Jesus Christ Uber Alles: From Fervor to Fascism

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Getting a little tired of this holier-than-thou political season?

    We might ask here when does "faith’ become fascism? 
You bury and burn books that contradict your own fairy tales. You poison and murder other enlightened beings... because another son of god screws up the whole business. Another enlightenment is not then cause for celebration, wonder, and examination of the entire phenomenoa of spiritual evolution but rather worry over one’s own religion business and belief.  
Belief buries Enlightenment. Belief runs scared, afraid of new enlightenments. Belief never mentions enlightenment. The western world has thus been imprisoned in such hoary, one-guy, beliefs and we have been paying the heavy price for several millenia.

In effect, the only-son-of-god routine is an impolite way of saying every other enlightened being throughout history is of no account, only Jesus, Jehovah or Mohammed count.

I’m saved and you’re not. That’s orthodoxy for you, its All belief, All The Time. Hallelujah!

Now, whatever makes you a better person is fine and certainly produces some wonderful charity. But if your beliefs blind you to the myteries of the universe, keep you from exploring your interiority, keep you from science, and cause you to go to war against unbelievers, then your beliefs are clearly dangerous and counterproductive... both to yourself and to everyone else.

History is clearly one very long and tragic tale of believers fighting one another and screwing up the lives of all those peaceful nonbelievers, and those just trying to get some quiet time for meditation. Belief is then the problem, and not the solution.

Moreover, what did Jesus say? He said "the Kingdom of God is within you." Right on Jesus, and how do we go within? Meditation, it seems.

However, prayer as we know it is but talking to a male sky-god we assume exists, and knows everything – even all the mind-boggling trivia of billions of beings simultaneously!  We’re driving the poor man mad!  Why then are we talking and praying out loud instead of listening, and going within?

In practice, the father-image God thing (its never a woman?) is a way of putting responsibility on someone else, throwing it off our own shoulders and making sure the women don’t get out of control. So what was the first thing Patriarchy and its male-sky gods did? Why they smashed any remaining Matriarchies. You know that whole women out of a man’s rib thing gets you to thinking it’s your divine right to "dominion." Hey, imperialism had to start somewhere.

Never fear, God is here... just as we imagine him. So then we don’t have to do anything, and anything that happens is "god’s will." Overpopulate, screw up the environment, smash nature, start preemptive wars – hey, its God’s will... or, "the Devil made me do it." Somehow, it’s always those damn "godless" unbelievers.

As we have seen yesterday and today, such imaginary beings are rough on humanity, and we do the damdest things in their names. Worse, enlightened beings have been amongst the casualties – a real crime against humanity and the hundreds or thousands of "glowing people" down thru the ages – our own spiritual evolution avatars.

Why do you think the halo emerged in mankind’s art from the earliest ages? That representation of rare energy emanation has meaning, and one that most have yet to discover, understand, or explore. Why?

Given the fascist power of science-fearful belief systems like the Catholic Church, Euro-America’s never been friendly to enlightenment. So we never hear of it, we never discuss it, we deport enlightened beings on trumped up charges – witness the Osho (Rajneesh) episode. Witness Socrates, Pythagoras, Buddha, Lao-Tzu, et. al. – all whose communes were raided and their mystics imprisoned, poisoned or murdered.

As I see it, humanity has been driven insane, and driven out of enlightenment and spiritual evolution, by all the believers and their powerful institutions thru the ages. Terrorism and murderous Crusades seem to be the true believer’s exclusive franchise.

From the first priests who could predict the eclipses and wow the masses, to the heavily-mitred moguls of modern orthodoxies with their infallible black books, we have been worse than hoodwinked. We have been led off the path, waylayed, and rendered intolerant, egotistical, and uniformed due to our boxed-in beliefs. Onward Christian soldiers, onward Catholic dogma, onward Taliban "freedom fighters." God, what a mess!

All this in the face of the fact there is no gulf between science and religion, only between what we know and dont know. They are and should be the same thing, a simple and methodical exploration of what is, both in the external world and in our internal world. When asked what truth is, Buddha once replied "that which works" Sounds scientific, natural, and truly religious to me... I’ll go with that.

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