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MNN.  June 8, 2008 Mike Collacutt writes on how to kill men, women and babies without even looking them in the eye.  The military is creating “remote warfare”.  He maps out the future fascist blending of military and law enforcement like NATO, the army and “government agencies” like the RCMP, the Canadian Border Security and others.  The trend is to blur the lines between military and police.  This is the road to a POLICE STATE.

The Trenton army base is on Haudenosaunee Territory near the Mohawk community of Tyendinaga on Lake Ontario.  The construction of a huge jailhouse/holding facility in the middle of the community is designed to catch us and then who knows what!  The sadists won’t have to go to “Abu Graib” to get their fix.  

In 1997, the U.S. Senate and Congress were critical of the large amounts of money being spent by the Pentagon on “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle” [UAV] development.  These are spy machines for “arm chair” generals to kill people.  Suddenly the Twin Towers came down.    

The “Post-9/11 Canada/United-States Bi-National Planning Group” is shaping the military.  Future warfare involves chemical, nuclear, radiological or biological situations where people die by being attacked by unmanned flying machines.    

“War” is a money-making racket for the military-industrial-corporate-banking-colonial government complex.  Canada is part of the U.S.’s “national concerns”.  It could stage another “pretext event” followed by an all out invasion of Canada, calling it “terrorism”.

According to an October 2005 article at, a Canadian aviation news web site, in February 2005 following General Rick Hillier's appointment as Chief of Defense Staff [CDS] the federal budget went to $12.8 billion in new spending over a five year period.  The “Aerospace Warfare Centre” was started then at Trenton.  

“Trenton 8 Wing" [name of the base] has a payroll of over $110 million annually supposedly spent in the Quinte area.  As the rest of Ontario goes downhill, Trenton gets richer by creating a military economy.    

Trenton base already has a large international airport.  Planned are more runways, hangars and training spaces for bigger planes like NATO's Boeing 707's.  An average of 23 million pounds of freight and 42,000 passengers a year go through  No. 2 “Air Movements Squadron” at Trenton.  They are mostly classified visitors or goods with top secret processing.    

The “Canadian Airforce Journal” spring 2008 issue looks at the possibility of a NATO Forward Operating Base [FOB] being set up in Canada.  Whose dreams are these?  They’ve never been discussed in Parliament or reported on the news.  It offers training and space for international air forces to practice their war games by bombing, contaminating and desecrating our land without our permission.

Canada already puts $33 million annually into the “NATO Airborne Early Warning Force” [NAEWF] in Germany and $43 million on the NATO “Security Investment Program” [NSIP].  [2004 figures].  Collacutt wants Canada to cash in on NATO's surveillance development and to get E-3A AWACS and other anti-highjack, anti-terrorist and “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle” [UAV] training!

He suggests Canada get NATO to build one or more E-3A FOB's in strategic locations like North Bay or Trenton, both in Ontario, Shearwater, Newfoundland,  Greenwood, Nova Scotia,  Bagotville, Quebec and Comox, British Columbia.

Canada could rapidly become a centre for the NATO Response Force [NRF] training or Data Link (Link 16).  The Link 16 ”Joint Tactical Information Distribution System” [JTIDS] allows  large volumes of information to be transmitted in seconds and shared between AWACS allied aircraft.  

Canada could designate “No. 22 Wing North Bay” as their NATO Forward Operating Base [FOB] for the “NATO Airborne Early Warning Force” [NAEWF].  North Bay can do surveillance of major urban centres and offer E-3 access to fighter aircrafts in Bagotville [Quebec] and Cold Lake [Alberta] and training opportunities south of the border.  Why do they need that?  How secretive does a democracy have to be?

Since Canada donates to the NATO Security Investment Program (NSIP), Collacutt figures Canada should get more out of it.  Why?  Do they want their share of dead bodies?  

UAV's are a big part of this endless warfare against phantoms.  The E-3A Component of NATO “Airborne Warning And Control System” [AWACS] consists of 17 Boeing 707's fitted with tons of surveillance equipment and room for a crew of 24 highly skilled technicians.  Each “super spy” plane has a rotating “roto dome” on top with antennae.  The plane is powered by four Pratt & Whitney turbofan engines.  They use IBM command and control multiprocessing super computers.   Boeing just got a $65 million contract to make “ScanEagles” UAVs for the US Navy.

Collacutt says "asymmetric threats" justify all this nonsense. [What’s this?  Is a balanced threat less dangerous?]  The Canadian presence in Afghanistan could provoke retaliation.  But then Canada is supposedly “helping” Afghans!  

Collacutt urges Canada to “link the North American Aerospace Defense Command [NORAD], civilian air traffic control, military “C2”, (Command & Control) and the RCMP in anti-highjack or asymmetric support-related exercise” to defend Canada!!  We’d be interested in knowing how is Canada going to defend itself from the U.S.?

Contenders for Indigenous Arctic sovereignty are Russia, Denmark, Canada and the US.  Collacutt wants the NATO FOB to conduct surveillance to “help validate our sovereignty" in the Arctic!  The Inuit already have Arctic sovereignty.  Year round shipping routes through the NorthWest Passage are becoming a reality with global warming or weather modification.  

Collacutt gets bolder, the Nato Security Investment Program [NSIP] could be LEGITIMIZED by providing NATO “AIRHEAD” [That about sums it up!] for CC130 and C17 flights at Shearwater to move troops and resources.  Greece, Turkey, Norway, and Italy host NATO’s FOB's.

When will the mysterious JTF2 based at Dwyer Hill outside Ottawa be moved to Trenton?  The 2001 Federal Budget allocated approximately $120 million over six years for JTF2 following 911.  It’s to defend Canada against terrorism on land, sea and air at home and abroad.  Once again, we want to know how can Canada defend itself from the U.S.?

UAV's are real.  In the May 27/08,  Pratt & Whitney Canada of Longueil, Quebec signed a 5-year deal with a German company, MTU Aero Engines GmbH, to get on the UAV “gravy train” in Europe.  They already provide engines and customer service for the EADS Deutschland GmbH Barracuda UAV program.  Pratt & Whitney is part of U.S. firm, United Technologies.

In May, 2008, the US Air Force Association (AFA) put out a story that the Predator UAV is two years ahead of schedule. [Man!  They’re anxious to try to knock our heads off!] They operate from Nevada so that Americans don’t need to risk their lives on the frontlines in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The story told that the Air National Guard is using the Predator in five states "to keep America safe from drug dealers and illegal immigrants", while harassing Indigenous communities on the US-Mexico border.  Machines are being sent out on the desert to kill people who are looking for a drink of water.    

The Customs and Border Protection (CBP), a civilian agency, works with the Air National Guard, a part of the military.  In May, the 201st RED HORSE Squadron from Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa. arrived in California to finish a firing range for border protection.  They trained with the local volunteer group, “Mountain Minutemen's Patriot Point Posse”, to use the Predator’s unmanned combat aerial vehicles [UCAV], to "protect America".  

In 1997 AFA reported that the Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office [DARO] UAVs make a difference in the way you fight, in the way you think”.  You don’t have to see your victims!  Do these guys use their brains?  We thought it was just a bunch of male hormones on overdrive!     

21st Century warfare uses machines to kill grannies and kids, without even looking in our faces.  It’s escalating.  Canada is following the same path.  When will the people have enough?   

Sharbot Lake of Haudenosaunee Territory

NOTE:  In May, 2008 construction contracts for Trenton Army Base totalled $4,280,575.  In June a $466,000 contract went to International Door Systems Inc. to replace hangar door rails.  On May 21, 2008, JSM Electrical Ltd. of St. John's, Newfoundland, got the $1,800,000 contract to do electrical upgrades there.  The owner, Jim Murray, posts only a post office box, email, phone and fax numbers.  On May 16, 2008, Trenchline Construction Inc. of Richmond Hill, Ontario got the $228,000 contract to "revise the fuel farm" at Trenton base!!  It works on military bases and builds prisons.  Their head honcho is Johnny Romanovich.


JSM Electrical Ltd., 28 Duffy Place, P. O. Box 8311, St. John's, NL A1B 4N5
Tel: 709 / 754-3666 Fax: 709 / 754-3667 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Trenchline Construction Inc. 37 Boyle Dr  Richmond Hill ON, L4C 6C8 Phone: 905-707-9077 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Pratt & Whitney Canada  1000 Marie-Victorin Blvd. Longueuil, Quebec J4G 1A1 Telephone: (450) 677-9411  Facsimile: (450) 647-3620 Boeing Integrated Defense Systems  Headquartered in St. Louis, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems is a $32.1 billion business with 71,000 employees worldwide.
Contact Info: Dave Sloan Boeing Integrated Defense Systems (253) 657-8008  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
You can see photos of the E3 AWAC planes here Boeing also makes a UAV called the Hummingbird which you can see here

ACT Allied Command Transformation;  HQ Headquarters; AWACS Airborne Warning And Control System; MARLANT Maritime Forces Atlantic; C2 Command And Control; MARPAC Maritime Forces Pacific; CDS Chief Of The Defence Staff; NAEWF Nato Airborne Early Warning Force; CF Canadian Forces; NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization; CP Capability Packages; NORAD North American Aerospace Defence Command; FOB Forward Operating Base;  NRF Nato Response Force; FOL Forward Operating Location; NSIP Nato Security Investment Program.

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