Leaning on Rove: Siegelman Still at Issue for Former Bush Brain

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Reeling in Rove 
by Dana Siegelman
I was sitting on the floor of a radio studio in Denver, watching Air America host Thom Hartman interview David Sirota, syndicated journalist and author of The Uprising, while they talked about the presidential election and the politics to follow soon after. As David explained;
  • "It is up to the people to hold our leaders' feet to the fire; we cannot simply assume that they will take care of the issues that matter most to us."
This was my purpose in accompanying Dad to the Democratic National Convention.

It has been a month since Karl Rove refused to honor a lawful subpoena for his testimony by the House Judiciary Committee. He has seemingly slipped under radar while the excitement of the upcoming election takes over public focus. At the convention, Dad spoke about the need to restore justice and preserve our Democracy. He was received warmly; however, it was obvious that our Democratic leadership, in their usually idealistic manner, were already looking ahead to positive change under the Obama administration.

Part of those positives changes MUST BE to right wrongs and hold those accountable that have subverted our country's system of justice. Having the truth come out in twenty years does nothing to stop partisan prosecution from taking place now. We cannot let the corruption of our justice system go unchallenged.

As hopeful as I am that this new administration will bring necessary changes to our lives as Americans, I am concerned that Dad's case will be lost in the agenda of those taking office. We cannot win the battle without fighting in it! We have three weeks while the House reconvenes to bring Karl Rove to justice. WE HAVE THREE WEEKS to encourage the House to hold him in contempt and to not let "bygones be bygones" but to actually put a stop this administration's lies, corruption, and abuse.

Please join me in calling our members of Congress these next few weeks. Encourage them to stand up to Karl Rove and to begin the process of really restoring justice in America. Do not think for a second that this situation is beyond your ability to help. Your voice WILL be heard, your efforts WILL be felt, and your prayers WILL be answered. We can protect our Democracy with YOUR help. As Dad has said, "If we stop protecting our rights, our rights will stop protecting us."

Call, write, and go to www.ContemptForRove.com to make your voice heard today!

Many thanks,
Dana Siegelman                          

Latest Developments and News Regarding Dad's Fight for Freedom and Justice

Judge on Rove's Citizen Arrest: 'It's About time.'
Think Progress
August 2, 2008

Last Friday, police in Des Moines, Iowa arrested four people who attempted to make a citizens' arrest of former top White House aide Karl Rove, who was in town to speak at a GOP fundraiser. A retired minister and three members of the Des Moines Catholic Workers community were cited for trespassing. However, according to a press release, the judge presiding over the case praised their efforts:

[Mona] Shaw was the first called before Polk County Fifth Judicial District Associate Judge William Price.

After entering her plea, the judge asked Shaw, "Mamn, what were you doing at the Wakonda Country Club?"

"I was attempting to make a citizen's arrest of Karl Rove, your honor," Shaw answered.

"Well," the judge looked up and said, "it's about time."

http://thinkprogress.org/2008/ 08/01/judge-on-roves-arrest- its-about-time/

Don Siegelman's Prosecutor Lied to Whom? It's Either the Court or Congress
David Fiderer, The Huffington Post
August 5, 2008

"Who decided to indict Governor Don Siegelman and his co-defendant, Richard Scrushy? It's a simple question deserves a direct answer, since the legality of the prosecution may depend on it.  For Assistant U.S. Attorney Louis Franklin, the answer is, "It depends."


U.S. Attorney Scandal Probe Enters White House Circle
Murray Waas, The Huffington Post
August 7, 2008

"The Justice Department investigation into the firings of nine U.S. attorneys has been extended to encompass allegations that senior White House officials played a role in providing false and misleading information to Congress, according to numerous sources involved in the inquiry."


Mr. Mukasey in Denial
Editorial, New York Times
August 12, 2008

"Mr. Mukasey made no mention of the role played by his predecessor, Alberto Gonzales, and other members of President Bush's inner circle. There is by now strong reason to believe that they were involved in plans to fire United States attorneys for political reasons, fill other important positions on the basis of partisanship rather than competence and order prosecutions designed to help Republicans win elections."


Rove in Prison Stripes? Rep. Keith Ellison Speaks
Ken Avidor, The Uptake
August 15, 2008

"Ellison also addresses the controversial Don Siegelman case, in which the former Democratic governor of Alabama was yanked out of office to fight corruption charges.  A corrupt politician isn't news these days. What is news? The fact that Karl Rove has been accused of cooking up fictional scenarios to politically decapitate Siegelman, and has subsequently ignored subpoenas asking him to answer to the charge. Will Rove go to federal prison?"


Mukasey's Sad Failings
Editorial, Anniston Star
August 15, 2008

"Michael Mukasey was approved as the new U.S. attorney general late last year with bipartisan support because he was expected to return integrity to the Justice Department.

It is now clear he has no intention of doing that."


Dad addresses Colorado Delegates: Introduced by Political Director Bill Compton
Recorded by friend, Joseph Richey
August 25, 2008


Judge Who Denied Jailed Democrat's Motion for Release was Karl Rove Protégé
Lindsay Beyerstein and Larisa Alexandrovna, Raw Story
August 25, 2008

"The federal judge who denied a prominent Democratic fundraiser's motion for release pending appeal last week is a former client and protégé of former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove."


Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman uses DNC platform to call out Karl Rove
Brian O. Williams, Real Vail
August 26, 2008

"Don Siegelman, the former Democratic governor of Alabama, fired up a raucous church full of progressive Democrats Tuesday at the Democratic National Convention, calling on Congress to find former White Chief of Staff Karl Rove in contempt for ignoring a subpoena investigating Rove's involvement in Siegelman's indictment on bribery charges."


Radio Interview with Lenny Charles
INN World Report via Free Speech TV
August 27, 2008

Dad talks about some of the rocks left unturned regarding his prosecution and his concerns regarding the future of his case.


Exclusive Video Interview: Gov. Don Siegelman on 'Stolen Elections,' Rove's Contempt and the 'Magnanimous' Democrats
Brad Friedman, BRAD BLOG
August 27, 2008

"The BRAD BLOG chats with the Free-on-Bail Former Alabama Governor at the Democratic Convention in Denver..."


Dad on the Stephanie Miller Show
The Huffington Post
August 28, 2008

Dad talks about is his case at the Democratic National Convention.


"Together, we can fight to get the full truth from Karl Rove and restore integrity to our system of justice.  America deserves nothing less."
          -- Don Siegelman

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