George W. Bush a Crowned Anarchist?

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Is George W. Bush a Crowned Anarchist?        
by Roland Michel Tremblay
It is strange that I wrote a whole book called Destructivism, The Path to Self-Destruction, without first addressing the one subject people are most likely to accuse me of in time, the one of being an anarchist talking about anarchy.
It did not cross my mind to write about anarchy, because I never thought I was an anarchist. I realise now that perhaps I was an anarchist in the closet, and maybe it is time I do my coming out and just admit it, as I witness the world we live in going in frightening directions.
Destructivism, The Path to Self-Destruction
People have accused me of being an anarchist because of the title of my website, The Crowned Anarchist, which ultimately was just the title of a book by Antonin Artaud, the celebrated French author who died in 1948. His book was about a Roman Emperor originally from Syria named Heliogabalus, also called the Crowned Anarchist, because of his subsequent reign in Rome.

It is ironic that today I found many mentions on the Internet that George W. Bush is also sometimes called a Crowned Anarchist, from the old definition of anarchy, and it looks like he is about to bring chaos all over the world, on a scale never seen before. And that, whether or not the next elections in the United States are cancelled and martial law declared, as everything appears in place for just such a possibility. What he has already done is sufficient to leave an indelible mark on this planet and it will take a long time to get out of this mess.

Being an anarchist, from my frame of reference, is like being gay. You know deep down at heart that you are, that there is nothing you can do against your nature, and that if that nature gets to be known, you will be ostracised by everyone else, rejected, ridiculed and you are going to suffer the rest of your life.

I am nevertheless suffering anyway, from a lack of freedom, a lack of control in the decisions being made that concern me directly, from these hierarchies everywhere present to which I need to bow down to and be submissive.

To the point that I feel I am nothing less than a slave, going through this life making the minimum of decisions, and then will go on without any kind of freedom or control, and do exactly what all sorts of authorities will tell me to do, at every single minute of my existence.

Be it the authority of parents, loved ones, teachers, managers and directors, spiritual leaders, social workers, judges, probation officers, police, political leaders through a myriad of laws and regulations. Add to it CCTVs and cameras everywhere, and constant probing and recording of phone calls, emails and the websites we visit, to insure that we no longer have an impure thought that goes against their will. Anything can and will be used against us at some point in time, while everything we do is being recorded, and the time of reckoning seems to be getting closer every day.

At some point you do feel the need to explode and tell them all to stop, that enough is enough! That we feel the need to re-assert ourselves, to exist, to make a few decisions of our own, to do what we want to do with this life and that a little breathing space would not go amiss in our life. Do we even have the time to think anymore? Are we free collectively to decide what we want to do, are we able to stop our leaders in their grand scheme of conquering the planet at the expense of human kind, our very existence? The obvious answer is no.

Anarchists seem to believe that we can have a real democracy, that it seems that our actual government structures and corporate structures are all against the very idea of democracy and giving the citizens the chance to rule themselves and make their own decisions.

If we had a real democracy, we would not have killed one million Iraqis recently, and we would not be planning attacking Iran and Syria for God only knows what reasons exactly. In short, if citizens truly had the power to govern themselves, the world would be a different place today.

Or did you really want all these things to happen in your name? And how far are you willing to go for what you believe in? And by the way, can you tell me then what you believe in and why exactly it is worth having another world war? Is it not time to stop it all from happening before it is too late? And I mean right now!

George W. Bush, the Crowned Anarchist, and his friends, need to be impeached now. We cannot wait until January 2009 to finally get rid of them. Another catastrophic false flag event might take place in order to prevent all of this from happening and martial law might be declared, at which point we will have lost any control or power. The risk is too high, considering their track record. We have a chance right now to get rid of them, we won’t have another chance. It is too risky, we cannot take the chance, we have to act now, we have to somehow. I don’t care how, we have to get rid of them, now.

I don’t say these things lightly. I am afraid, and so should you. And this is not even my own country, though Canada, my own country, is now very much just like another American State. We have given the United States our sovereignty to govern us, just like Mexico did. You need to read more about this, as I will not elaborate on these topics here.

This is what anarchists are fighting for, whether they are extremists or intellectuals who would never dream of picking up a cocktail Molotov or even walk outside in any demonstration. And this is perhaps why I never thought I was an anarchist, because neither of these definitions of anarchy befitted me. I am not extremist, I am a pacifist. I am not an intellectual who will go on to write clever articles about what this kind of anarchist system might look like. On the other hand, I cannot deny that at heart I share all their beliefs and, in my own way, I have been fighting for the same beliefs and freedoms in all of my books.

That makes me an anarchist, whether I want it or not, and now obviously a target, but I guess I already was, even if I intended to deny everything the day they will come for me to send me in some sort of concentration camp. There are 800 of them in the United States and many more in Canada. They are ready over there for something. If there are any in the UK, where I live, they were able to hide them very well. I suppose deportation from the UK to Canada and the United States is a real possibility, so in the end it does not matter if there are no concentration camps in England.

I admit that I seem a bit extreme, mentioning concentration camps and the idea that I might be picked up and sent there eventually. At this time of writing this, there is enough smoke around to believe that a fire is ongoing. By the time you read this, there may very well be a civil war in America and/or certainly a Third World War. If not, great, somehow we will have taken control and averted it.

It seems unlikely now that any of us can do anything to stop any of it. I would have said that making you all aware of it might have made a difference, but at the last count, you are all very much aware of it, and yet, you are powerless to do anything about it. The laws have been changed, you see. And writings like this one will never reach the mass media, you can be sure of that, and yet, it is not the least extreme.

The fact that you are witnessing your leaders suddenly openly declaring a Third World War and lightning the seed of civil war as the only mean to stop it, is very significant. It shows that with the actual structure of our governments, these hierarchies, supposedly democratic, the leaders are still capable of working towards their own interests, destroy an economy and go on to achieve genocides.

We call that a dictatorship with a tyrant on top of it. Again, this sounds excessive, I am however not worried. History might very well say the same thing about our actual leaders one day. It is very likely, or else, someone will have tampered with our history books, as usual.

The democracy we have right now does not work. A man is still able to control the elections, make all the decisions, change all the laws superseding even the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Human Rights Charter, make torture legal, ignoring the United Nations, and go on to wreck havoc in the world and bring about a global war. So, everything has failed once again, and I wonder if we are not ready for a more radical change in our structures and the ways we govern and organise ourselves.

Where have we gone wrong? What else could we do to change this? Do anarchists, the intellectual ones, have the answer? They have provided many alternatives to the kinds of established government structures and even commercial company structures we have, where there is no more obvious leader anywhere capable of taking over the world and leash out his evil plan.

There could be groups or collectives being formed on a short, medium or long term basis discussing democratically all the decisions to be made, and collectively deciding on who will do what depending on the needs and skills. And if there is to be a leader, it will be a natural one who can be constantly questioned and replaced as soon as it seems that he or she is no longer acting in the interests of the whole group or collective, as anyone else and everyone else could take over just like that.

In an anarchist organisation, for example, there would not be a board of directors or an executive board. No leader, just a bunch of people on the same level voluntary meeting, discussing and making decisions as a whole for the organisation or the collective. When someone would ask who’s in charge, the answer would be everyone, free from any authority and coercive social relations, no corporate structure with an elite at the top making all the wrong decisions.

I do not intend here to tell you what anarchist ideas are all about, I admit that I am quite ignorant of such things and I have read little on the subject. I have read enough though to know that it is filled with great ideas, and that it answers a lot of why I have been living an existential crisis from the day I was born. Under such a structure, I might have been happier. I invite you to read more upon the subject.

I am not sure how realistically all of this could be implemented in real life. There are many people incapable of functioning without clear leadership telling them exactly what to do. They are quite happy to go on living without ever making one decision. And this is fine, naturally, even in some anarchist system or structure, they will be able to find that, if necessary. There will still be natural temporary leaders.

But although it may seem unrealistic that such a structure could become the norm, a lot of these elements could be incorporated in the actual systems and structures in order to become smoother and more acceptable to all, and certainly prevent other leaders from taking over the place and serving their own interests above all the rest of us.

Solutions will need to be found, and anarchist books seem to be full of great ideas in order for us to gain more freedom and live happier lives, without it becoming chaos, as this is not at the root of most political anarchist book, quite the contrary.

So it is all worth reading, considering and seeing what could possibly be incorporated, in default to be able to change the whole system overnight. Until at least the actual leaders destroy it all and that, after another bloody war and a civil war, we are left with everything else to rebuilt, aware of the mistakes of the past structures and systems.

All anarchists will be dead by then, and probably once again, all free thinkers, all outspoken people against the governments, all gay people and all immigrants. I have five good reasons to be eradicated. I will not survive, that is obvious, I will be the first one to go, and to be honest, I don’t really care that much. So I might as well not be afraid to speak my mind and be ready to suffer the consequences.

I will never commit suicide, despite all that I have said on the topic. It is however the best way to get rid of me, pretend I committed suicide, and give my books as a proof that it was likely to happen. Well, now you know better. Sounds crazy to be talking like this, but I can feel something huge is about to happen, and it might happen faster than anyone could have predicted.

If it all comes as a surprise to you, I guess you should have paid more attention to other media outlets, independent ones, and get the real news instead of the fake ones. If so far you have not done so, go back to sleep, it is already too late to prevent it. Well, it is not, but it might as well be, because not enough of you will wake up fast enough in time to prevent it.

I may speak like a lunatic, I realise that, and perhaps I am too naïve and gullible, read too much about conspiracy theories and other independent voices, but they convinced me, and somehow if you had read as much as I did, I feel they would have convinced you as well. I am ordinarily very sceptic, and would not normally be writing like this unless I thought it was highly justified. And right now I think it is.

The Third World War is here, no one can deny that, and as it is a war no one wants apart from our misguided leaders, a civil war is the only logical consequence of it, especially that now they cannot be stopped in any legal way. And those concentration camps they continue to build under the pretence that it is for illegal immigrants, when these immigrants could be repatriated to their own country in no time or effort, is proof the leaders know what might possibly happen and they are prepared for every eventuality. Those concentration camps are for you, if you deviate slightly from the party line in power.

They need not fear that much, it is quite possible that we have grown too complacent to even fight back or decide to go for a civil war. Even I, as a pacifist, will not fight in such a war, and I certainly do not incite you to. Right now would be the time to act. I understand however that until there is no more doubt, until it actually happens, there is not much that could be done to convince you. Hence the civil war is inevitable, as it will happen naturally in a collective uprising, once we realise what is truly going on.

And it will take a while, because they do control almost every single point of information available to you, as extraordinary as this may sound. Who would have believed it possible in America in this day and age? Well, it is, they have achieved it somehow, you can no longer trust anything you read in any newspaper nationwide, you can no longer trust any news on any channels on your TV. Please do wake up, this is well referenced all over the Internet on less official channels. You still have access to such channels, I doubt you will for much longer, as they simply disappear one by one from any search engine on the Internet.

We know too much about what happened in Germany under Hitler less than 60 years ago, and what happened under Stalin in Russia less than 80 years ago, to let it all happen again in America. Do we?

It is likely that even under an anarchist structure or system, these things would happen no matter what, as it does not appear that any government structure can prevent them. Which is why, that no matter which government structure we have, we need to provide for a lot of ways for a quick change of leadership, and that as soon as there is a bit of smoke, it is the time to act before it is too late.

Right now there is more than smoke, the country is on fire, and we are still waiting to see where it will all lead, and we will probably still just sit back while it will happen for real. As it is very much happening now, the information is out there everywhere, and we are still powerless to stop it.

I am finally an anarchist out of the closet. Perhaps if there were more anarchists at heart out there who would just come out of the closet and speak their mind, we could still take control of our countries and prevent the unthinkable from happening.

One can only dream that one day we will live under a real democracy, and that we will finally govern ourselves for real, and that no dictator ever could take over the world so easily while we are all too busy to pay attention until it is right there under our nose and that we are all powerless to stop it.

Speak now or forever hold your peace whilst war is raging outside. I have done my bit, so what are you going to do? However insignificant what you could do, added to the whole it could very well be significant. So do something, speak your mind, find a way to be heard!

Something is in the “pipeline”, something huge, you need to research it, prepare yourself and be ready. Your leaders are monitoring you more closely than you realise, they hear everything you say, no matter how insignificant you are. I know, I used to work for a media monitoring company in Ottawa, directly for the then Prime Minister. His personal secretary faxed me virtual drinks one day, for such achievements in reporting so quickly all the shit insignificant people like you were stating everywhere.

So tell them what you think! If too many of us think it and speak it, they might think twice before acting mindlessly and irrationally. Be more anarchist or idealist, even if you are not, just like me. It cannot hurt at this time. You will be heard!

Write to your leaders, threaten them, you will be heard, it does work. You are more powerful than you think, one voice added to the others, is all that is required. Sometimes one convincing voice is all that is required. I know so. So do something, anything! You alone actually can have a great impact on the affairs of this world.

Never think you are powerless in such matters, never, you are actually quite powerful. Pick up a pen and paper, or pick up that keyboard, and be heard, make a difference! You don’t know how powerful this could be, you don’t know how powerful you are, you just don’t know it, well, now you know.


If we have to work on an imperfect system, and can only change a few things here and there, here are at least a few solutions.

I have observed politics in three countries in my short life, United Canada, United Kingdom and United States, and I could now add the United States of Europe. There is also however politics at different levels like local and internal politics for example in city councils, in schools and other small organisations.

Sometimes it was democratic, sometimes it was not. Most often it never was democracy, because there was always an almighty leader following his own vision which no one could agree with. I say “his”, because it is less often a woman who would act so blindly against everyone else’s will. For that alone, I am willing to only vote for women in the future, but I have met many bitches in position of power within my lifetime, and so, we can never be sure or safe. It is really a question of transparency about who we do elect to power. Who are they truly deep down, do we even get to really know, considering all the lies we are being fed all the time?

I have never read Karl Marx or anything about communism or socialism, for some reason when they came to my universities to recruit new fresh minds, I never got on the boat. After my observations, I took several courses in the philosophy of politics in University, and I guess I must have read then about socialism, somehow it didn’t stick, I can’t remember anything about it. I remember The Social Contract of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Hobbes and Locke and most especially The Prince of Machiavelli.

Now that this is out of the way, that you know that I am no expert on the topic, like neither anyone in politics if I may add, let’s see what I think of it. From an early age I always thought politics didn’t work. For some reason, even though the process looked entirely democratic, we always ended up voting for parties instead of people, and hence, we always seemed to elect the wrong people. It has been my observation that it is quite rare that someone in power will actually do what people actually want. It always ends up in disaster, and sometimes, we even re-elect the same horrible people, and no one can understand why.

I’m not going to talk here about pettiness, like should we separate Canada in two or not, or should we go to war with the rest of the world for no apparent good justification. Or what about those terrorists, should we not destroy a few countries and kill a few million people, for those 20 guys who attacked us on a Monday morning years ago? I will also avoid talking about rigged vote, fake elections, though I feel it is a growing concern and I stop short of saying that I believe democracy is truly dead at the time I’m writing these lines.

I simply want to talk about politics at its most basic function and structure, because this is what I feel does not work and ultimately fails us all. This is what can give the power to anyone to suddenly create a world war or destroy an entire economy for the wrong reasons.

When I was a teenager, I always thought that one day I would write a book about the philosophy of politics, and my classes at university re-enforced my need to do so. However, up until now I didn’t feel I had all the answers yet, in fact, I’m not sure if I have any at all. It is certainly not the easiest topic to address. I have however come to a few conclusions.

The idea of political parties needs to go. It is the most outdated and impractical concept there ever was in politics. More so because in this day and age, the line is so blurred between party lines, there is not much difference if you vote for one or the other. The only difference is a few main big ideas like being against gays, against abortion, against women’s rights (should they remain at home and pop out babies into existence as their sole social role), should we give more money to big corporations or not, should we give more money to the poor, and finally, the big argument that cannot fail to win you an election: should we lower the taxes (as if this was a question to ask anyone already paying 60% of their salary in taxes and on anything they will spend their money on).

Now, these few main big ideas, which truly have nothing to do with any political party, as for most of the time that they will be in power, this will be completely at the back of their mind and they will most probably do nothing or very little about it, does not have to be the reasons why you vote for a political party. These can be debated anyway by all the elected representatives in the assembly, if you paid more attention to the personal beliefs and ideas of your local representatives instead of the political party you will vote for, you would know if the person you’re about to elect will be a little tyrant and alienate you completely or not.

That little group of local politicians is really all you need to study in order to vote, nothing else. By electing a political party, you most likely vote for the representative of that party without knowing anything about who that person truly is and what that person can truly do for you. Most of the time these people are so powerless anyway, their elections are more like a formality for a party to get into power, and the Prime Minister and his Cabinet, or the President and his few allies, take over the show. So in essence, you will be ruled by a very small group of people, and even your local representatives, you will know very little about, and they will be powerless anyway. You see the problem?

By getting rid of political parties and coming back to basics, we will also eliminate another growing concern in actual politics. Now parties are spending so much money on their elections, it goes into the millions if not billions. What does this tells you? That only rich bastards can now get into power. Where do they get the money? This invites bribery, corruption, conflict of interests, and now we’re destroying Iraq to take over their natural resources, because who paid for the American Elections? Petroleum companies.

No one can now compete freely in the political arena. If I were to present myself tomorrow as an independent, I will most certainly lose. If I were the representative somehow of a political party, I could win, but all for the wrong reasons. And even so, how would I go, myself, right now, to represent a political party in an election? I have no clue, I would probably not be accepted, they wouldn’t want me, they probably have already a clique of hungry and greedy little friends who have been in politics since forever, that will most likely be their representatives in my own county when they probably don’t even live in my county.

So first, eliminate political parties. Second, eliminate the right to publicise in any way thinkable political ideas and representatives. No one should ever be allowed to accept money from anyone or any corporation for a political campaign. No one should be able to win an election simply by injecting millions and billions into a PR and publicity machine. It is too unfair.

As soon as you hear one guy on the radio or the TV talking about this or that, no matter what he talks about, you are probably very likely going to vote for him, because you will recognise his name on the election ballot, when the others will seem not to even exist. What’s a name after all?

So now that we have gotten rid of the political parties which elect the wrong type of people, and that we have finally gotten rid of the big brainwashing publicity machine that will most assuredly influence everyone to vote for this or that, all for the wrong reasons, whilst preventing anyone without the money to be heard, and so speaking destroying democracy, what do we do? Simple. Who pays for the publicity campaign? The government, meaning, and we forget it all the time, the people pay for it. A few pages about each candidate distributed locally to everyone, so we can find out about these people we’re about to elect outside of party lines, and hopefully with the thought that they can think for themselves, that they can be heard and that they can make a difference. An hour here and there on local TV and radio, for each of them, space available in local newspapers, all paid by the people. Cheaply done, no more millions and billions spent on politics and publicity machines. It must remain at a local level, never national. As soon as a political election is national, it defies democracy, it elects the wrong people.

So now that the elections are over, and that people have won for the right reasons, without being a drain on the economy, without bribes and corruption, who’s gonna be the leader? It has always been the leader of the political party who took ultimate power, and the leader of the opposition being the leader of the second most popular party. This needs new thinking.

Well, you have elected the people you most trusted, let them decide between them who will be the temporary leader and who will speak for the opposition, even though, I feel, the opposition should be everyone else in the assembly. It would be a nice change for once if the people you elected locally were to decide who would become the Prime Minister or the President, based on their own personal judgement of who is the most apt person for the post.

I know you feel they already do when they decide who will be the leader of their party, however this is decided before an election, and ultimately too many people will win a seat based on that one man or woman alone. That is again winning for the wrong reasons.

In the end, there should never be a strong leader in charge of any country or any other government or council, or else, it eliminates the voice of everyone else, and so, your voice. It cancels the idea of an election and of democracy. Only after, should it be decided who is the leader, and that leadership should never be permanent for the whole mandate, it should change every so often.

This should not stop there. The ministers or whatever they are called in the US, should not be decided by the leader. They should also be voted by the whole of the assembly based on merits and who they feel should be in charge of certain departments. Or else it is too easy for the leader to get all his little friends there in power, and then it becomes dangerous, because the leader can do whatever he or she likes without fear of being stopped.

I suppose I have not thought about all this as much as would be required, really. But with my full time job I have no time to study politics and develop my own philosophy of it. It will have to wait until I retire, assuming I won’t die from cancer at an early age. However, my little suggestions might just give us a better representation of what people truly want. It will be more likely that the wrong people will not find themselves in power that easily. It could get rid of corruption, bring back democracy, and avoid costly elections. Overall, my few pages might just do the trick. If that doesn’t work, we’ll have to re-assess the situation then. In the meantime, it would certainly solve a few of the biggest problems I witnessed in politics today.

This article is an excerpt of the book Destructivism, The Path to Self-Destruction, written by Roland Michel Tremblay, and it is available online for free on his website:

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