9/11 Truthers Do the Clinton-Bush Event

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9/11 Truthers Do the Clinton-Bush Event in Toronto,
by Anthony J. Hall
The Bush-Clinton event in Toronto provided a good platform for those who put a priority on the quest for 9/11 Truth as a key to removing the blockages on the road to a more just, peaceful and equitable world. Wayne Prante of Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth and the one-and-only Splitting The Sky flew in late Tuesday night for the proceedings. On Wednesday night a small group of truthers, including Barrie Zwicker, Mark Savoury, Rick Tufts, Robert Trow, Tasha Lawrick and a first responder named Niki, gathered in a downtown location.
Wayne gave a brief presentation shedding light on the sometimes difficult relationship between the peace movement and those focusing on the lies and crimes 9/11. I read the text of my new paper, George Bush and Bill Clinton Do Toronto: Pepsi versus Coke meets Republican versus Democrat. I see this contribution as a follow up to Bush League Justice, the essay I prepared in the days leading up to the former president’s initial speaking foray outside the United States.

On Thursday night Splitting The Sky proudly wore his Mohawk Warrior crests as he addressed a primarily First Nations audience of about 100 people at the Native Canadian Centre in downtown Toronto. STS spoke of a looming attack on the Great Law of the Longhouse League resulting from the kind of ruthless vandalism directed at the rule of law especially during the recent presidency of George W. Bush. He explained the principles that caused him to intervene in attempting a citizens’ arrest of the former president at the Calgary event on March 17.
Speaking a mixture of English and his mother tongue Cree, Jimmie Dick introduced STS. Jimmie is a well known fixture in the Friendship Centre drum group as well as in a number of Toronto social services agencies.

Several hundred people gathered outside the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to mark their desire to see Bill Clinton and especially George Bush arrested in Toronto as they should have been according to key provisions of the Canadian War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity Act. When I arrived on the scene about two hours before the Bush-Clinton event was scheduled to start, STS was already there. He told me that he had already been approached by two plains clothes officials who identified themselves as RCMP. STS explained that one of these undercover agent indicated that his superior had told him that it was the Mohawk activist’s intention to go into the conference centre and “hang” George Bush, in other words to kill him. STS responded with harsh and direct words, condemning this possible set up and obvious provocation witnessed by several individuals subsequently interviewed on video tape by Wayne Prante.

As the afternoon wore on Barrie Zwicker appeared with a hand made sign saying, “RCMP Do Your Job, Arrest the War Criminals.” The Canadian truthers’ founding father was accompanied by David McIntosh. David is new to Toronto after his deep involvement in Vancouver 9/11 Truth. Then I spotted the Waterloo engineering student and You Tube artist, Adnan Zuberi. He was accompanying the English M15 agent turned truther, Annie Machon. Annie is in the midst of her Canadian speaking tour.

I also saw Mark Savoury, Rick Tufts, Tasha Lawrick and first responder Niki taking part in the event. I was introduced by Barrie to
Richard Harris of We Are Change Toronto. Annie and STS and I did many interviews in the course of the afternoon with mainstream and alternative media. I spoke at some length with Ian Bown of the Globe and Mail, a media venue that I had criticized for its role in
sponsoring the Bush-Clinton “conversation.” Not surprisingly Brown’s report in today’s Globe dismisses those outside the convention centre as “a motley crowd” whereas the performing former presidents are, in his words, “statesmen.” George Bush as statesman…..hmmmm. Bush as the torture statesmen of Abu Ghraib??? What are you thinking Ian?

The Toronto Coalition to Stop the War were the overall sponsors of the protest event outside the conference centre. This group is the one that had invited George Galloway to Canada and then hosted the webcast video conferences with the legendary British peace activist after he was kept out of Canada by the Stephen Harper conservatives. Like the much admired Iraqi shoe thrower, STS subjected himself to significant repercussions of the criminal justice system for his principled stance vis a vis the world’s most notorious credibly accused war criminal. STS is the first North American I know of to put himself at risk in this way. Nevertheless the event’s organizers refused to respond affirmatively to several suggestions that the Mohawk activist be invited to speak from the protest’s main podium.

Bull Horn in hand, Wayne Prante assembled a group of those who wanted to hear STS in spite of the obstacles put before him by the protest organizers. STS took the bull horn and gave one of his trade mark speeches under circumstances that were far from universally friendly.

In his talk he laid out the steps in Calgary that led to a judge’s scheduling of his 5 day trial in Calgary for March of 2010. STS
included in his remarks comments referring to the dangers and duplicities of “managed protest.” At the end of his talk STS handed me the bull horn which used in my own effort to explain to the audience the substance and context of the momentous events we are living through in this time of transformations.
All in all I see it as a good day for the truthers.

(Video footage will be posted soon)

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