Palin's Book Ban Issue

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Just What Does Palin Not Want Read?
by Shelley Bluejay Pierce
Good morning everyone; I received many emails about the Palin's book ban issue. I wanted to respond immediately to many of those comments, but I HAD to wait (often the HARDEST thing we have to do at critical times is WAIT!).
Now, I can speak out as to WHY I posted that information thanks to a major media network getting the facts out before I could.

Here is what I will tell you all now that I simply could not a week or so ago...

When the Palin book ban list first started circulating, I recognized that it was a list of books that is frequently used by some who want to cause problems for public figures. Yes, I knew that the list was a compiled, previously used list. BUT! I sent the list and the info to a CONFIDENTIAL SOURCE. I asked this person (who often aides me with digging up very hard to find info when I need help) to find whatever they could about Palin and the Wasilla library deal.

This source found online records that proved this librarian and the books WERE a bone of contention, not just with Palin, but with ALL the religious fanatics up there. I asked my source to keep the links and also compare the list of books that Palin and her ilk found offensive. The booklist matched nearly identically to the list that has been used many times before.
Had I used the confidential source's book info, again, I would have had to expose my source. I could NOT do that.

Within 2 DAYS, the links to the info at Wasilla library were "removed." The entire thing was covered up and made to go away. Then issued their "MYTH" statement about the whole thing as well. Now, this is the SECOND TIME I have caught Snopes in classifying something as a myth that isn't... just FYI on that one people.

Now, when I saw that several of my friends here on MySpace and elsewhere were taking the heat on this for reposting what they trusted getting from me? I was hamstrung. I CANNOT EVER reveal a confidential source and that was my only way to prove that I did have facts on this deal but they were "removed" before we could print them out.

I tried getting in touch with people up in Alaska that I knew from my living there. No one was willing to go on the record out of fear for fallout from their home community. I was stuck.
So today, I am able to speak out.

I attempt to get my "ducks in a row" before I speak out on things. I dig very hard for facts before I publish any press articles and etc. Does that mean I make no mistakes? HARDLY! But then, even journalists are not "super-humans" but we ARE bound to a code of ethics that places the protection of confidentail sources as our HIGHEST priority.

Please forgive me for having to stay quiet about this one. My heart just broke seeing that my trusted friends were catching heat over this but I had no way out until this broadcast...

Thank you to those of you who place your trust in me, it means the world to me,


[The supposed Palin hit list, and a known list conservative "Christians" want removed from public purview is available here. - lex] 

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