Those Pesky Mohawks in the Way Again

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Some may suffer
and some may burn
But I know my people will learn
As sure as the sun shines up above
Today, I stand here a victim,
the Truth is, I'll never die...

96 Degrees in the Shade by Third World
Here are a few stats:

Canada's war department "is the single largest property holder in the federal government, with over 21,000 buildings and more than 12,000 roads and utilities on over 800 properties."

They plan to renovate or replace most of the bases and to upgrade all the big planes and boats which means lots of work in Canada's thriving military industry.  They want to recruit another 11,000 people to bring Canada's military regular troops and reserves, to over 100,000.  And then what?


So many questions.  Who has the answers?  Further to our recent report on UAV's and spying from the skies, (It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a UAV?!) we have unearthed considerably more information on the plans for a new military base at Trenton, Ontario, 20 minutes from Tyendinaga Mohawk community (aka Mohawks of Bay of Quinte).  It's all part of some wild insane scheme to rule the world by stealing all of Turtle Island's riches.
 The Indigenous stand in the way of this plunder and pillage and "must be dealt with", according to these sinister powers.

Don Maracle, Chief of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte, has friendly relations with Peter MacKay, Canada's Minister of Defence.  They appear together in a March, 2008 photograph smiling and holding hands as they cut the ribbon at the opening of Fort Brant at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston. 
They are with Tom Lawson and Dan Gosseling, two military guys at the college.  They are all wearing very well polished shoes.
Why the new base at Trenton?  Doesn't anyone bother to ask?  
Some say it's for the JTF2 Anti Terrorism Unit who are currently stationed near Ottawa.  Moving near a big lake and an international military airport will give them many opportunities to do imaginative things like playing with UAV's and practising ways of terrorizing people.

The Canadian military set up their Aerospace Warfare Centre (CFAWC) at Trenton in 2005 to plan new horrific ways of waging war in the sky.  The head guy is Jim Cottingham.  He was DND Director of Operations at the Maritime Air Component (Pacific) in Victoria, British Columbia from 1997 to 1999, at the time when that ubiquitous retrobate Rem Westland was negotiating Nanoose.
The Aerospace Warfare Centre is partly about UAV's which are very much in demand but still need testing in the field.  Is it a coincidence that all this is going on near the Tyendinaga Mohawks who are refusing to allow more housing development near Tyendinaga.  Is this housing for the hundreds of skilled and well paid workers who are needed to operate just one UAV?  It's clearly not for the Mohawks.

On May 5, 2008, Defence Construction Canada (DCC) awarded a $1,640,000 contract to Taskforce Engineering Inc. General Contractors of Belleville, ON to construct a new ATESS (Aerospace and Telecommunications Engineering Support Squadron) HQ (Headquarters)at Trenton.  Last year, Taskforce Engineering Inc., was paid $2,257,400 for another DND project at Trenton. 
Taskforce Engineering will consult with DND's Scott Stevenson, (ADM/IE) and oversee the entire building project.
With billions having been spent already on research and development, they need to iron out the wrinkles in their complex UAV technology.  The only way to do this now, after all the video war games trials and the computer simulations at Ottawa's Uninhabited Air Vehicle Research Test Bed (UAV RTB) is field tests, the real thing.  The military prefers to test these devices in a "domestic location" so that if they crash the "enemy" will not  get to examine them.

Right now, a new $2 million police station/holding jail is being built at Tyendinaga.  It will have a helipad on top. What is it needed for?  Will some Mohawks or others impersonating Mohawks pretending it's about cigarettes, attack and lock up their relatives or worse in this place? Why does its location near an airforce base remind us of Afghanistan or Palestine?  What is Don Maracle really thinking here???

The Canadian military/airforce has two bases with large international airports.  One is at Cold Lake, Alberta where this month, Canada is host to international conventional fighter plane exercises which include not only all the noise and pollution of jets but also assorted real live missiles.  They're gleefully bombing whole areas they call "remote" and therefore, unimportant.  They are making huge burning craters in the Earth.  They think nobody is there to see their activities except the caribou who must be having "shit hemorrages" from the sheer terror.  Some Indigenous,  Cree or Dine are no doubt witnessing this awful destruction.

Of course, the other airforce base with a large international airport is Trenton on Lake Ontario, where about 3,000 military personnel and 600 civilian staff live and work.  Trenton is the centre for Search and Rescue Operatons such as the flood evacuations at Kacheshewan.  Dead Canadian soldiers are also delivered at Trenton.  All supplies and troops going to war leave from Trenton.

Plans for construction of a new base here are quickly moving ahead.  In March, 2008, some blueprints for the new base at Trenton, were found in the garbage in Ottawa by a concerned citizen.  It caused a brief flurry in the news of some outrage about classified plans and national security.  Not a mention of whether Canadians really wanted a new base.

With Defence Construction Canada (DCC) now putting out numerous tenders for military construction projects on the internet, how can any of it be kept secret?  They publish their contract awards on the internet daily too. (Links provided below).

Other recent large contracts have been made with local Ontario businesses Colbourne & Kembel Architects, Kingston, ON., Lafarge  Paving & Construction (Eastern) Belleville ON., and Sunrae Construction Ltd. Glenburnie ON for work at Trenton CFB.


UAV's are used for two main purposes, the small ones for spying and the big ones for shooting bombs.

Canada bought Tucson based Advanced Ceramics Research (ACR) Silver Fox mini UAV in 2004, spending $649.000 for the system.  Canadian military uses the larger Sperwer UAV in Afghanistan to spy on and kill people. 

They are now buying Skylarks made by Israeli company Elbit for spying on people.  They will buy more UAV's.

UAV's and ISR

UAV's are used for ISR (Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance), by major military powers and by growing numbers of civilian agencies such as the US Customs and Border Patrol.


The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) uses 2 big UAV's on the Mexican border, Elbit's Hermes UAV and General Atomics' Predator.  Both can carry and launch bombs.  The Predator used to monitor the Sierra Vista border area, crashed in April 2006 and was replaced in November by two more under a revised program funding $10million annually.  The purchase of another two UAV's the next year made one available to be used on the Canadian border in a demonstration based out of Grand Forks, North Dakota in late 2007. 
Hermes trials have taken place on the US-Canada border from Great Falls, Montana.  Have you seen one???

The Custom and Border Patrol is controlled out of Riverside, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley.  Everybody is supposed to get permission and proper licensing to blast out (transmit and receive) any radio frequency radiation. This includes radio stations and airplane pilots. 

  • "The CPB program is proving to be the ground-breaker for UAV airspace access issues and so could facilitate further UAV use by other government agencies."

If they want to form a North American Union, why are they so busy monitoring these borders and tracking people's movements?  Indigenous people are especially affected by these border patrols as the borders cuts through many of our communities. UAV's are another ingenious way to harass and intimidate innocent people in their homes anywhere in the world.

UAV's are also being armed with missiles and have killed people.  Quite a few of them have also crashed, a total waste of $millions for one medium sized UAV like the Predator.

How much does it cost to run a small town hospital for a year?  Or an elementary school?  We know of one small town in southern Ontario where the school is mouldy, the townspeople cannot drink their tap water and there are 24 crack houses.  What are the costs in human despair???$$$$

Canada hopes to lease some medium sized UAV's under Project Noctua.  General Atomics, maker of the Predator declined earlier this month, leaving Elbit and IAI to consider such an arrangement.  General Atomics would rather sell them outright. 
In February, 2006 they signed an MU with General Dynamics Canada to SELL the Predator to the Canadian government.  The Predator UAV which can carry and shoot Hellfire missiles, was first developed by the CIA under a secret budget and tested over Bosnia as early as 1993.  This muddied deal has not yet been finalized.

Teal Group put out a free 16 page report entitled, "RQ-1A/MQ-9A Predator".  Teal researches and analyzes the aerospace and defense industry and sells their reports to executives, government, whoever can pay the price.  They predict that over the decade starting 2006, $12.5 billion will be spent on UAV's alone each year while another analyst, Forecast International has pegged the global UAV market at $13.6 billion annually by 2014.

Teal predicts that beginning 2008, the annual US spending on UAV research and development alone, will be $1.2 billion while the purchase of new UAV's each year will cost about $450 million.

  • "A complete Predator system includes one Ground Control Station (GCS), four air vehicles, a Trojan Sprit II communications suite and 635 personnel." 
There is also a jumbo model called the Reaper!

IAI Israel Aerospace Industries makes the biggest and the smallest of UAV's, many are top secret, not only how they are made but what they can do! Rumours persist that UAV's can shape shift, making themselves look like Coke cans! Watch out for  Coke cans hanging around the hydro lines trying to steal some juice.

Some glimmers of information are provided on IAI's web site to attract customers.  Their Mosquito is a Micro UAV equipped with a video camera.  It is hand launched and used for urban surveillance.  The quiet, electrically powered Bird Eye 400 system consists of 3 UAV's that work together, flying like birds of one feather.  IAI's global sales in 2006 topped $2.8 billion.  The lucrative fad for UAV's is only getting started!

In an article at, Shlomo Tsach, director of advanced programmes at IAI,... says that, in the coming years, efforts will be focused on shorter take-offs, lower operating costs and on a greater use of solar power and fuel cells.
  • "The miniaturisation of the payloads also dictates the development of small UAVs," he says. "With a 10g (0.4oz) camera with excellent quality, the capabilities are very clear... UAVs will take over all aicraft missions"  in the coming decades.

What this means is that the 21st century soldier will be able to kill masses of people without ever looking into their eyes, without ever hearing their cries for mercy and without ever smelling the stench of their dead bodies.  He will sit safely and comfortably, faraway in a place like Trenton and commit all this carnage.  He won't get his legs and hands blown off, apparently there will be no risk for him.  He's precious, he's worth a lot of money, all the education spent on him, he's part of an elite squadron of pampered kids, mentally disengaged from the rest of humanity, imagining that they are better than everyone else.  Playing God like ancient despots who held the power of life or death over everyone around them.  Madmen all.

Look at the statistics of soldier suicides and you will see how safe the soldiers really are.  Vietnam bears testimony to this though they try to hide the truth that after 59,000 Americans died in Vietnam war, another 59,000 came home and blew their own brains out.  Indigenous Law teaches us that all Human beings are connected to each other.  Even science teaches us that we are indeed hardwired not to kill our own kind.  We have a natural instinct not to kill other humans yet it happens all the time.  It goes against our nature.  When will we learn to stop it?  We must kick this awful warmaking habit.  Our survival depends on it.

Sharbot Lake
May 20, 2008
[See too pt. i of this report at: 'It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a UAV!??!]

DND Search engine
Photo of Don Maracle and Peter MacKay
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
Defence Construction Canada is the Crown Corporation that handles all
construction for DND.  The contact person is the Assistant Deputy
Minister/Infrastructure and Environment, Scott Stevenson
DCC Contract Awards

Contact(s)at Public Works who are getting the UAV's for Canada's use in
Afghanistan and elsewhere.
Sinkinson, John  Telephone No. - (613) 943-3492  Fax No. (613) 944-7870
Nurul Haque Telephone No. - (819) 956-0161 Fax No. - (819) 956-0549

About UAV's:

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)

General Atomics' Aeronautical Systems

Taskforce Engineering
Peter Kempenaar  Sales/Estimating (613)966-5600 ext. 101
David Brown Engineering/Construction ext.102

Thales Group

General Dynamics Canada

General Dynamics Canada    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
3785 Richmond Rd
Ottawa, Ontario K2H 5B7
Tel.: +1 613 596-7000 Fax: +1 613 596-7396

Advanced Ceramics Research (ACR)
3292 East Hemisphere Loop Tucson, AZ, 85706-5013
Tel: (520)573-6300  Fax: (520)573-2057
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Teal Group Corporation
3900 University Drive Suite 220 Fairfax, VA 22030
Toll Free: (888) 994-TEAL (8325)  Tel: (703) 385-1992
Fax: (703) 691-9591      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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