The Age of Reckoning

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The Age of Reckoning: Economy, Climate Change & Imperial War
by Jack Random
While we celebrate Independence Day with parades, marching bands, miniature flags and spectacular fireworks, there is little to remind us of the perils we face both as a nation and as citizens of the world.  

We are a nation at war without cause or reason.  We have elected leaders who have made a mockery of our constitutional rights, who have plundered our economy in the interest of corporate greed, who have colluded in imperial wars, and who pay lip service to the greatest environmental crisis in recorded history.  

We are living in an age where the consequences of past mistakes and excesses are coming to account. We have squandered our resources and attempted to hand the debt to future generations but the bill is due now and we can only pay by suffering foreclosures, bankruptcies, homelessness, foregoing medical care, on and on.

We have filled our atmosphere with the toxic wastes of the industrial age and now we suffer an endless chain of "natural" catastrophes from drought and fires to hurricanes and tornadoes, on and on.

We have globalized the economy without globalizing the rights of labor and now we watch the decline of the working class both here and abroad – a decline that is in turn the decline of the consumer, which inevitably drags down the corporate beast responsible for the self-perpetuating disaster.

We have foolishly gone to war for oil and failed to capture the booty, accelerating a rise in the price of gas, the price of food, the price of everything that requires fuel to produce and deliver goods to market. On and on.

We have lived under the delusion that our debts could be passed on to our children and theirs but the Age of Reckoning has arrived. We cannot escape it. We must pay and future generations will pay as well.  

It is time to hunker down and clean out the refuse.  Out with the old ideas:  Our leaders will not save us in this crisis – a crisis they have created with their own blood stained and corrupted hands.  They are building their own bunkers to shield them from the coming storm.  They are of the ruling class, the elite, the chosen, and they will only save themselves.  

We need to become the change we desire and the leaders we imagine.  We need to find new ways of pooling our resources: community based cooperatives not just for food and security but also for solar energy, recycling, transportation and health care.  We need to form political cooperatives as well with spokespersons to communicate our concerns and demands to local governments.  We have to be willing to rally in support of local officials who address our concerns and we have to be willing to replace those who do not.  

In anticipation of the hard times to come, we need to be thinking of water conservation and establishing neighborhood gardens where lawns and vacant lots used to be.  Wherever possible we should build community centers where people can gather together for meals and entertainment to conserve electricity or heating oil.  

In anticipation of desperate times, we will need to exercise our second amendment rights by organizing able-bodied men and women into armed militias.  We will need arms and ammunition sufficient to protect the community’s interests.  The community center may serve as an ammunition depot as well as provide training for the proper use of modern weaponry.  

The outside community (those who have not taken sound measures in preparation for hardship) will want to seize the community’s resources and will do so by all necessary means.  The community must be prepared to dissuade intruders and protect its grounds by erecting a security barrier – if not a wall then a defensible fence.  

As any responsible owner of firearms knows, those who chose to take up arms must be prepared to use them – even if it means shooting someone who was once perhaps a trusted friend.  Once the community is established and secured, it becomes a fortress against the world: us against them.  Anyone who would invade our territory should be perceived as an enemy and a lawbreaker, not a fellow citizen.  

These are the times we are headed for at a rate beyond anticipation.  Like times past (The Great Depression or The Plague) they will require us to look at the world, including our former friends, churchgoers and family members, with new eyes.  Only the strong and united will survive.  

Changes will be necessary.  There will be no individual rights, no privacy and no freedom of expression.  Only the community will matter and only those who contribute to the community will be protected.  

If this is the world you want to live in, if this is the kind of challenge you enjoy, then by all means ignore the political process.  Elect the same old leaders.  Make no demands of those in authority.  Accept that the rich and powerful have all the answers.  Trust them to save the day.  Remain silent.  Belittle those who rise up in protest.  Sit on your suburban porches and laugh at the fools who ask you to get involved.  

There is no crisis.  It is all well in hand.  Obama knows what he’s doing.  McCain is a man you can trust.  Take it to the bank.  They know what they’re doing over there in Iraq.  There’s nothing we could do about if we tried.  You think you can make a difference?  I served my time.  It’s just a cyclical change.  Nothing to worry about.  When was the last time you cut your hair?  Get a job.  Worry about paying the rent.  

Like it or leave it alone, we are in the Age of Reckoning.  The sooner we get used to the idea, the better.  The sooner we appreciate the gravity of the situation, the sooner we will reach the point of mass outrage that will affect real change.  

Obama alone cannot do a thing.  McCain can only do harm.  

Democrats are a holding pattern.  Republicans are destroyers.  

The only members of Congress that seem to have a clue are Russ Feingold (who has promised to filibuster for a citizen’s right against unwarranted spying) and Bernie Sanders (who has proposed the first significant solar energy bill in this millennium).  The rest of them are a bowl of jello.  

The real deal is up to us.  



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