Candidate Paul and the Slime Machine

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Hutchinson: Paul is a Racist, No Matter What He Says
by Kurt Nimmo
Let’s face it. Guys like Earl Ofari Hutchinson will not be placated until Ron Paul is prostrate and sacrifices himself on the altar of political correctness. Earl writes today for the Huffington Post:
"Ron Paul and his backers can sail through the ceiling, scream foul until their lungs burst, and say that it’s all a big conspiracy by mainstream media hit artists, a Paul hating and fearful political establishment, and on the make Republican and Democrats to smear and slander their hero as a racist. But the one that has done more to fan charges that Paul is a closet bigot is Paul himself in writings and sentiments that express racist views that purportedly carried Paul’s stamp on them."
Earl Ofari Hutchinson refuses to except Ron Paul’s explanation that he had nothing to do with the purportedly racist writings that appeared in a newsletter associated with the Texan Republican.

For Mr. Hutchinson, the mere fact Dr. Paul is a libertarian is suspect:

  • "Even if Paul, as he claims, didn’t write or utter one of the offensive words, or hold the sentiments, that are attributed to him, his odd mish mash of ultra conservatism and libertarian spoutings marks him as suspect. The cornerstone of the jumble is his view of government and what it should or should not do about civil rights. Paul holds that government should have minimal or better still no role in civil rights laws and enforcement. The government passed and enforced civil rights laws, did nothing to solve the country’s racial ills, and worse, fueled even more racial polarization, he says. That old, worn, and thoroughly discredited view warms the hearts of the packs of closet bigots that pine for the old days when racial and gender discrimination was the American norm and government did little to protect black and gay rights."

In other words, libertarianism, for Earl, is predicated on racism, a politically brain-dead or at least disingenuous allusion with absolutely no basis in reality. In fact, the government is not interested in civil rights or for that matter individual rights based on natural law — as history repeatedly demonstrates, government exists to ensure the continuation of its own criminal enterprise and it considers the citizenry — regardless of race, creed, or gender — as little more than a cash cow and, at certain times, a slave labor force to be exploited and cast aside. Earl may not like it, but the hard cold fact is that civil rights laws were enacted as political expediency in response to the fact outraged citizens of color were burning down cities and endangering the empire. LBJ was not an advocate of civil liberties. He was a political horse trader. Same can be said for the Kennedy brothers, who are idolized by many blacks.
  • "Paul piles even more suspicion on his denial of racial bias when he even more absurdly tries to claim that he is pounded as a racist because more and more blacks cheer him for blasting the drug laws as biased and harmful to blacks. The disparities in drug law enforcement are gaping, and demand reform, but urging that they be totally scrapped is a far different matter.

  • The drug plague and the crime, violence, and family wreckage that has come with it has torn poor black communities and has caused much pain and suffering among African-Americans. The last thing that the majority of African-Americans want to see is open and unchecked illicit drug selling bizarres operating in their communities. Blacks have been among those that have shouted the loudest for crackdowns on crime and drugs."

In other words, according to Mr. Hutchinson, most blacks believe the government has the right to tell its subjects what they can or cannot put in their bodies. Is Hutchinson unaware of the well documented fact the CIA and criminal bankers are responsible for the massive infusion of drugs into this country? Hutchinson and crew play right into this scam by insisting there be “crackdowns on crime and drugs,” as the crackdown — necessitating a police state — is part of the whole scheme. If indeed Mr. Hutchinson was interested in ending the “pain and suffering among African-Americans,” he would demand the government stop importing drugs and dumping them on those of us least able to resist.

  • The Paul newsletters are damning enough, and if any of the racist stuff in them is true, that instantly disqualifies him as fit to run for any national office. And those that defend those views should be branded as what they are, bigots and crackpots.

Few if any have defended the newsletters and Dr. Paul has bent over backwards to disavow and repudiate them, but that is of course not enough for Hutchinson and crew, determined to keep race-based politics at the center of American political life. One has to wonder who Earl Ofari Hutchinson will vote for come November. Obama? Hillary? Obviously none of the troglodytes currently selected on the Republican side of the One Party system, as they represent racism, or so the political fairy tale would have it.

In fact, all of the candidates — in fact selected horses in a rigged race — are minions to the man and woman of the New World Order, the globalist scam to turn the entire planet into a slave labor gulag. It matters not to them if a slave is brown, white, yellow, or purple with green polka dots — all are ciphers and fodder to be used for the emerging global order.

Is Ron Paul a perfect candidate? No. But he is the best in the current line-up, consisting mostly of criminals, shills, and factotums for the global slave plantation. Ron Paul understands that the best chance we have to turn the tide of perpetual war and economic servitude based on fractional banking and debt is a return to our Constitutional heritage, albeit that heritage was long ago subverted and is now but a ghostly shadow.

I bet Earl Ofari Hutchinson would beg to differ. After all, many of the founders were slave holders and that alone discredits the idea of a constitutionally limited republic.

A republic based on constitutional principles will also put an end to race-based political favoritism, essentially a form of totalitarianism.

Kurt Nimmo
Truth News
January 11, 2008

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