Agreements in Baghdad

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Lethal Agreements in Baghdad
by Layla Anwar
Oh, please listen to this puppet with his three day unshaved beard and his silver ring from Qum. Listen to what the puppet has to say about "Al-Qaeda."
"It is time to launch a decisive battle against terrorism. The battle that our armed forces will launch will destroy terrorism and the criminal gangs and outlaws in Nineveh." And he adds; "so we can get rid of terrorism and the remnants of the former (Saddam Hussein) regime..."

In another statement, the puppet said "I swear on the blood (of the victims), we will achieve all our goals in securing a stable Iraq. We will continue to ... crush the terrorists and target their strongholds..."

May I remind the reader, that a high ranking official in the U.S army proudly stated that "75% of Al-Qaeda has been finished off." Today, that same official cries that Al-Qaeda is still a very serious threat...

And by sheer coincidence, I received this e.mail from Baghdad. Someone who has been following my blog. And this is what MJ had to say about "Al-Qaeda", in response to my last post "Birds & Bombs"

  • "...In Baghdad airport, there resides a group of murderers, about 400 of them under the command of the CIA (with Israeli advisers), most of them come from South America, Colombians, Brazilians...etc, they call them the "dirty brigade".
They along with Blackwater are responsible for most of the mayhem in the past four years!

A Mossad agent recently has admitted that the Mossad was responsible for killing over 300 physicians, doctors, scientists, university lecturers, pilots and even politicians. When asked if they used Mossad agent to do the killing, he replied : No, we kill them with their own people!

He said : 200 dollars per assassination were the normal price to hire a gun in Baghdad and the highest payment were 500 dollars!

Back to the dirty ones . As I mentioned, they work under the command of the CIA and the planting of IEDs VBIEDs (most are manufactured in north Iraq and under the Mossad supervision) are done at night, along with kidnapping and casual murder of civilians, to spread fear and animosity amongst the Iraqi people, as a divine and conquer rule which many Iraqis seem to ignore!

The funny thing is that there is full cooperation between the Americans and the Iranians on the intelligence front! Which only means that the sectarian killings and ethnic cleansing of Sunnis from Baghdad and now Musil can not be achieved without a full cooperation between the two parties involved: Americans and Iranians!
How ironic!
  • "Layla, you know what some American units did in Anbar province (thraa3 dijla)? They were stopping buses loaded with passengers and then separate them on their ethnical background, and blindfold and handcuff them, and then through waiting agents they hand the Sunnis to the awaiting Shiaa killing squads and hand the Shiaas to fighters in falluja... a story impossible to believe, I know, but take it from me Layla because my experience is very wide in this field and I am not getting any credit for telling you this.

  • "The explosion yesterday in the markets has nothing but the smell and the fowl taste of those dirty bastards who are located in BAGHDAD airport and do their dirty work from there, with car bombs or even mentally handicapped Iraqis..."

And he adds in conclusion

  • "The airport is controlled completely by the Americans.....the militias work under their command! But the airport facilitate the biggest CIA HQ in the Middle East and perhaps in the world. They took control of the VVIP buildings of the airport....
  • "The militias working for the CIA are foreign...the Shiaa militias work under their own agenda, but take permission from the Americans...the Shiaa militias of course, work for Iran, but still cooperate with the USA in certain areas...such as sectarian cleansing...."

I have to thank M.J. for giving us all a short synopsis on who
"Al-Qaeda" in Iraq really is.

P.S: For more on American and Iranian operatives,(like Quds Brigades), please read "Bits & Pieces from the Iraqi coffin."

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