is a true activist that is falsely fingered by forged documents, or released from those arrested to create suspicion or putting out their names in phony police scanner messages and other means.  To divide, certain groups are treated better than others.   

PROVOCATEURS disrupt and lead targets into illegal activities or violence; arrive just before events; volunteer to work on finances, membership, minutes and confidential files; get in the middle of political differences; seek public attention on behalf of targets, give provocative statements and create controversies.  

BLACK BAG JOBS are burglary, copying keys, planting false evidence, placing bugs, cameras and computer hacking.

SELF PROTECTION:  Publicly discuss security and spying.  Control keys, files and hide duplicates.  Safeguard address books, membership lists and phone numbers.  Record break-ins, theft, threats, raids, arrests, strange phone calls and harassment.  Take photos of agents.   

We have no leaders, just spokespeople.  

Don't let paranoia paralyze you.  Look for visitors who come to collect information, plainclothes who take pictures before and during demonstrations;  those who seem out of place and are interested in members rather than issues.    The four informants surrounding me mostly came around at the same time.  They all suddenly disappeared then put out false stories about the demise of my mental health.  

DIRECT ACTION:  Have a sign-in policy for office and meetings; get Freedom of Information files; citizens arrests, mock trials, pickets, civil disobedience; educate the public; lobby politicians; support and learn from victims of covert actions; use trials for public education; class action suits; court settlements are meant to create disputes and splits [NYS wants to give thousands of dollars to a few and $100 each to the rest];

INVESTIGATE INFORMERS:  Check background, high school or college, employment records, parents, friends, references and list of police academy grads.   Usually an informant will speak against the cops.  Check those assuming identities of dead people; those using phony names on internet to issue death threats to scare us.    

PRIVACY.  Keep conversation private by leaving office.  Watch for cars following, nosy neighbors or long time acquaintances suddenly becoming friendly.  Watch for bogus discrediting about drug use or false relationships or activities.  [Jean Seberg].  Watch timing of activities or pressures coincidental to industrial development or exploitation timelines.  Government may be panicking to get us out of the way. Sweep for electronics; don't say anything on phone that you wouldn't say in court.   

Check out non-native groups that divert issues by giving lip service to various issues, such as residential school abuse, missing women, land claims or everybody has a right to all our resources.  

Notice outside insurgents, like the Camel Toe Treaty.  They were parachuted into Akwesasne promoting whacko [Egyptian influenced cult] ideas to confuse, control and disorient.  Webmaster, Alice-in-Blunderland, conducts the two principle Mohawk recruiters we will call Karnak and Fawzi Amir to get us to join them.  

TRUE SUPPORTERS.  Don't scare or ostracize them or push them to take risks and become vulnerable.    

DEBRIEF.  Write down information and impressions.  Always look for patterns.      Check your vulnerabilities, strengths and weaknesses.  Assess your allies and adversaries.  Don't let agents inside your home to glean information about your prospects, lifestyle or floor plan.  

COUNTER TACTICS.   Laws are broken by governments to control through cutting information to the public, punishing whistle blowers and various covert actions.  They threaten democracy, civil liberties and social justice.  Complain about covert intervention of human rights.  Start bail fund.  Train members to know legal system.  

Cointelpro was done before.  Canada is now using it.  Agents appear peaceful and friendly but are there to cause damage.  What do we do when we find them?  We make them all do the camel toe [purp] walk, of course!  

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